Thursday, March 22, 2012

If You Reach For the Stars, You May Lose an Arm

Written by Derek Venes

When approached to contribute fantasy advice to this blog, I thought to myself  "Self, what do you think is the number one thing people get wrong on draft day?" I went through the basics, such as, paying for saves, taking a pitcher in the first two rounds, entering a draft that I am a part of. You know, the usual. The one thing that people get wrong the most is so simple and small that we tend to shove it in the back of our minds like we do with our gay uncle. We reach for the big names. We clamor for the "sexy" picks. We want the guys that excite the fake fan base that fills the seats in our fake baseball teams fake stadium. What you have to understand going into a draft is that this is not a popularity contest. No one is going to like you more if you drafted Elvis Andurs over Erick Aybar. The girl your after still won't give you the time of day if you take Desmond Jennings five rounds earlier then Cameron Maybin. What I want to do is is give you 3 sexy picks, and they're ugly doppelgangers who are available a few rounds/dollars later/cheaper.

Your reaching for: Justin Verlander 
I'm not going to tell you not to draft Verlander, but remember when you do, your paying for a career year. Only six pitchers in history won back to back Cy Young awards. So generally, when you grab last years winner early, your paying for last years stats which historically are lower the year after he wins the award. His ADP is around the 3rd-4th round and his average auction value is around 30 dollars.

You should hold off for: Zach Greinke
This truly is the make or break year for Greinke, at least fantasy wise. The division just lost Albert Pujols and Aramas Ramirez, not one team in the NL Central got much better offensively, the Brewers have the most "potential" run support of any team in the NL Central, and they get to face the L'Astro's 19 times! Save for ERA, all the stats are fairly similar to Verlander. His average ADP is around the 6th-7th round with an auction value of around 22 dollars. So I ask you, Why pay for Verlander when you can get almost THE SAME stats from Greinke as a much cheaper price?

Your reaching for: Elvis Andurs
Short stop is a very shallow position. After the top 3-4, it is a wasteland of speed and zero pop. I get that you want to grab a top guy to fill that spot, but unless you grab one in the first three rounds, it's not worth the price tag. Andurs Helps you in two ways and two ways only... Stolen Bases and Runs. My philosophy is to wait for speed. There are a ton of guys in the later rounds that fit that bill. Andurs is a batting average killer with very little pop. His ADP is currently around 6th-7th round with an auction value of around 15 dollars.

You should hold off for: Erick Aybar
There is one BIG factor of my Aybar man-crush....... Albert Pujols. For the first time in his carer, he is hitting in front of a mega stud, who just so happens to be the best first basemen to ever play the game. Aybar, who already has a high contact rate, will now get the chance to break the 100 run threshold. Factor in the 20 stolen base speed and decent pop, say 10-12 home runs, he is clearly the better choice to man the middle of your fake infield. His ADP is is around 10th-11th round with an auction value of about 9 dollars. So I ask you, Wouldn't you rather have a four category guy for half the price, or the two category name brand?

Your reaching for: Carlos Santana
This is more nit picky then the other two. Yeas Santana is a stud. He should be the first or second catcher off the board. The pop is there, the chance to drive in a ton of runs is there, and the first base eligibility is there. The one thing that leads me away from Santana is his price. A Fourth round pick or 25 dollars. Why reach for the star when about 3 rounds later/10 dollars cheaper I could get virtually the same identical stats from....

You should hold off for: Matt Wieters
Same stats as Santana. About the same age as Santana. The only difference is the value. This is my best argument for passing on the stars. You can literally get the SAME stats from the SAME position, 3 rounds later, or 10 dollars cheaper. Waiting for Wieters will ultimately make your team better by allowing you to fill a different position early, while knowing that your catcher spot will be set. So I ask you, who do you think has the better value? Same stats, different places in the draft.

I leave you with a word of advice. Calculate value. If you find you can get the same stats later, and cheaper, do it.

The Backup Quarterback Who Never Was: The Tim Tebow Edition

In towns like Cleveland, the backup quarterback has always been one of the most popular players. At least more popular than the starting quarterback. Perhaps the rare exception is this past year. Skilled as Seneca Wallace is, he hasn’t exactly endeared himself to the fanbase.

Frankly, neither has the front office as of late, especially in regards to Holmgren’s reaction to the Robert Griffin trade.

But one quarterback who no one expected to available was Tim Tebow. After Peyton Manning signed with the Broncos, Tebow suddenly became available. Realistically, he was a quarterback with more starting experience than the now-signed Matt Flynn. I’ll even admit that Tebow helped lead the Broncos to the playoffs (let’s be clear here though, the defense was the majority factor in that equation).

He was a wild success in Denver, and the crowd had him backed up from the beginning. So why did he come so cheap?

Because Tebow is a disease in the locker room, the stands, and in the media. Tim is a great guy and has probably spent more time helping people than most people even think about doing that. That has nothing to do with the fact he will ruin nearly every football franchise he is a part of.

Tebow will always have the unwavering support of the fanbase. Especially after his season in Denver, “Tebowmania” will be impossible to avoid wherever he goes. The fans clamored for him to start in Denver and they got it despite the fact that Tebow was the “fourth-best quarterback in training camp” that year. That worked when the front office had no faith in him and was just trying to ride his contract out.

In New York, where the media is as sensationalized as it gets, there will be Tebow stories popping up every day. As soon as Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez hits a losing streak or the playoff hopes look dashed, the fans in the stands will start the “Teeeebow. Teeeeebow,” chant.

Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum has only made the situation worse by saying Tebow will the “backup quarterback” and used in “wildcat formations.” You already signed Sanchez’s ticket out of town by trading for Tebow, but by admitting you’re going to put him on the field, you’re paving the way for Tebow to become starting quarterback.

Some of you may ask, just what’s wrong with that though? Why can’t Tebow be a starting quarterback? The fact is, Tebow is inconsistent and inaccurate as a quarterback. Being a gimmick is the only option he has in the NFL. Brad Smith and Pat White are two examples of gimmick quarterbacks who didn’t pan out. They were never good enough as quarterbacks, just as Tim Tebow isn’t.

The difference is Tim Tebow will always the support and people clamoring for him to be a starting quarterback despite his lack of skill at the position. Wherever he goes, he will be a sickness in the locker room. He will undermine the quarterback when the quarterback fails, only because of the simple fact that Tebow is in the locker room. Tebow will undermine the coach when the coach doesn’t put him in. And even worse, if the coach does put him in and Tebow fails, the coach looks even worse.

Even in St. Louis, Tebow would have eventually cost Sam Bradford his job.

Really, New York is the worst place for him to be. Jacksonville would have been better for Tebow, as there is no quarterback cemented into the role of starter. There is no fanbase that’s really excited about the Jaguars. It would have energized the fanbase beyond belief.

But know this now: The Tebow experiment in New York is destined to fail and will be just another sideshow to the circus like atmosphere of the Jet’s locker room.

Cavaliers Kyrie Irving Almost Gets Cavs Last Win As Teenager Over Hawks

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

The Cleveland Cavaliers saw Kyrie Irving charge to the basket one last time as a teenager to get a win for his Cleveland Cavaliers last night in Atlanta. Iriving scored what most thought was the game winning basket with 5.4 seconds left in regulation before Joe Johnson makes an improbable 25 foot three pointer to get The Atlanta Hawks a tie as time ran out in regulation.
Cavs Irving plays last game as teenagerIriving played his last game as a teenager last night and had another great performance, Kyrie scored 29 points, had 9 assists and 9 rebounds. Yes Irving was one play away from getting a triple double against the Atlanta Hawks who have now handed the Cleveland Cavaliers their third loss against the Hawks this season.
The Cavaliers had what I would call a breakdown in their defense last night with Anthony Parker letting Johnson have the open shot from 25 feet to get the tie and send the game into overtime. Parker should have played better defense to get Irving and the Cavaliers a win. The Cleveland Cavaliers controlled the first half of the game and let the Hawks get back into the game in the second half last night. The 19 year old Irving who will turn 20 on Friday did all he could to secure a win for his Cleveland Cavaliers.
The Hawks outscored the Cavaliers in the fourth quarter and in overtime to get the one point margin of victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers in Atlanta. For the Cavs it was the 19 year old Irving who led the team in scoring with 29, Antwan Jamison had another night in the twenties with 23 points.
The Cavaliers bench could have contributed a little more in this game, the entire bench only contributed 22 points with Manny Harris leading the bench effort with 11.
The next time we see Irving he will be just 20 years old, if Irving can stay healthy this young man will have a bright future ahead of him with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Once again the Cavs fall in overtime to the Hawks by one, falling 103-102

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Cavaliers Led After one 28-23 To Bad The Bucks Didn't Stop there!!!

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

The Cleveland Cavaliers did it again, they lost a game they seemed to be controlling after the first quarter of play. The Cavaliers looked like they could hang in there with the Milwaukee Bucks, until the Bucks remembered they were playing the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Cavs started to fail in the second quarter as the Bucks outscored Cleveland 34-27 i the second to go into the half leading the game by two points.

The Cavaliers came out in the second half and were outscored again. The Cavaliers need to keep their defense alive. The team is playing some good offense, however the teams defense falls off as the game goes on. Byron Scott has talk about it all season long, the Cleveland Cavaliers can't take any time off during a game and expect to come back and win.

Kyrie Irving had a big night for the Cavs scoring 28 points. Antwan Jamison may have been more concerned with the NBA trade deadline that helping the team win tonight. Jamison was a little slow on offense and only put 13 points on the board. Gee had 19 and Daniel Gibson put in 18 points. The Cavaliers lost their second game in a row falling to the Bucks tonight 115-105.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

XMas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa all in one for you CLEVELAND BROWNS FANS!!!

By: Jerry "J-Rocc" Mires

Cleveland Browns fans everywhere, if you haven't yet done so, you really should be busy right now firing off cards and letters in thanks to one Daniel Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins. Thanks to his organization, Browns fans everywhere wont find themselves even MORE miserable for the next 5-7 years... and in no thanks at all to 95% of the local media here in Cleveland.

Usually, I refrain from referencing other broadcasters or stations, unless its in a positive way (such as bringing to the forefront a great book, or column written by a local author/columnist). However, the majority of the Cleveland sports media should be ashamed of themselves for the way they fawned all over RG3, and attempted to steamroll Browns fans and followers everywhere into lemming-like agreement with their chosen target of todays' affection (not to mention tomorrows regret!).

The FM station in town should have just renamed themselves RG.3(s) BIG FAN, as I mean it, goofs on all day parts of that station (minus a select few) COULDN'T THROW THEMSELVES AT THE RG3 ALTAR FAST ENOUGH!  

I heard host after host around town (and read blog after blog, and tweet after tweet, blah blah blah) rail against the Browns if they had any notion of taking anyone not named RG3, and some even after the Skins-Rams trade, blasting the Browns for not trumping Washington to get the almighty RG3... 

They were willing to trade any and all that it took to get what some of the local "media" claimed as the once in a lifetime talent that is RG3.. He is NOT ONCE IN ANY LIFETIME first off, he is a good college quarterback who took center stage after the real QB jewel of the draft not named Andrew Luck (Read that: Matt Barkley) decided not to join in on the fun...

He is also a good quarterback who lived in an offense unlike most of the NFL and has never taken snaps behind center, and the list of all world college QBs who threw for 1 million college yards, but who didn't translate to the NFL is long enough that you don't risk your draft for the next 3 years, and smart teams let other teams make that move... 

[That's what most teams allow us to do in the draft every year, Cleveland takes Mel Kipers' picks who flop, while Pittsburgh takes the great players ESPN doesn't mention at all late in the 1st rd who always become All-Pro talents!]

They hung up on any caller who didn't want him, said anyone who didn't agree with them knew nothing about football, proceeded to make themselves sound like newbie fan boys with the loudest microphone, as if the more often and the louder they say it, the more true it becomes...

As I said on the show over and over the last month, however good RG3 pans out to be next year and beyond in the NFL... that is not how good he would have been if his path went through Cleveland. This team is in no position to make that move, and by the sheer luck that someone out there dumber than people wanted us to be made the Rams a "Herschel Walker" deal, we are spared finding this out first hand!

The Browns are now spared (for once) making the chowder head moves of the draft, and can focus on using the entire spectrum of our draft picks/options on filling the multiple holes remaining on our team.

We can now add starters on the offensive and defensive lines, bring in some more pieces on defense (perhaps Clairborne from MSU at 4, if Kalil goes at 3? Or how about Melvin Ingram if he falls to us at 22? Mike Adams and/or Devier Posey in Rds 2 or 3?), grab a WR prospect to pair along with a free agent WR or 2... With perhaps as many as 10 picks once the compensatory picks are dished out, the Browns have a chance to add youth, depth and talent.. NOT TO MENTION AT LEAST 3-5 STARTERS to a young team, and really kick start this rebuild right in the ass!

If the Browns get RG3... none of these options are on the table, nor the 1st round draft pick for the next 3 seasons...

Let that sink in...

If you think things are bad now, imagine what happens if everybody touting RG3 just happened to be wrong about our 2012 draft, you know, because its not like that has ever happened to us here in Cleveland before right? We've never been wrong in the top 5 of the draft, have we?

We have? Oh, well in that case...

This week Cleveland, don't fret, and don't moan about RG3.. Trust me, in the immortal words of Rick James and Dave Chappelle: "It's a celebration Cleveland, Enjoy yourselves!" (Wish I had more hands, so I can give Dan Snyder 4 thumps up!!!)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Urban Meyer Comes Under Fire At Ohio State From Gay Alumni R.U.Kidding Me?

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Urban Meyer Comes under fire from Gay community Urban Meyer is taking plenty  of heat for making guys on his Ohio State Buckeyes football team wear lavender jerseys for under performing in a spring practice.

 Now Meyer is getting plenty of flack from Ohio States Alumni. What Alumni you may wonder? The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Alumni association of Ohio State—has a problem with it.

This is where the Are You Kidding Me comment comes from. What are these people trying to say protesting the fact that Meyer made a few guys wear lavender jerseys?

Are these people saying anytime someone wears lavender they are automatically slandering the Gay community? Does the Gay community have some sort of by-laws that say no one is allowed to wear any lavender colored clothing? I mean come on, is this just a chance to  get the Gay community together to have a protest? Lets face it every time we turn on the news the Gay community is protesting something.

Hey, why not have the Gays protesting the quarterbacks wearing a red shirt during practice? I'll bet there are plenty of Gays that don't like that one bit and yet it has taken place for years. Are they gays pissed off because the color Lavender should only be restricted for the gay community to use?

 I mean I just don't understand what their problem is. As the head coach of a football team Urban Meyer should be left alone and left to build the Buckeyes a winning football team, no matter what color the players wear during practice.

I've seen lots of people wearing lavender color clothing for years. Why hasn't the Ohio State Gay Alumni been in a up-roar over this. These people have a real problem with people trying to do their job and enough is enough already.

You certainly don't see the entire heterosexual community protesting the fact that the Gay Community is trying to hi-jack the color lavender  for their own protest reasons do ya?

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Tough Luck For Browns Fans Redskins Pull Off Massive Move For RG3

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Redskins trade to pick RG3For Browns Fans that had hoped the team would be able to draft Robert Griffin III there hopes were dashed tonight as the Washington Redskins pulled off a massive trade with the St. Louis Rams to get the 2 pick in the first round of the up-coming

NFL Draft. The Redskins gave St. Louis Their 6th pick this year, their first pick in 2013 & 2014 and this years second round pick to gain the second pick in the 2012 NFL draft where many are thinking RG3 will be picked.

The Rams certainly took a lot from the Redskins who must really want RG3. The Cleveland Browns have way to many holes to fill on their offense to have given up so many picks for the Rams 2nd pick in the first round. The Browns may have been thinking they could land someone in free agency that will be able to help the team at the quarterback position.

Some think the Browns could be interested in Green Bay's Matt Flynn if the Browns are indeed thinking quarterback change it looks like free agency is going to be the way to go.  The Washington Redskins certainly must feel that RG3 is worth throwing in the kitchen sink for, that is what they did tonight.....

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Cleveland Cavaliers Snap 6 Game Losing Streak Beating Denver 100-99

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

The Cleveland Cavaliers battled last night in Denver as they managed to pull off a one point margin if victory against the Denver Nuggets last Night. Not only did Byron Scott's team fight for this one, they fought for 48 minutes something the team hasn't done much of lately. The coach was not happy with the team and he let his guys know that after the loss they suffered against the Jazz the other night.
Cavaliers snap 6 game losing streakLast Night we were able to see the team Scott expects to put on the floor, now it is time to see if this team can reach down deep and continue to make this kind of effort night after night. Denver came out in the second half last night and really fought hard to take this game away from Cleveland, we all know how the fourth quarter belongs to Cavs rookie Kyrie Irving and in this game Irving got a lot of help from Antwan Jamison who had one of his best efforts of the season scoring 33 points to help Irving take this game out of the Nuggets grasp.
Irving scored 18 and the Cavaliers had a lot of help from other guys last night as well. Alonzo Gee put nineteen in and the Cavaliers bench made some contributions too. The Nuggets were led by bench player Al Harrington who put in 22 points, he had some help from Ty Lawson (18) and Andre Miller (16).
In the end the Cleveland Cavaliers did what they had to do to come out of Denver with a win, they scored one more point that the Nuggets last night. Cleveland has the night off tonight and will take on the Oklahoma City Thunder Friday night. The Cavaliers are going really have to dig deep in order to hang in with the Thunder....

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Cleveland Indians Have Got To Give A Spot to Shelley Duncan

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Shelley Duncan blasts Indians Past Royals Shelley Duncan is picking up right where he left off for the Cleveland Indians last September, tearing the cover off the baseball.

Manny Acta has got to find a spot to place Duncan in. It is the perfect storm this spring. Acta thought he would have the services of Grady Sizemore after the Indians gave Grady a 5 million dollar incentive filled contract during the off season.

Now Manny Acta has the perfect excuse to place Shelley Duncan in left field. Many don't think Duncan can be the Tribes everyday left fielder. I for one say let Duncan have his chance and lets see what he does with it. The Indians really need a guy who can hit with power from the right side of the plate. Duncan is the guy who can fill the bill.
Duncan hit a home run to give the Indians their first win of the season over the Royals this afternoon. Shelley Duncan has already proved last season playing left field he is capable of making some plays defensively.  Duncan made a couple of catches down in Texas that were second to none as far as the level of difficulty.

If The Indians don't give Duncan a chance to start in left field this season come opening day they would be making a grave mistake in my Humble Opinion.... I say lets give the kid a chance... Duncan could very well end up being one of the best power hitters in MLB

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Justin Masterson Sruggles As Indians Lose To The Reds

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Justin Masterson gets hammered in Tribe lossIt was the battle of Ohio's opening day starters yesterday in Cactus league play. For the Indians Justin Masterson took the mound and he struggled getting pounded for six runs over the 1-1/3 innings he pitched.

Masterson didn't look like the Masterson we knew from last season, he gave up five hits three walks and only had one strike out. Hey it is only spring training and Masterson just may need some time to warm up (we hope).

The Indians were trailing 8-4 when Carlos Santana came to the plate and hit a three runs shot over the fence in left center field. It is good to see Santana hit one to the opposite field. Michael Brantley open the game with a triple and Asdrubal Cabrera drove in the first run when he grounded out to short. Derek Lowe made his Indians debut and pitched two scoreless innings.

Tony Sipp came in for relief in the fifth and struggled giving up  2 runs. Manny Acta may have like the way the Indians were swinging their bats but wasn't at all happy with the 12-7 loss to the Reds and the Tribe overall performance. Hey good thing it is only MLB Cactus league play.

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The Cleveland Cavaliers Just Dropped Their 6th In a Row

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Antwan Jamison and his cavs drop their 6th in a rowThe Cleveland Cavaliers played the Utah Jazz tonight and they lost. This makes the sixth loss in a row for the Cleveland Cavaliers, thus making the losing streak the longest of the season so far. Last year the Cleveland

Cavaliers lost 26 in a row. The team certainly doesn't need to revisit that again. The Cavaliers have seemed to have lost their spark.

Coach Byron Scott said someone in the locker room needs to be pissed off other than him. The Cavaliers played the second half of the fourth quarter with a sense of urgency, it was a little to late. Kyrie Irving could not hit a shot in the first half tonight, he made one foul shot and missed everything else.

 The Team lost Anderson Varejao to a broken wrist and since the air has slowly leaked out of the Cavaliers balloon.

The Cavs did it again tonight. They came out in the first quarter and made it look like it was going to be a game. At the end of one the Cavs only trailed by 2. The second quarter of play didn't go the Cavaliers way at all. The Cavs fell behind being out scored by the Jazz by 13 points. The Cavaliers went into the locker room trailing the Jazz by 15, Utah 56 Cleveland 41.

The Cavaliers came out of locker room to start the second half and and scored 31 points in the third quarter. The problem is the Cavaliers defense did very little to stop the Jazz from scoring and at the end of three it was Utah still on top 85-72, Trailing by 13 the Cavaliers needed to toughen up the defense to stop the bleeding. They couldn't.

The Jazz played the fourth quarter with the same kind of consistency scoring 24 more points. The Cavaliers lost the game making it their six loss in a row dropping their six game in a row tonight 109-100.

Kyrie Irving scored 22 for the cavaliers and Antwan Jamison dropped in another 22. For a while in the the fourth it looked as though the Cavaliers were going to break though with a win only to come up short.

Larry Glicken is the owner of and the host of the Cleveland Sports 360 Show, an online streaming sports video show at

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bad News For The Cleveland Cavaliers It's Now 5 In A Row

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Ryan Hollins gets the start for cavs last nightThe Cleveland Cavaliers extended their losing streak last night losing to the Washington Wizards by three points 101-98. Coach Byron Scott  tried a new starting line-up with hopes of snapping the losses. The Cavaliers started Alonzo Gee and Ryan Hollins with hopes of bringing back a win

. The Wizards were just a little better than Cleveland last night with the play of guys like Jordan Crawford and John Wall.
Once again the Cavaliers opened the game strong and seemed to fade out as time went on. The Cavaliers did that much of last season when the team suffered one of the longest losing streaks in NBA history dropping 26 in a row. Lets hope Byron Scott isn't going to let that happen again anytime soon, once in a life time is bad enough.

Kyrie Irving returned to the lineup after sitting out of the Chicago game with the Flu Friday night, Irving scored 20. Antwan Jamison had a bug night returning to the Washington area to play the Wizards for the first time since coming to the Cavs in 2010, Jamison had 29 points.

The Cavaliers have got to find a way to toughen up the teams defense,especially in the second halves of these games. The Cleveland Cavaliers look somewhat unstoppable in the beginning of these games, the team is running out of gas in the second half. The Cavaliers are young guys they should be able to hang in there for the entire 48 mins. I know we only lost by three last night, it isn't like we got blown out of the game. Still the Cleveland Cavaliers outscored the Wizards by 9 in the first quarter of play and watched as the Wizards turned things around and outscored the Cavs in each of the remaining three quarters.

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Indians Michael Brantley Goes 2 for 3 In Cactus League Play MLB

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Michael Brantley leads off cactus play for the IndiansIt's great to see The Indians Michael Brantley pick up where he left off before missing the last weeks of last seasons with a broken hand. Branley looks as though he will nail down the lead-off batting spot for the Tribe.

Why not? Brantley went 2 for 3 yesterday and had a double too. Micheal Brantley could be the next Kenny Lofton for the Cleveland Indians. Just think how exciting that would be to have another Kenny Lofton on the Indians.

Brantlley missed 42 games last season, he still had some respectful number behind the plate. Brantley went to the plate 451 times, he finished the year with a .266 batting average having 24 doubles,4 triples and 7 home runs. There is no doubt Brantley swings a hot bat for Manny Acta, having Brantley in the lead off spot give the Tribe a weapon we haven't seen since the days of Lofton.

The Indians finished yesterday's game in Goodyear Arizona tied with the Cincinnati Reds at six. The Tribe will play the Reds again today and on Monday, lets hope Micheal Brantley continues to grove that sweet swing of his and he can stay healthy for the Indians throughout the 2012 season. If Michael Brantley can stay healthy I think we are going to see good things coming from Brantley this year.  MLB could use a hot Michael Brantley this season. He brings excitement to the game....

Larry Glicken is the owner of and the host of the Cleveland Sports 360 Show, an online streaming sports video show at

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cavaliers Extend Their Losing Streak Kyrie Irving Was Out

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost their fourth game in a row as the Chicago Bulls led by Loul Deng and Derrick Rose proved to much for the Irving-less to handle last night. The Cleveland Cavaliers looked good in the first quarter, at the end of one the Cavaliers were within 2 trailing 30-28. In the second the Cavaliers would start to fall further behind as the Bulls scored 26 and the Cavs only scored 16 points. At the half the Cavs would go into the locker room trailing Chicago by 12.

Cavaliers extend losing streak to fourThe cavaliers would come out for the second half and let the Bulls run wild being outscored by Chicago by 11 at the end of three Chicago clearly had the game in hand. Cleveland would outscore the Bulls by 2 points in the fourth, it was to little to late as the Bulls ran away with the game. Cleveland was outplayed and the Cavs unfortunately extended their losing streak to four games in a row losing last night to Chicago 112-91.

For the Cavaliers Antwan Jamison led the way with 22 points for the Cavs starters and Ramon Session added 16 points. The Cavs bench didn't really shine in this one folks. Manny Harris led the way with 9 points and Daniel Gibson added 8. The Cleveland Cavaliers have to learn how to play 48 minutes with the same intensity they start the game with.

The Cavaliers defense did little to stop Derrick Rose in the second half of last nights contest.
The Cleveland Cavaliers return to the floor tonight to take on the Washington Wizards, lets hope Cleveland can snap this losing streak.

Larry Glicken is the owner of and the host of the Cleveland Sports 360 Show, an online streaming sports video show at

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thoughts on the Quarterback Quandary

By Brett Crow

1. This year in the NFL Draft, the St. Louis Rams have arguably the most enviable spot. With the franchise quarterback (Sam Bradford) already in hand, they have no use for Robert Griffin III, clearly the player who will go at number two in this year’s draft.

This allows the Rams to trade the second pick in this year’s draft and receive a treasure trove of picks. It’s highly rumored that the Redskins are looking to give up their first round pick this year (#6), their second and third round picks this year, and a first round next year. This has them slotted as the favorite to make the trade at this point.

2.  Rams are at least looking for a deal similar to the New York Giants and San Diego Chargers deal that happened for Phillip Rivers and Eli Manning. The Chargers got two first round picks, a third, and a fifth rounder for Eli.

The Giants have won two Super Bowls with the quarterback they traded for, and is considered an elite talent in the league, despite that talk being almost non-existent before his second Super Bowl championship.

The Cleveland Browns have the most to give to the Rams, but may not be the most willing. The Browns could easily eclipse an offer that the Washington Redskins make, simply with the fact that they have two first rounders this year that they could offer, as the known value of a pick is always greater than the perceived value of next year’s pick. However, the Browns may not be the most willing.

3.  Personally, I think drafting Robert Griffin is a win-win situation.

Once drafted, I think the Browns have secured a true franchise quarterback. Even if we have a bad season in the 2012 - 2013 campaign, the Browns will have a high value draft pick in next year’s draft, which is one of the more anticipated quarterback heavy drafts in recent years.

And can the value of a franchise quarterback really be figured out? The quarterback is the most important position in all sports for a reason.

4.  In regards to free agency quarterbacks, the best Browns could hope for is Matt Flynn, currently of the Green Bay Packers. There are some who believe that the Packers will use the franchise tag on him, and then trade him to the most willing suitor.

However, this isn’t likely to happen. The Packers have better use for the franchise tag then a back up quarterback, and tagging him would severely hurt their chances at trading him. The Browns have gone on the record of saying that there was a limit to what they would spend on Flynn, along with Packers GM Ted Thompson allegedly acknowledging the ‘bad business’ of tagging a quarterback they mean to trade away.

5.  The only thing that troubles me with Cleveland and it’s quarterbacks, is that the Browns have no clue how to treat them or evaluate them. And for an organization that features quarterback molders such as Pat Shurmur (Sam Bradford, Kevin Kolb), Mike Holmgren (Brett Favre, Matt Hasselbeck ), Tom Heckert (Kevin Kolb), and Mark Whipple (Ben Roethlisberger), that’s a frightening prospect.

The saying “too many cooks spoil the broth” comes to mind.

Now that we’re bringing the ‘Kick Ass Offense’ of Brad Childress, what should we expect now in the development in our quarterbacks?

6.  The staff wasn’t willing to pay to keep Jake Delhomme around, a presence to mentor a young quarterback and left Colt McCoy with Seneca Wallace. Seneca has gone on record of saying he isn’t willing to mentor, that it isn’t his job.

So knowing this, why would Holmgren bring Seneca into the organization in the first place? If I had to guess it was because he thought he was a good veteran quarterback who could start if need be. Or possibly even someone he could mold the way he did in Seattle with Matt Hasselbeck.


7.  So my bottom line for the ‘Quarterback Quandry?’ I prefer we draft Robert Griffin. However, I am scared for his development in Cleveland, and I’m not sure he will develop properly here in this system. I think he has all of the skills and intangibles, and has a bright future in the league. 

8.  Matt Flynn is what I secretly hope for, but am not seeing happen. Especially if you can get him at a fraction of the price that you would have to pay for Griffin. Flynn is very gifted and has been privileged to get to learn under Aaron Rodgers. The only risk is that he only has two starts throughout his career.

Getting Flynn also won’t cost us our whole draft. It leaves available to draft other needs. Which is why the Dolphins will be going hard for him aswell, if not the Redskins too. Joe Philbin is the current head coach for the Miami Dolphins and was the Packer’s offensive coordinator.

9.  Quarterback can not go unaddressed this year. Either we need a big free agent signing or to draft a quarterback. The fanbase of Cleveland has been less supportive year after year and that’s reflected in the falling attendance.

From being in 7th in average stadium attendance in 2006 and 2007 (72,334 and 73,000 respectively), the Browns have since fallen to 18th for this past year with an attendance of 65,859. And that’s at home. The Browns do even worse on the road with attendance, not being a marquee team that draws an audience to see them when they play opposing teams in their house.

Browns Peyton Hillis Fires Kennard McGuire His Agent

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

peyton Hillis fires Kennard McGuirePeyton Hillis will be going into the free agency without the  services of his agent Kennard McGuire. Many think Hillis should have fired McGuire last September. Hillis has already gone through 3 agents in his short career as a professional NFL player. The Cleveland Browns put an offer on the table for Hillis last season and Hillis didn't take it.

McGuire probably advise Hillis against signing thinking because Hillis was the Madden poster boy he would get big money. Then Hillis went out and had a terrible season.  Not only did Peyton Hillis get bad advise from his agent when he was offered a decent contract he may not be faced with a contract that give him large guaranteed money this year.

Rumors have it that the Cleveland Browns have offered Hillis an incentive filled contract without large sums of guaranteed money in it. Hillis would have to go out and perform and perform well in order to make the kind of money the Browns offered in the original contract the team put on the table last season. The Browns made it known they wanted to have Hillis back in Cleveland this season, what Hillis is going to do next is anyone's guess. If Hillis is out shopping for a new agent my Advice to him is Hire Tim Misny the personal injury lawyer in the Cleveland, He Makes Them Pay....

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For The Cavaliers It Wasn't Just LinSanity Last Night In New York

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

The Cleveland Cavaliers got a taste of Jeremy Lin last night in the big apple. It wasn't just LinSanity for the Cleveland team that was totally outplayed in the fourth quarter last night. Although Jeremy Lin played some great basketball last night the Cavaliers were surprised by the play of New York's bench player Steve Novak who scored 17 points in 17 minutes last night.  The Cavs could slow down Novak and Jeremy Lin hurt the Cavs too.

Lin played 33 minutes and had 19 points with 13 assists. The Cleveland Cavaliers played great for the first half of the game. I don't know what happened in the locker room at halftime the Cavs came out for the second half and faced a completely different New York Knicks team. The Cavs gave up 33 points in the third and 38 points in the fourth to watch the Knocks run away with the game  120-103.

Cleveland's Antwan Jamison led the way for the Cavs with 23 points and the rookie Kyrie Irving had 22. The Cavaliers didn't get a whole lot of help from their bench, Daniel Gibson had 13 other than that the Cavs bench didn't do a bunch while the Knicks bench helped to steal the game away from Cleveland. The Cavaliers needed to play some defense in the second half of the game. The Knicks were making things look to easy.

You can bet Cavs coach Byron Scott isn't thrilled with the way the Cleveland Cavaliers let this one slide away. Former Cavaliers player Baron Davis played for 15 minutes, Davis scored 4 points and had 8 assists against his former teammates.

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