Friday, June 28, 2013

The Sports Fix - Fri June 28, 2013

We closed the week strong, with the fallout from the NBA Draft, and the Cavs selection of Anthony Bennett #1 overall, plus we talked other Draft and NBA new, Aaron Hernandez, Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, Indians roadtrip and more! come take a listen, and GET YOUR FIX!

Cavs Draft Night - Live at Harry Buffalo

Incredible, one of a kind LIVE broadcast, as J-Rocc and CSU Vikings mens basketball coach Gary Waters break down the draft lead up, talking Vikings hoops, and more, plus Don Cockroft joined us, we talked to fans live in the house, and gave instant reaction to the selection of Anthony Bennett #1 overall. GET YOUR FIX!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Sports Fix - Thurs June 27, 2013

Our final countdown to tonights Harry Buffalo/Sports Fix Cavs Draft Party and Live Broadcast, doors open at 5, on air at 6 p, and this show we heard from Cavs F Kevin Jones, Cavs legend Elmore Smith, and CSU Viking HC Gary Waters. GET YOUR FIX!

The Sports Fix - Weds June 26, 2013

Started with the breaking news of Aaron Hernandez arrest and release by Patriots, talked Clint Fraziers debut, Cavs talk and draft rumors, sportswriter Jonathan Knight stopped by to talk Tribe, Browns and the sports misery index listing Cleveland #1 again, and more! GET YOUR FIX!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Sports Fix - Tues June 25, 2013

Jam packed show today, J-Rocc talked about baseball memorabilia, Indians memories, and the modern fans changing feelings towards the sport, Cavs latest rumors and notes leading into the draft, Indians start roadtrip well and Mike from DDTWLN.COM joins us, we talked Browns and smiling Jimmy and more! GET YOUR FIX!

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Sports Fix - Mon June 24, 2013

Great start to the week, we selected the winner of this weeks tshirt from, announced that CSU Viking Basketball Coach Gary Waters will be co hosting the Draft Party and Live broadcast of The Sports Fix this Thursday from Harry Buffalo North Olmsted, we talked Cavs draft and trade rumors, including Paul Pierce and Shawn Marion, talked Indians weekend recap and preview of road trip, and more. GET YOUR FIX!

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Sports Fix - Fri June 21, 2013

If you are a proud Clevelander, you will love this end of the week episode, as J-Rocc stood tall and spoke out against the bias and negativity surrounding Cleveland, as well as many things evolving from the Miami Heat victory over the Spurs in Game 7 for the NBA Championship, LeBron James, Josh Gordon and Phil Taylor trolling Browns fans shamelessly, Indians history revisited with the weekend HOF inductions for Carlos Baerga and John Hart, Tribe/Twins preview, Aaron Hernandez and more... GET YOUR FIX!

The Sports fix - Thurs June 20, 2013

J-Rocc talked about Tony Soprano heading to the Bada Bing in the sky, the Patriots Aaron Hernandez and the quickly evolving murder investigation in Massachusetts, Serena Williams puts foot in mouth concerning Steubenville, NBA Finals Game 7 preview and how J-Rocc thinks each team will play tonight, Mike B from DDTWLN.COM joins us to talk Indians baseball and winning 3 series in a row, and more. GET YOUR FIX!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Sports Fix - Weds June 19, 2013

Beautiful Cleveland Tuesday and a hot show, as we talked Bon Jovi and things the Browns could do to turn a negative into a positive, Chardon HS coach Frank Hall honored on cover of SI, NBA Draft prospects in for Cavs and NBA Finals dramatic Game 6 breakdown, Indians baseball talk with sportswriter Jonathan Knight, and more! GET YOUR FIX!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Sports Fix - Tues June 18, 2013

Covered alot of ground today, as J-Rocc started talking about the Clippers-Celtics trade talks, stupid radio personalities in Atlanta, Indians baseball, UFC heavyweight contender Stipe Miocic joined us to talk about his career and his big PPV win over Roy Nelson, we previewed NBA Finals game 6 and more... GET YOUR FIX!

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The Sports Fix - Mon June 17, 2013

Great show to start the week, we talked about the weekend in sports, then J-Rocc talked about the significance of Fathers Day in his life, and on his love of Cleveland and its sports, and told a unique story about a listener and a gift he gave Terry Francona, AWESOME STUFF, then Mike B from DTTWLN.COM called in and we broke down the start of the Tribe homestand and things looking better, plus NBA Finals, and Hanford Dixon loves the show? Find out, plus much more... GET YOUR FIX!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Sports Fix - Thurs June 13, 2013

Listen in to todays show as we started out talking about Jason Kidd as coach of the Nets, plus 3 coaches fired this NBA offseason after franchise record years we talked about that, then we switched gears talking Windians baseball and finishing strong in Texas then coming home feeling good, looked at the Cavs draft and some of the picks over the years at 1, 19, 31 and 33, and we previewed the NBA Finals Game 4 and more... Take a listen, share with friends, and GET YOUR FIX!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Sports Fix - Weds June 12, 2013

GREAT SHOW TODAY GUYS! We talked about the Cleveland media treating fans like they are ignorant, and talked ESPNs all time top NFL coaches and where Paul Brown fits on the list, Mike B from DDTWLN.COM talked about the Indians breaking their streak and wrapping up the road trip, NBA Finals game 3, commentary and bias in the media, and more... Take a listen and GET YOUR FIX!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Sports Fix - Tues June 11, 2013

Fantastic, fun show today as we talked Indians-Rangers and snapping out of the funk, Cavs draft history, focusing on the best 2nd round picks in team history, Browns RB great Greg Pruitt Sr talked Trent Richardson, RBs in the NFL, college punishment, Browns future, gene Hickerson and more, then wrapped up talking NBA Finals Game 3. Great show, we hope you enjoy it!

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Sports Fix - Mon June 10, 2013

Great start to the week, we talked about a ton of things in a jam packed show! Rafael Nadals greatness, Chad Johnson goes to jail, Josh Gordon troubles, Chris Perez, Indians struggles, and the Rangers series begins, NBA Finals and more. Plus, find out how to win the shirt of your choice from

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Sports Fix - @CleCavsOutsider NBA Finals Breakdown

The Miami Heat against the San Antonio Spurs. Our panel breaks down the NBA Finals.

1. What does Miami need to accomplish to justify the Big Three hype?

Kevin Arnovitz, I think it's unfair to demand a team justify the public attention it generated. If the question is, "Given who they are, how many titles should they win?" then 2.5 is a reasonable over-under. Only a few teams a decade win multiple titles, which means it's a rarified accomplishment, no matter how high the expectations.

Marc Stein, Honestly? Unless the Heat shock the world and rebound emphatically from the pounding they took from Indy to blow San Antonio away -- which I don't see happening -- this group can't. Not even if it wins it all. This group no longer has the look of a long-term contender. I expect changes even if the Heat manage to win this series.

Ethan Sherwood Strauss, I believe three consecutive Finals trips already justifies the experiment. Yes, LeBron said, "not one, not two, not three, not four" when talking championships, but folks were angry enough at the time to ignore how he was saying it tongue in cheek. Are we really going to hold the Heat expectations to some offhand pep rally quote? Seems silly when nobody else is making three consecutive Finals.

Michael Wallace, At least three titles. The bare minimum for LeBron and the Heat to consider a season meaningful is if they reach the NBA Finals. They haven't failed to do so in their three seasons together. But it will take winning another couple of championships to meet the expectations they set in 2010.

Brian Windhorst, They certainly need to win multiple titles. I never considered the "not five, not six ..." to be any sort of guarantee or standard they had to achieve to validate themselves; it was just part of a pompous moment. This team does, though, want to prove it is one of the best ever. That's all that matters to them. They are talking dynasty, and they need titles to be one.

Keith B McGlothin @CLECavsOutsider: I don't think they could ever accomplish enough to satisfy public perception. I think society (everywhere but South Beach) will hold against them how they came together. They've now made 3 consecutive Finals, winning it all last year, but having already failed once. Failing this year, regardless of securing the best record in the league (66-16) and 27 game win streak, will sting a lot harder, but won't cost them last years ring. Multiple Championships will quiet some noise, but how long will they keep the Big 3 together?

2. Will San Antonio's size bother Miami as much as Indiana's did?

Arnovitz: No, largely because San Antonio doesn't have the same length, even though Tiago Splitter and Tim Duncan are one of the best frontcourt defensive tandems in the league. It wasn't just Roy Hibbert who bothered Miami. With the Pacers, it's the reach of every guy on the floor and how the length enables them to close out on shooters and plug passing lanes effectively. The Spurs' defensive strength is precision, not size.

Stein: It can. The bar has been set pretty high, though. Tiago Splitter will have to operate at a pretty decent level to help Tim Duncan out. We know Duncan is going to be a problem for Miami, especially with fresh legs. He has the mobility to keep up with Chris Bosh, and he'll be hard for the Heat to guard. Yet I have to admit that I thought I'd be saying all this with more certainty. The problem: Roy Hibbert played so well -- so much better offensively than he ever has -- that you can't be totally sure.

Strauss: No, because all size isn't equal. Tiago Splitter weighs less than LeBron James, and both Splitter and Duncan are shorter than Roy Hibbert. Though San Antonio grabs a lot of defensive rebounds, it snagged the fewest offensive boards of any team this season. The skill of Duncan and Splitter will bother Miami, but their success won't look like Hibbert's inexorable Shaq imitation last series.

Wallace: No. The Spurs are long with Tim Duncan and Tiago Splitter but not as athletic or overwhelmingly physical as David West and Roy Hibbert. San Antonio will still be a tough cover inside. But Chris Bosh's disappearing act will end when Game 1 starts.

Windhorst: No. The real issue was how Roy Hibbert was able to protect the rim. The rebounding was an ancillary problem the Heat can deal with. At times, they had no answer for what Hibbert was doing. The Spurs are good defensively, but they are not as good as the Pacers. And Duncan, with all due respect, is not the defensive force Hibbert is.

Keith B McGlothin @CLECavsOutsider: I honestly think San Antonio is a better "physical" Matchup for Miami, but San Antonio has more experience, better coaching. better PG play, they're disciplined, and don't beat themselves. They have a way of forcing their will, dictating tempo, and style of play. While Bosh is perceived to have a better matchup with Duncan in particular, playing with LeBron has turned him into a perimeter player, making him less effective.

3. Should LeBron James guard Tony Parker?

Arnovitz: For short stretches. Varying the coverage is the best way to defend Parker. Sometimes that means throwing size and strength at him; other times it means quickness. The Heat will want to blitz Parker on pick-and-rolls, and they should -- but not always because Parker is unstoppable when he knows what's coming.

Stein: I wouldn't ask LeBron to do it a lot. Only situationally. The offensive load he has to carry these days is too heavy to ask him to chase around the best Tony Parker we've ever seen. Erik Spoelstra will have to be judicious.

Strauss: It should rarely happen. LeBron was the ideal cover on Derrick Rose in 2011 because Chicago didn't have much offense apart from D-Rose dribbling. The Spurs are different. Theirs is a collective attack, one that springs Tony Parker with multiple screens. It just seems like a waste of James' defensive talent and energy to run him through multiple picks on defense all series. He's better on isolation shooters.

Wallace: Not from the outset. Eventually, James will have a shift or two down the stretch of close games on Parker, but he might find himself defending Manu Ginobili or even Tim Duncan in doses. But Parker's perfection in pick-and-roll sets might neutralize the LeBron matchup a bit.

Windhorst: Not at the start, but he may at the finish. It won't just be about individual matchups; it will be the scheme. The Heat prefer to pressure the ball handler and trap him off screens, but Parker may be the best screen splitter in the game and is just fantastic with the dribble in the half court. The Heat have to evaluate how much they want to gamble defensively more than just who guards him.

Keith B McGlothin @CLECavsOutsider: I don't think LeBron could handle Parker for long stretches. You would think as the teams best defensive player, he would relish in the opportunity to take on the opposition's best, but Wade drew the assignment of George (with a bad knee) vs Indiana. Most here in Cleveland still wonder why he didn't take on Rondo in losing to Boston, as Rondo killed EVERYONE in the Cavaliers backcourt, sending them to rehab, or protective services. I think it would depend on floor personnel, as well as moments in the game. I don't think the presence of LeBron will deter Parker, who'll be up for that challenge.

4. Which team is nearer to the end of its era?

Arnovitz: Tough to say. Duncan's retirement will definitely signal the end of an era, but all season long he's looked as if he has two elite seasons left in him. The Big Three will be eligible for opt-outs next July. Would the departure of, say, Chris Bosh signal the end of an era even if LeBron returned? If yes, then Miami is the answer.

Stein: Depends on how you define "era." As long as Miami can hang on to LeBron, which I expect, I would have to say San Antonio is closer to the end. I guess I'm in the minority, but I don't see LeBron bolting for the Lakers or Dallas or wherever to try to form a new superteam just because the Heat are suddenly limping into the Finals. I expect LeBron to bet on Pat Riley to figure out how to reload. My argument will be obliterated if LeBron leaves in the summer of 2014, but gullible me sees him staying.

Strauss: I'll err on the side of LeBron re-signing and go with San Antonio. The caveat being that if James leaves in 2014, the Spurs' era outlasts Miami's. Chris Bosh looked horrible last series, but he should bounce back eventually. Even if Dwyane Wade crumbles over the next season, LeBron plus Bosh is enough for a Finals run over the next few seasons.

Wallace: The Spurs, simply because of the age of their Big Three. As we see time and time again, the impending demise of the Heat's Big Three is completely premature. LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are in no rush to end their run together, regardless of their ability to opt out of their contracts after next season.

Windhorst: Spurs. As long as you have LeBron in his prime, no matter who else is on your team, you have time on your side.

Keith B McGlothin @CLECavsOutsider: I think the Spurs are in the best position to stay together and continue to compete. Miami's Big 3 all have opt out clauses available after next season. Losing this Finals would have them at 1-2 heading into that next season. Will losing force the organization to make changes? Or will James once again be the one to decide to take his talents elsewhere. The Spurs have an influx of youth that have taken over bigger roles, and seem to be perfect fits, Leonard, and Green. They never seem to get handcuffed by bad contracts. @Windhorst James has 1 Championship in 10 years, so how much time is on his side?

5. Who wins the NBA Finals?

Arnovitz: Miami in 7. I love Miami-San Antonio because these are the two most intuitive basketball teams in the league, yet they apply those intuitions so differently. Miami has the home-court advantage, which is an important edge in such a tight matchup.

Stein: I've got the Spurs in six. The long layoff is a concern, but the energy Miami had to expend just to get past Indy offsets that somewhat. San Antonio's versatility, depth, better shooting, advantage at the point and superior execution add up to a lot for the Heat to overcome. The Spurs can play big and play small ball. Can the LeBron Factor trump all that? I don't see it this time.

Strauss: I'll go Heat in 7, but not with any degree of confidence. The Spurs are a theoretical Heat-buster of a team. Miami is shaky at defending 3-pointers; San Antonio shoots 3s well. Miami likes to shoot 3s; San Antonio defends the 3. Throw in San Antonio's solid front line and quick point guard and we're looking at a lot of factors that gave Miami trouble over the years. But only one team has LeBron James, and it's the one I'm picking.

Wallace: Heat in 7, but don't hold me to it. I've been saying for six months that if the Spurs are healthy they're the one team with the perfect combination of title experience, great point guard play, effective post play, good 3-point shooting and exceptional coaching it would take to knock off the Heat.

Windhorst: Heat in 7. This is way more of a guess than usual though because these teams have played exactly one real game over the past two seasons, and even that one was an outlier because of crazy 3-point shooting. But you have LeBron at the top of his game and with full confidence and experience in these spots. It's hard to rationally pick against that.

Keith B McGlothin @CLECavsOutsider: San Antonio Spurs in 6. It would not surprise me if the Spurs win game 1. I think the Indiana series took a lot out of the Heat. I think the Heat are more likely to panic, and make mistakes, when they fall behind. If the Spurs can just hang around, as the Heat attempt to ride the home crowd emotion, but all the Spurs need is a split. The 2-3-2 format really doesn't bode well for the Heat. I think Leonard will cause LeBron more trouble than most believe. How aggressive will LeBron be? The way the Spurs help defend, it may prove difficult for LeBron to beat them. I actually like Green matched up on Wade as well. and the TrueHoop Network
Kevin Arnovitz, Marc Stein, Michael Wallace and Brian Windhorst write for Ethan Sherwood Strauss covers the NBA for ESPN Insider.
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The Sports Fix - Thurs, June 6, 2013

Fast paced show, J-Rocc talked about the MLB Draft a bit, and rewinded to yesterdays all time NBA top 5 discussion, then talked Trent Richardson and the Browns wrapping up camp, sportswriter Jonathan Knight made his weekly appearance and talked bluntly about Chris Perez and the Indians losing streak, we previewed the NBA Finals and more!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Sports Fix - Weds, June 5, 2013

Todays show started off fast and furious, as J-Rocc broke the news about Chris Perez drug delivery and newly discovered details, as well as the ramifications possible, Cleveland chimed in as well on the phones and facebook, and we kept it rolling, leading right into talking about the MLBs newest PED scandal with Biogenesis and the loss of heroes, plus Karl Malone may have been at Chris Perez house when he named his NBA all time top 5, and more. A fast paced, fun hour, take a listen and GET YOUR FIX!

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The Sports Fix - Tues June 4, 2013

A very busy show today, J-Rocc started out talking about the Indians make good attempts to the fans for the rain delay experience, Injuries to Asdrubal Canrera and Trent Richardson, Browns camp and several callers on TRich, we talked some Indians baseball, NBA Playoffs and the finals now set for Heat v Spurs and more. Enjoy the show and if you do, please, share it with someone else!

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The Sports Fix - Mon June 3, 2013

J-Rocc kicked off the week with the announcement of the new partnership with Harry Buffalo, and the first live broadcast/official Cavs draft party, June 27. J-Rocc talked Jim Kellys cancer, Mookie Blaylocks accident, Gordon Gees catholic joke, Indians weekend and rain delayed Friday, Mike from DDTWLN.COM helped us preview the 9 game trip through NY, DET and TEX, and we wrapped up previewing ECF Game 7 between the Heat and the Pacers. GET YOUR FIX!