Monday, February 27, 2012

Which Team Isn't Interested In Peyton Manning?

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Which NFL Team Isn't interested in Peyton Manning?Interesting today to see the Kansas City Chiefs are now interested in Colts quarterback Peyton Manning. Is is amazing to hear all the talk about where Manning will end up, chances are the 4 time league MVP may end up on the disabled list with all the talk of bone spurs in his neck. Manning may have to have a zipper installed in his neck to gain easy access to repair all the problems Manning is reportedly having. Manning who says he is cleared to return to football by his medical staff hasn't been cleared by the Colts as of yet.

With time running out for Manning when it comes to Jim Irsay handing over another 28 million dollars it is difficult to predict where Manning is going to end up. Talks circulated earlier in all the drama surrounding the  Manning drama had him going to Miami, then it was Arizona then reports came out about Peyton wanting to go to Arizona and lets not forget the interest the Washington Redskins supposedly had.

It is too bad there is only one Peyton Manning, just think if he could be cloned. Then all 32 teams in the NFL could get their hands on a Manning too. In my humble opinion I think we need to sit back and see if Manning is really able to return to the NFL before we try to predict which team Manning is going to play for. There still isn't any word out of Indianapolis concerning Manning yet. True talks were going to happen after the super bowl, Irsay hasn't taken any steps yet and that in its self remains to be seen.
Truth be told we have no idea where Peyton Manning is going to end up. We aren't really sure he won't be in a Colts uniform. One thing we do know is, until a decision is made the Peyton Manning drama will remain intact.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Former Browns Coach Romeo Crennel Interested In RGIII

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Romeo Crennel interested in Robert Griffin the thirdThe only coach that went 10-6 with the Cleveland Browns and miss the play-offs since returning to the NFL in 1999 is totally impressed with Robert Griffin III. Romeo Crennel spent the fifteen minutes talking with RGIII. It seems as though Crennel came out of the meeting with RGIII on his to do list. Crennel said not only is RGIII well versed in football is is well versed in life too. RGIII is an army brat just like Crennel, which is why Griffin has done so well in life and in sports according to Crennel it has a lot to do with army discipline.

The Kansas City Chiefs have ten teams in front of them in the up-coming draft.  Crennel went on to say not everyone puts the same value on players and many times teams throw up smoke singles and he went on to say he remembered that being the case when he was in Cleveland and the Browns took Brady Quinn as the 22 pick. Hey Romeo, RGIII isn't like Brady Quinn. Brady never had all the skills RGIII has, not in College and not in the NFL. RGIII isn't going to last much past the first couple of pick in the first round.

With that being said, do the Cleveland Browns really have a shot at getting RGIII? How much is Tom Heckert and Mike Holmgren willing to give up? There is plenty of interest from the Cleveland Browns when it comes to Green Bay's Matt Flynn too. Can the Browns make a move to grab Flynn? I don't think money would be a problem, Randy Learner the owner of the Cleveland Browns has deep pockets.

What the Cleveland Browns are willing to give up in order to draft RGIII is yet to be seen. Cleveland has a shortage to say the least of play makers. Not only do the Browns need a quarterback that can compete at a high level, the team needs depth when it comes to play makers. The Browns  may need a running back. Sure they can re-sign Hillis, lets face it the way Hillis runs he is not the long term solution. Then there is Montario Hardesty who has yet to play a 16 game season. Hardesty's durability and play making abilities have yet to been seen.

We all know Tom Heckert believes in building the team through the draft, the question now becomes is Heckert willing to give up picks that would put Cleveland in Position to draft Robert Griffin III? I wouldn't be surprised if the Indianapolis Colts used their first pick in the draft to take RGIII. Robert Griffin III is far more athletic than Andrew Luck.

Then again, it will be interested to see if the Kansas City Chiefs can get into position to grab RGIII. It is going to get really interesting come draft day, that's for sure.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

One Huge Reason Sizemore Won't be Missed By Indians, Shelley Duncan

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Indians can survive without Grady SizemoreSure the Indians are faced with yet another Grady Sizemore injury, we are use to it in Cleveland. Sizemore hasn't been healthy in four years. The Indians did a fine job surviving without Grady last year as he went down with injuries, this season the Indians could do even better than they did last year.

Lets not forget our ace in the hole. Shelley Duncan, yes you read it right, Shelley Duncan found some pop in his bat in the second half of the season that was phenomenal. Could you see Brantley in center, Choo in right and Shelley Duncan in left?

I sure can. The Indians would be stupid not to give Duncan a shot as the left field starter. This guy hit the cover off the ball last September. Duncan played in 76 games had 11 home runs,17 doubles and 47 R.B.I.'s. Double that if Duncan plays the whole season. Yes you read it right I said double that. You would be talking 92 R.B.I.'s alone of Duncan could stay consistent.

All this talk about putting Laporta in the outfield is crazy when you have a guy that was swinging the bat like Shelley Duncan did last September.  The Cleveland Indians could very well start Shelley Duncan in left and Brantley in Center. Why they wold even consider putting Matt Laporta in the outfield is crazy.

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With Peyton Hillis's Durability In Question Browns Need Trent Richardson

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Lets face reality, the way Peyton Hillis runs his durability certainly comes into question for the Cleveland Browns. Trent Richardson comes into the NFL draft as a top 15 prospect. Yes, I already know the Cleveland fans really want their Madden poster boy back this season, the problem is Hillis missed multiple games last season with a hamstring problem.

Hillis isn't long for the National Football league with his style of running. The Browns are going to need a guy like Richardson to get the team to be competitive in the AFC North. The Browns flat out need play makers.
Richardson comes into the draft as an elite possibility, people are saying he is right up there with backs like Adrian Peterson in 2007 or Darren McFadden in 2008. The Browns could use a guy like that. At one time for one season Hillis was a threat to teams. Those days didn't come this past season for Hillis.  The Browns need to build a team with some play makers.. Richardson fits right into that term, he is a play-maker and he could help the Cleveland Browns win football games.

Richardson has all the tools to come into the NFL and make things happen, at 5'11" and 224lbs he has good speed too. Richardson will come into the NFL and establish himself as one of the Leagues play-makers and he will do it rather quickly. We saw it last season when Hillis goes down, the team had no depth. Sure they went out and got guys to help out.

 One reason is Hardesty hasn't developed into what the Browns hoped for. Cleveland Shouldn't take the chance this year of a repeat season in the Browns backfield, they need to really reach out and grab Trent Richardson, then get a wide receiver too.

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19 Year Old Kyrie Irving Rising Star M.V.P. He's Just Getting Started

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

What can you say about a 19 year old kid who keeps impressing each time he steps onto the basketball floor, that is what Kyrie Irving does. Last night Irving impressed a world wide audience as he won the M.V.P. in the Rising Star Game.

 At 19 years old Kyrie Irving plays the game better than some multi year NBA veterans, Irving continues to lead NBA rookies in lots of categories.  The Cleveland Cavaliers are lucky to have Irving and he has helped Cleveland Fans get over the sting of the so called king departure. As a matter of fact you can say there is a new King in Cleveland.

Kyrie Irving had fun last night and he should have been an NBA All-Star. If the Cavaliers weren't coming off one of their worse season in franchise history you would think Kyrie is included in the All-Star game. The fact that Irving is a rookie may have hurt him too, still you look at the way he plays the game, the way Irving is able to do almost everything he wants on the basketball floor he plays like an All-Star. To not include him on the All-Star roster was an injustice to fans everywhere....

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Browns Shurmur Trying To Change Luck At Combine

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Pat Shurmur held one of his famous press conferences at the NFL combine on Thursday, you know one where he really doesn't say much but still talks a lot.  Shurmur said the Browns could talk trading up to chase Robert Griffin III and he is even going to talk to Andrew Luck. Tom Heckert wasn't in Indy, he is back in Cleveland Ill. Lets hope the Browns do something worth while in this years draft, many think Cleveland needs a quarterback.

This years we are going to see Luck and Griffin in the draft. Indianapolis may pull a rabbit out of their hat and not take Luck who knows what Jim Irsay is thinking or if he is even capable of thinking with all the Peyton Manning drama on his mind.

Shurmur went on to say the Browns could trade up draft picks, and talking to Luck surprises me a bit. Does Shurmur really think the Browns can get into a position to draft at number one? Does he think the Colts would give it up? Who knows how Pat Shurmur thinks? I think the Browns should be focused on play-makers. The Browns front office guys are in Indianapolis to see guys like Robert Griffin III and Griffin already said he isn't going to throw at the combine. Why the heck not? It is easy, Griffin said he doesn't trust the receivers there.

Are you kidding me, Griffin should throw the ball and if those guys drop it he would be getting a preview of playing in Cleveland. What is RGIII going to do if the Browns take him and he doesn't have any play makers to throw to? Maybe RGIII can live through one season in the NFL without throwing the football, can you imagine that? Then the Browns can go into the 2013 draft and get him some play makers.

 If RGIII doesn't trust the receivers at the combine he is going to be on for a rude awakening once he arrives in Cleveland, if he does come to Cleveland that is. I mean come on, we had a guy drop six passes in one football game last season for the Browns. The NFL should keep that stat, how many drops receivers have. If The Browns just draft a guy like Griffin and don't add any play makers to the teams roster, we could see the Cleveland Browns ruin their 11th quarterback since coming back into the NFL in 1999.....

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

RG3? Give me MK Ultra! How the Browns should roll...

By: Jerry "J-Rocc" Mires

USCs' Matt Kahlil
Brett Crow, I love you man but no way I can agree with you on the RG3 thing, but that is a discussion for another day. I personally have stated on and off the air, I think the Browns should surprise everyone and take USC lineman Matt Kahlil to anchor the opposite side of the line with Joe Thomas. With your O-Line anchored by Thomas-Mack-Kahlil, you have now protected whatever QB you put behind center, and can end the we need more time to evaluate gimmick.

Colt, Griffin, Kolb, Flynn, Tannehill, Manning... whoever your choice for "The Guy" at QB for the Brownies, it doesn't matter who the QB is, they all look like the same on their backs. We need to set the offensive line in place for the next 7-10 years, and allow the powers to be to do what they do best, and build the rest of the team free of a crappy offensive line sabotaging themselves from the inside. Every great GM or front office will tell you, the one place you cant build through free agency is the offensive line, you have to build that through the draft. The word of the day all over Cleveland radio, TV and fan chats is "Playmakers"... well, for what he does, Kahlil is the definition of a playmaker. If you're willing to draft all kinds of potential and reach for guys high in the draft that never work out, why not just reward your bad season by taking the one guy that everyone agrees will be an NFL top quality talent for years... No projections, no we think this guy will do blank... Just draft the one sure thing, because we need some sure things around here!

That stated, the other glaring issue the Browns plan on addressing is the WR position. I again will kindly object to anyone touting Blackmon, although I like the kid, but not at the top of the draft. The NFL is filled with teams who have eschewed the easy fix attempt of the flashy high receiver pick, and found gold in them there hills of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds of the NFL Draft. Just look up the top 25 WR of the past NFL season, and look at their paths to the NFL, and the point becomes even more valid, and glaring. its almost like the "Moneyball" concept in baseball, when you see it explained in front of you, its almost a case of "How does nobody else see what I'm seeing here?" While I would like us to draft a WR to develop (perhaps they could trade up a few slots from the 22 and grab the 6'3" Floyd from ND, but I wouldn't give up much to do so) or maybe he falls to them at 22... if not, I wouldn't reach for anything more than that in the first rd. I would set my sights on snagging perhaps Nick Toon in the 3rd round (son of great NYJ WR Al Toon), or 6'4" Miami WR Tommy Streeter.

Former Mt. Union WR Pierre Garcon
The real WRs the Browns should and I think will go after, is in free agency. Wideout is easily the deepest position in the FA pool this year, and the Browns should be able to acquire both a young explosive receiver, as well as that veteran WR presence they so badly need, all the while not having to overspend, due to the glut in the marketplace. Why not bring in local college standout turned NFL playmaker Pierre Garcon (IND)? Dwayne Bowe (KC) or Stevie Johnson (BUF) would make a nice addition to any WR corps, but especially ours! Even lesser known names like Domenik Hixon (NYG), Legedu Naanee (CAR), Stevie or Roscoe Parrish (BUF) would help out here next season and beyond. The list goes on and on, as a matter of fact, here's the entire WR free agent class of 2012 listed below... All in all, just food for thought for Browns fans everywhere as we inch closer to the start of free agency and the NFL Draft.

Vincent Jackson (SD) - Partially due to his actions and injuries in the past, the Chargers have been reluctant to sign Vincent Jackson to a long-term extension. However, after a third 1000-yard season with the Chargers, GM AJ Smith and Head Coach Norv Turner have expressed interest in keeping Jackson in San Diego for the long haul. If the Chargers don't have him locked up prior to the start of free agency, he may very easily leave on a tempting offer elsewhere.
Wes Welker (NE) - Welker has averaged 111 receptions and 1221 yards over the last 5 seasons, since joining New England. It's safe to call Welker the best slot receiver in the league and one of the most valuable pieces to the Patriots' offense. During Super Bowl week he brushed off questions regarding his impending free agency, but it's a foregone conclusion that he'll remain in Foxborough.
Reggie Wayne (IND) - After missing the 1000-yard mark for the first time since 2003, Wayne finds himself a free agent. All of the talk out of Indy has been on Peyton Manning and his costly option The Colts have been an organization takes care of their own over the last decade, but for a team expected to enter rebuilding, it'll be interesting to see if that philosophy changes for in the transition. Many expect Wayne to be playing elsewhere next season.
DeSean Jackson (PHI) - Jackson is a great weapon for the Eagles offense that relies upon big plays. Unfortunately, Jackson's ego and sense of self-worth appears to have created a rift in negotiations thus far. Jackson will probably want to be paid as a top wide receiver, which he may not get from the organization after some his comments and actions of several months ago. To be fair, his play doesn't warrant it either.
Dwayne Bowe (KC) - One subpar season aside, Dwayne Bowe has emerged into the number one receiver the offense needs. He's a big body and a good route runner with a large catching radius. His most impressive attribute is his body of work around the goal line. He's a complete mismatch with the fade, slant, and back shoulder passes and has shown the propensity to make the acrobatic catches on numerous occasions. If he can't be re-signed prior to free agency, he's probably the frontrunner ahead of Brandon Carr for the franchise tag.
Marques Colston (NO) - When healthy, Colston is a match-up nightmare for any corner. He's an incredibly physical, sure-handed receiver and a polished route runner. When he's available, he brings another dimension to the Saints offense that none of their other talented weapons possess. Though Brees has proven capable of running the offense without him, they're even more dangerous with him. He'll most likely remain with the Saints.
Steve Johnson (BUF) - Still working on his meager rookie salary, Johnson figures to be a big part of the Bills' long term plans. On a team with few superstars, the Bills can afford to lock up Johnson long term and maintain an effective passing attack. Though the sides don't appear to have begun extension talks, the Bills also have the option of using the franchise tag on him if they can't reach a deal before free agency.
Brandon Lloyd (STL) - Lloyd quickly established himself as the Rams' top receiver after a trade landed him in St. Louis midway through the year. His explosive downfield ability and large catching radius make him a legitimate target to help Sam Bradford. The Rams will make a strong play to retain him and Lloyd has expressed interest in playing for coach Jeff Fisher.
Robert Meachem (NO) - Meachem is one of the younger receivers that could be a nice pick-up for an offense with a larger workload to offer. He's a good downfield threat and has nice instincts in the red zone. For a team with Drew Brees, Marques Colston, and Carl Nicks as free agents, the organization has some work to do to bring back all of their key guys.
Mario Manningham (NYG) - With Manningham behind breakout star Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks, the Giants have found a nice threesome. Though the Giants have done a great job of developing players at the position, they would like to see some continuity for Manning. Unfortunately for them, other teams may look to give Manningham a promotion into the starting lineup and a bigger contract that goes along with it.
Laurent Robinson (DAL) - After spending some time in Atlanta, St. Louis, and San Diego, it didn't take Robinson a lot of time to find chemistry with Tony Romo in Dallas in his fifth year as a pro. He exploded on the scene replacing and playing behind Dez Bryant and Miles Austin in the lineup at various points throughout the season, accumulating 858 yards and 11 touchdowns in 14 games. Though Robinson has reaffirmed that he wants to remain in Dallas, it may be hard for the Cowboys to pay him as a third receiver if he receives serious attention on the open market.
Mike Wallace (PIT) - Restricted - No receiver in the league forces safeties back like Wallace. His deep speed is second to none on the perimeter and he capitalizes on it with the ability to run those vertical routes proficiently. He's improving in other areas of his game and is an extremely valuable piece to the Steelers' offense. Keep in mind the highest Restricted tender would only net the Steelers a first round pick, which Wallace is certainly worth.

Plaxico Burress (NYJ)
TJ Houshmandzadeh (OAK)
Derek Hagan (OAK)
Chaz Schilens (OAK)
Steve Smith (PHI)
Jerricho Cotchery (PIT)
Patrick Crayton (SD)
Ted Ginn (SF)
Josh Morgan (SF)
Mark Clayton (STL)
Mike Sims-Walker (STL)
Micheal Spurlock (TB)
Donnie Avery (TEN)
Kevin Curtis (TEN)
Lavelle Hawkins (TEN)
David Anderson (WAS)
Donte' Stallworth (WAS)
Stephen Williams (ARZ) - Exclusive Rights
Jordan Norwood (CLE) - Exclusive Rights
Jesse Holley (DAL) - Exclusive Rights
Kevin Ogletree (DAL) - Restricted
Stefan Logan (DET) - Restricted
Matt Willis (DEN) - Restricted
Danny Amendola (STL) - Restricted
Dominique Curry (STL) - Exclusive Rights
Preston Parker (TB) - Exclusive Rights
The Rest:
Early Doucet (ARZ)
Harry Douglas (ATL)
Eric Weems (ATL)
Ruvell Martin (BUF)
Roscoe Parrish (BUF)
Legedu Naanee (CAR)
Roy Williams (CHI)
Andre Caldwell (CIN)
Jerome Simpson (CIN)
Eddie Royal (DEN)
Rashied Davis (DET)
Maurice Stovall (DET)
Braylon Edwards (FA)
Bryant Johnson (HOU)
Pierre Garcon (IND)
Anthony Gonzalez (IND)
Jerheme Urban (KC)
Devin Aromashodu (MIN)
Bernard Berrian (MIN)
Greg Camarillo (MIN)
Deion Branch (NE)
Matt Slater (NE)
Courtney Roby (NO)
Domenik Hixon (NYG)
Devin Thomas (NYG)

NFL Draft 2012: The Top Five Picks

 By Brett Crow

In just over two months, fans across the country will be thumbing through NFL Draft magazines as their teams pick the future of the franchise. As Cleveland Browns fans, we can’t even begin to imagine what we’re going to do with our pick. So let’s explore those first few picks of the coming draft.

With the number one pick, the Indianapolis Colts will surely take Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. They have no reason not to take Luck. Luck not only addresses the need at QB that the Colts have, but he’s also the mostly highly valued player in the 2012 NFL draft. Even if they don’t want him (which is absurd to think), they could easily find a team willing to sell the farm for Luck as their franchise quarterback.

The number two pick is where things get really tricky and where most of the focus should be for Browns fans. The St. Louis Rams own this pick and are the wildcard in determining fates for the next few teams below them on the board.

Assuming the Rams don’t trade their pick, they will more than likely draft offensive tackle Matt Kalil out of USC. Kalil is the common sense pick for the Rams, as installing him on the left side of the line will instantly make life easier for current Rams quarterback Sam Bradford. Kalil has the pedigree aswell, with both brother (Ryan Kalil, Carolina Panthers) and father (Frank Kalil, Buffalo in USFL) having played on the offensive line.

However, it’s unlikely that the Rams will keep this pick. It’s highly speculated that the Rams will trade this pick to the Cleveland Browns so that they will draft Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III. The Browns have the most to offer the Rams with a first round pick not far from where the Rams initially are and the bonus of the Browns having a late 1st round and an early 2nd rounder. The Rams can get whatever price they want for RGIII.

That being said, the Rams can also use RGIII, and see what value they can get for Bradford. However, the value of Robert Griffin is much higher than Bradford, even though Bradford has proven he can be an effective starting quarterback in the league. The most likely move the Rams will take is to trade their pick or sign RGIII and trade him somewhere. They will easily find a suitor for him and get more than enough value for him. If they elect not to trade however, the easy pick is Kalil.

Third in the draft order is the Minnesota Vikings. Assuming Cleveland traded up and took Robert Griffin, Minnesota will not waste anytime in picking Matt Kalil. Or will they? Minnesota is also in dire need of help in the secondary. While Matt Kalil should be the common sense pick, they could easily pick up LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne. And when you have Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers on your schedule twice a year, along with Calvin Johnson on the Detroit Lions, a secondary is increasing important in the NFC North.

Now we come to the Cleveland Browns (or St. Louis Rams if we assume the trade happens). With the fourth pick in the first round, the Cleveland Browns could find a lot of use out of receiver prospect Justin Blackmon from Oklahoma State. There’s no doubt Blackmon is a standout wide receiver with exceptional playmaking ability. With the current weak wideout core that the Browns currently boast, Blackmon would be a great asset for the Browns and is certain to be available at pick number four. However, I would expect the Browns to trade up for Robert Griffin, as I feel that quarterback is the more pressing need for the Cleveland club.

Assuming they do trade and the pick ends up in St. Louis’ hands, it’s hard to imagine that St. Louis would pass on Blackmon. There’s also a chance that they could go with Iowa tackle Riley Reiff. As mentioned before, St. Louis needs a lot of help on the line.

At pick five, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are next in the draft. It’s hard to imagine that Tampa Bay will look anywhere aside from at Alabama running back Trent Richardson. NFL scouts across the country sing his praises and the move would enable the Bucs to either get rid of an oft-troubled LeGarrette Blount or present a formidable two-headed running back attack that has become the norm in the NFL.

Speculation aside, I think it’s pretty easy to see how the top five picks will go:

1.  Colts: Andrew Luck, QB from Stanford
2.  Browns (from Rams): Robert Griffin III, QB from Baylor
3.  Vikings: Morris Claiborne, CB from LSU
4.  Rams: Justin Blackmon, WR from Oklahoma State
5.  Buccaneers: Trent Richardson, RB from Alabama

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is Kyrie Irving The Most Skilled Player to Ever Wear A Cavaliers Uniform?

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Kyrie Irving once again help propel the Cleveland Cavaliers to another 4th quarter win last night as the Cavs rolled past the Detroit Pistons 101-100. Irving use all the skills he has to score 17 fourth quarter points. When the Cleveland Cavaliers picked Kyrie Irving as the first overall pick in the NBA draft last year there were plenty of people who thought the Cavs picked the wrong guy.

The same people are quickly changing their minds as Irving continues to put on a  demonstration as to why he was the number one pick. Irivng at 19 years old has given the Cleveland Cavaliers an edge when it comes to pulling off close games. At nineteen years old Kyrie Irving is the best player to ever put on the Cleveland Cavalier uniform. Yes Irving is better at nineteen than the King LeBron James. Their is no quit in Kyrie. Irving leads all rookies with 27 games played he has an 18.6 scoring average, shooting .487 in field goals and .436 from three point range. Iriving also shoots .855 percent in free throws, huge huge is that?

Kyrie Iriving's performance this season should have had him on the All- Star squad without a doubt and we should see Mr. Kyrie Irving who will turn 20 in March become the NBA's rookie of the year. It is great to see Kyrie Irving show all the nay sayers they were wrong.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Detroit Piston Roll Into Cleveland Firing On All Cylinders

 Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

The Detroit Pistons roll into Cleveland tonight to take on the Cleveland Cavaliers, The Pistons have been firing on all cylinders in the month of February.  The Pistons come to play the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight with a three game winning streak going. Detroit has also won 7 of their last ten games for the month of February.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are certainly going to have their hands full tonight trying to slow this red hot Pistons team down. Just the other night Byron Scott was asked in his post game about calling Manny Harris back up from the D league after Harris had a night where he scored 46 points. I remember Scott replying ask me in a couple of days. I just wonder if Scott knew all along he would need the help of Manny Harris if the Cavs are going to have a chance against Detroit tonight.

The Cavaliers should also have the help of Daniel Booby Gibson coming back off an ankle injury he suffered last week. Lest hope this Cavaliers team can slow these Pistons down tonight.

Larry Glicken is the owner of and the host of the Cleveland Sports 360 Show, an online streaming sports video show at 

The Expansion of The Sports Fix

Hello fans, friends, listeners and new members of  The Sports Fix Universe!

My name is Jerry "J-Rocc" Mires, and I'm the host and producer of the insanity and awesomeness you have come to know, love and expect from a crew of crazy Cleveland sports loving type guys! Along side my ever present partners in crime "The Albino Sasquatch" Sean Yergan and "The Birdman" Brett Crow, we are the on air version of "The Sports Fix" you hear burning up the airwaves every Saturday night LIVE from 10PM-Midnight on Newstalk 1420 WHK in Cleveland OH, streaming worldwide on, as well as on the WHK mobile app (search 1420 in your app store) for your smartphones, where we are a featured program.

As some of you may have noticed on our Facebook and Twitter pages over this past weekend, we have begun a big expansion project that we are very proud of, and which we think the great sports fans of Cleveland will really appreciate as well!

We are very proud to announce and launch or brand new written column/editorial effort, in combination with some of the great contributors to the show. While we were thinking of ways to expand, we knew that we had several very good writers on our team, and wanted to fully engage that side of sports commentary, as well as providing tons of new content for our audience all week long. All 3 hosts of the radio show, alongside Cleveland Sports 360 owner Larry "LG" Glicken; one of Clevelands most talented authors and sportswriters ever Jonathan Knight; and Sportstime Ohio/Cleveland St Vikings color commentator Chris Moore, and many others from time to time, will be writing exclusive stories for you, ranging from news topics, to editorials and commentaries sure to fire up your passions for all things Cleveland sports!

We have also overhauled our show page on! Now, it truly is your 24-7, one stop shop for Cleveland sports:

- added a news ticker on the top of the page with real time sports stories from around the world;
- updated the audio archives, with podcasts and our best interviews and guests highlighted for you
- created facebook and twitter widows directly on the page, for real time viewing/interaction
- added the written column section, updated in real time as stories are added each day

and the best change, we made it simpler than ever for you to find it all: its now that simple, just log on to

So much more to come, and even more changes ahead, but for now Cleveland, enjoy, because everything we do, is for you: CLEVELAND - THE BEST DAMN SPORTS FANS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!

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Plenty Of Off Season Chatter About The Peyton's Manning & Hillis

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

The talk of the off season about the fate of the Peyton's has kept the presses busy this year. Whether it be Peyton Hillis from the Cleveland Browns or Peyton Manning from the Indianapolis Colts there have been rumors galore.  In Manning's case the rumors have him going to almost every team in the NFL. In the case of Hillis there is lots of concern about him re-signing with the Cleveland Browns.

The only certainty this far into the off season is if your name is Peyton and you play in the National football league there is lots of concern as too where you're going to be playing this season. For the Browns fans re--signing Hillis is a top priority. In the case of Manning I'm sure the fans in Indy want him to return to the Colts. Jim Irsay has certainly put this on his back burner. There were suppose to be talks following the super bowl, how Irsay has put this off this far is anyone's guess.

For the Cleveland Browns, they have made the case they want to re-sign Hillis. The sticking point could very well be Hillis's agent thinking Hillis is worth much more than the Browns are willing to pay. There were rumors floating this past weekend saying the Browns and Hillis already had a verbal contract agreement. We still haven't had any confirmation of those yet.

One thing that is certain is the fact Peyton Hillis will be playing football somewhere. As far as Manning goes, who knows? Peyton Manning may be better off going into retirement. Hey there are only two guys in the Monday Night Football Booth, maybe they kept a spot open for the 4 time NFL MVP.

Larry Glicken is the owner of and the host of the Cleveland Sports 360 Show, an online streaming sports video show at 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Bob DiBiasio Indians V.P. Says Pitching Staff Is Solid

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Bob DiBiasio Cleveland Indians V.P. of Public Affairs said in a interview today the Indians starting rotation is solid at least the first four starters anyway. Dibiasio also went on to say the they are especially excited about the Cleveland Indians Bull pen. Hey what else can we expect Dibiasio to say on the first day of spring training. Today the Indians pitchers and catchers reported to Goodyear Arizona.

The Cleveland Indians bull pen was very dependable for the most part last season. The Tribe and Dibiasio have good reason to have high expectations from their bull pen "Mafia". Guys like Vinny Pestano  who set things up nicely last season return this season with hopes of picking up where they left off.  The Tribe could use a solid year from starter Ubaldo Jimenez this season. Lets not forget when Fausto Carmona was detained for an identity issue, the Indians lost 200 innings of pitching. If Jimenez can find his mechanics this season he could be as valuable to the Indians as Justin Verlander is to the Detroit Tigers. When Jimenez is on the guy is UN-hittable. Tribe manger Manny Acta would like nothing better than Jimenez finding his form.

As the Tribe start working out their pitchers and catchers this week there is still a coupe of unanswered questions. Who will be the Indians starters on the corners this season? Over at third base the Indians have a little competition between Jack Hannahan who is defensively solid and Lonnie Chisenhall who is offensively just as strong as Hannahan but lacks a little on the defensive side of ball.

The Indians may also have another decision to make as to who is on first. Last year we saw Carlos Santana split time with Matt Laporta. This season things could be a little different with the off season signing of Casey Kotchman. Matt Laporta could find himself on the short end of the stick. We will just have to wait and see what the Tribe decides to do on the corners. Nonetheless its good to see the Indians pitchers and catchers get back to work. It is a sure sign spring is on the way in Cleveland,Ohio....

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cavaliers Rookies Tag Teamed The Sacramento Kings For the Win 93-92 Cavs

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

The Cleveland Cavaliers got a little lucky tonight according to the head coach Byron Scott, Tristan Thompson and Kyrie Irving both had outstanding performances to help the Cleveland Cavaliers pick up their 12th win of the season.  Even though the rooks played well tonight it came down to the final moments of the game that decided the outcome. Kyrie Irving was going for the game winning basket when he was fouled and sent to the line.

The Cavaliers were trialing at the time with .4 left on the clock. Irving hit the first shot to tie the game at 92, then cool as one could be Irving sent the second shot down to give his Cleveland Cavaliers a one point lead. The Kings would call a time out then when they in-bounded the ball it was a shot for the win. The ball hit the rim but the officials said the clock was started too early and gave the Kings a replay.

Again the Kings went for the winning shot when time expired and the Cleveland Cavaliers got the win.
Byron Scott said in the post game his Cavaliers got a little lucky tonight. What he meant was the Cavaliers should have been able to pull away from the Kings on the first half and they didn't.  The Kings came out in the second half with a lot of confidence thinking they could pull a win away from the Cleveland Cavaliers and they almost did. Scott wants this Cavaliers team to learn how to put games away earlier.

Tristan Thompson had a double double tonight, Kyrie Irving hit for 23 points 17 of them came within the first half. Antwan Jamison had another solid performance with 21 and Omri Casspi had his best rebounding night with 12 9 of which came in the first half. Ramon Sessions put in 14 and Alonzo Gee had 9 points. We continue to see the Cleveland Cavaliers play as a team tonight. Once this young team gets some killer instinct they could very well be a contender.

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Can The Cavaliers Overcome Their Injuries And Fear Tonight Agianst Kings?

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Coach Byron Scott said the Cavaliers played like they were scared Friday night when the Miami Heat dominated his Cleveland Cavaliers. Scott wasn't happy with the efforts his young team put fourth. The Cavs were missing guys like Anderson Varejao who fights for every rebound he can get on both ends of the court. Daniel (Booby) Gibson was out with a ankle sprain and Anthony Parker is still M.I.A. with back problems.

The Cavaliers didn't looked scared of anything the night the team handed a defeat to the World Championship Dallas Mavericks and they played well against the Heat on two other occasions this season.  One has to wonder if LeBron James used the game Friday night to prove a point to Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert. After all Gilbert hasn't spoken to James since the "Decision". Having James grandstand to the Cleveland Media the day before the game certainly helped his cause Friday night. The Cleveland fans undoubtedly would think James could help the Cavs with performances like he had against his former team.

One problem the Cleveland Cavaliers have had all season thus far, is getting their energy level up for all 48 minutes. The Cleveland Cavaliers have been a second half team. One in a while they have came out smokin when they do this team has been UN-stoppable.

Byron Scott's Cavs have had a day to get over their fear, when they take the floor tonight I think we are going to see a much different team than we saw against the Heat on Friday night. With the injuries the Cavs have had I wonder why Scott hasn't called Manny Harris back up from Canton. Harris could certainly help Cleveland offensively, he put up 46 points in Canton on Friday.

Tonight I look for the Cavaliers to come out and get off to an early start and continue to play hard for the 48 minutes. If they don't Byron Scott is not going to be happy. Scott doesn't take kindly to a team that doesn't give one hundred percent effort. The Cavaliers at (11-17) should be able to gain another victory against the Sacramento who come into tonight's game at (10-20). Lets hope the Cavaliers are over their fear.

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