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The Real Reason Browns Q.B. Colt McCoy Plays Better Than Brandon Weeden McCoy's Finally Healthy

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Colt McCoy better than weedenHow many of you Browns fans that have been calling for Colt McCoy's head knew that Colt McCoy had a injury to his throwing arm? That's right people, Colt McCoy's arm strength really is better this season, it's not a mirage. Colt McCoy suffered an injury in his last college football game.  McCoy was injured on the fifth snap of No. 2 Texas' game against No. 1 Alabama. He kept the ball on an option to his left and was hit square by lineman Marcell Dareus for no gain. McCoy got up and appeared to be OK, but went to the sideline as Gilbert ran in and called timeout.
McCoy remained crumpled on the ground throughout the break, then was helped to the bench and later taken away for X-rays. He didn't return to the sideline until after he was ruled out. McCoy suffered a pinched nerve to his right shoulder, his arm has felt like a noodle for the last two season's. McCoy has never made any excuses about his play on the field. This is the same guy who won 45 of the 52 games he played at Texas. McCoy was the winning-est quarterback in College history.
Now, with his arm back to 100% for the first time since he has been in Cleveland we are seeing the real arm strength of Colt McCoy. The Cleveland Browns may not have even known about the extent of Colt's injury. You probably are thinking how could they not. They didn't know Trent Richardson would need knee surgery before the season even started did they?

People are saying you can't make determinations only watching guys play in the preseason. They say Brandon Weeden will get better. I say this is the NFL you win or you go home. I have high expectations for the Cleveland Browns this season. I want to see a play off team again. I want this team to win football games. In order to do that the Browns have to put there best players on the field. Colt McCoy is better than Brandon Weeden. Colt has a 138.0 rating from the Eagles game. Weeden's rating was 64.0 and Wallace had a rating of 24.3.

Lets talk about the Green Bay Game. McCoy had a 97.0 rating and Weeden had a 76.7 rating. Now we look at the Detroit game.....Colt McCoy had a 110.4 rating and Weeden had a 19.0 rating. These are the real numbers. Looking at the numbers you have to admit Colt McCoy is the better of the two quarterbacks right now. I am saying right now because you start the season with your very best players on the field,right now McCoy is a much better player at the quarterback position than Brandon Weeden.

If the Browns want to win football game they must start Colt McCoy. I am strictly going by the numbers and doing that McCoy is the better player. For those of you who have suffered a pinched nerve you know how bothersome this injury can be. Colt McCoy played the entire time he has been in the NFL with this injury. Now that he is healthy, he should get a chance to prove just how good McCoy can be.

For those of you who would like to further read about McCoy's throwing shoulder Injury follow this link....

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Its Taken Me 3 Preseason Games To Understand Why The Browns Drafted Brandon Weeden But I Got It Now

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

I never understood why the Cleveland Browns drafted Brandon Weeden with the 22nd pick in the 2012 NFL draft until now. Weeden is a guy who can move the team, he came out throwing tonight and completed 3 of 3 passes to move the Browns into scoring position. Then he couldn't get the Browns into the end-zone, he fits right into what the Cleveland Browns coaching staff does in Cleveland. Why in the name of GOD would the Browns watch a guy throw the ball and get the Browns into the red zone and then call plays that take away the pass? Then when the Browns are forced to pass and the defense knows the Browns are forced to pass they call a pass play. The Cleveland Browns coaching staff has no imagination, none at all. They could see Weeden can throw a pass and get the Browns moving, then when they get into the red zone the team switches what they are doing.
The Browns had no business drafting a guy lie Brandon Weeden, they need to build an offensive line to give a pocket passer like Brandon Weeden time to set up and throw a pass. You have to have a quarterback that can protect the football when the pressure is facing you. Weeden has always been labeled as a guy who cracked under the pressure, we saw it first hand tonight.  Weeden fumbled the ball twice when he was faced with pressure. He has now idea what to do when he gets into trouble.
People think I hate Brandon Weeden, trust me when I tell you this, I don't dislike Weeden. The Browns front office messed up big time when they took Weeden with the 22nd pick and led people on thinking this guy was going to be the answer to the Cleveland Browns problems. The Cleveland Browns know what they had for an offensive line. They knew the line needs work, yet they go and draft a guy who cannot protect himself or the football when he is facing pressure. That is what I don't like.  The Cleveland Browns management couldn't diagnose the problem with the team. We have guys sitting in the front office making millions of dollars a year and they couldn't see Colt McCoy wasn't the problem with Browns football.
Listen people, you saw it first hand tonight. It wouldn't matter who the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns was, if the offensive line can't protect him you have nothing.  Until the Cleveland Browns can fix the problems with their offensive line that is supposed to protect their quarterback, the team will not succeed. Is this all Brandon Weeden's fault? Absolutely not, just like last season wasn't all Colt McCoy's fault.
These guys need some help. Brandon Weeden isn't the guy who is going to deliver the Cleveland Browns to the promise land. Unless the Cleveland Browns can figure out a way to protect their quarterback, Brandon Weeden will be lucky to make it through the 2012 season. The Browns may as well keep Colt McCoy in there as the starter, at least he can run for positive yardage. Weeden cannot do that....
Even Ray Charles could see what the problems with the Cleveland Browns was, to bad the people who make millions to do it couldn't. Now they have another guy in Brandon Weeden they can blame it on this season. Help me out here, what is he the 17th starting quarterback in the last 13 years...... It is just as much Shurmurs fault for what happened tonight against the Eagles as it was Weeden's fault. Brandon Weeden turned over the ball but it was Shumur who was calling crap plays after Weeden came out firing....

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How Stupid Would Browns Management Look Getting Rid Of Colt McCoy Now? Unless Losing Is The Goal

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

The Cleveland Browns management could be to close to the situation to see what the problem is, or am I just making an excuse?  Colt McCoy wasn't the entire problem with the Cleveland Browns last season, of you couldn't see it tonight you have to be blind. McCoy was the only Browns Quarterback that was able to move the team and put points on the board with a touchdown. McCoy is the only Cleveland quarterback that didn't turn the ball over. Wallace on his first play in the game threw a poor pass into double coverage only to have it picked off. Anyone who couldn't see Colt McCoy was the better of the three quarterback that played for the Browns tonight has a serious problem withe their eye sight and they need to have it checked.
It has been clear to see this preseason that Colt McCoy has been the best quarterback the Browns have on their roster. I am not saying Weeden is a terrible quarterback, I am saying Weeden is not ready for prime time yet. The Browns have no way to protect the guy and they should have taken a better offensive lineman in the draft played McCoy this season and then take one of the many top ranked quarterbacks that will be available in the 2013 draft.
Even Tom Heckert sees the improvement in Colt McCoy this season. When asked in his pre-game interview about McCoy showing improvement this season Heckert said they thought McCoy would be a better Q.B. this year.  If that is the case why did they take Weeden and try to throw McCoy under the bus. Browns fans know football, they have seen first hand this preseason who the better quarterback is. Yet the excuse will be it is preseason and it doesn't matter.
If that is the case then why do they cut players off the team in the preseason? Why not let them play two or three games before they get rid of them. The preseason is the matrix that talent has been measured in the NFL for years. This is what teams use to set their rosters and this is when they decide who plays and who the back ups are. This is the time when the Cleveland Browns management should see who their starting quarterback should be. And it shouldn't be Brandon Weeden.
With out a doubt, Colt McCoy should start the Browns season. If he can't get it done and the offensive line can get their act together then they should put Weeden in. He simply isn't the best choice at present......

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Browns Coach Pat Shurmur Has No Reason To Be Upset With Weeden, They Got What They Drafted

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Shurmur upset with WeedenBy now the Cleveland fans are seeing the Browns solution to the problems the team faced last season may not all be solved. Pat Shumur looked very upset when the team played the Eagles, sure this is preseason and sure the game doesn't count. For Pat Shurmur he can see the writing on the wall as to what will happen to his Browns when they face teams with great defenses. Shurmur didn't like the fact Brandon Weedden turned the ball over a couple of times, he knows turnovers cost you wins in the NFL. Pat Shurmur has no right to be upset with Brandon Weeden because of what took place in the Eagles game.
This is the Brandon Weeden the Browns drafted, he is a guy that is a pocket passer. It doesn't mean I think Weeden is a bad quarterback, it means I don't think he is the quarterback that can get it done for the Cleveland Browns. Weeden needs protection, the Browns offensive line is young and can't offer Brandon Weeden the kind of protection he needs to play the kind of football Weeden plays. His game is throwing laser type passes down the field, sometimes his throws are questionable but nonetheless he gets away with some of them. I think Weeden could be a great quarterback in the NFL, I just don't think he is going to be able to do it with the Cleveland Browns and it has nothing to do with Weeden at all.
People respond to these articles and leave replies saying things like, "Oh you know more about coaching than the Browns Coaches right". Believe me when I tell you this, I don't think I am a pro football coach, however I do wonder what in the hell these guys were thinking when they named Brandon Weeden the starting Q.B. before he ever took one snap in a game time situation. Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder could have seen the Cleveland Browns were putting the cart before the horse. The Browns offensive line just isn't there yet. Brandon Weeden can't come in and save the day when he is getting hammered and fumbling the football, NO ONE can.
The Cleveland Browns played a tough football team last night, the Cleveland Browns are going to play three tough football teams two times this season, their division rivals. The way the Eagles defense played the Browns was about the best test they faced this preseason, the Eagles defense is a lot like Baltimore and Pittsburgh. The Browns drafted a stationary q.b. and now they expect him to go in there and get his butt kicked hold onto the football and win games.
The Browns have been through 17 quarterbacks since 1999, not all of these guys could have stunk. Each quarterback the Browns took were winners somewhere, just as Brandon Weeden won in College, each of the 17 won somewhere too. When the Browns had glory days back in 1980 or 1986 or 87 they had offensive linemen who were household names. These guys were the Un-spoken warriors who went into battle each week with one thing on their mind, protect the quarterback. These guys had the talent to turn average quarterbacks like Brian Sipe into winners. On Today's Cleveland Browns offensive line you have two guys in Alex Mack and Joe Thomas who are household names, some people have no idea who the others on the line are.
It is going to be difficult to win in the NFL with just 2 great lineman trying to protect a pocket passer like Brandon Weeden. I am not a hater of Weeden, I think he has lots of potential in the NFL, just not yet with this team. The Browns need a roll out quarterback who can throw on the run. Or they need an offensive line that can protect their quarterback at all costs. Right now the Browns have one but not the other.
By now people should see the Browns problems last season were not all Colt's fault. As easy as it would have been to just replace McCoy, it is not going to help the Browns because 12 losses were not all McCoy's doing. If the team can't protect Brandon Weeden better than we saw last night he will become the 17th guy to get blamed since 1999. And that isn't right!!!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Brandon Weeden Leaves A Lot Of Browns Fans Not Be-leaven

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Brandon Weeden Fans The more Brandon Weeden talks about how hard it was in camp, the less confidence Browns fans have in their 28-year-old rookie quarterback. The Browns take on the Philadelphia Eagles tonight and many fans don't have a good feeling about Weeden coming in and starting the season. The fans think his mobility is going to be a huge problem with the teams young offensive line. Weeden faced 2 teams so far in the preseason and people have stated they don't think either team played very hard against the Browns. Tonight when the Eagles come to Cleveland we should be able to see a better look at how Weeden respond to the pass rush, we all know the Eagles like to bring it.
Could the fans be right, is Braden Weeden going to be in trouble trying to lead the Browns with his lack of mobility?   Some fans say if the Browns trade McCoy and keep Weeden as the teams starter we are going to be in for a long season. Weeden comes out of training camp full of confidence.  He said, Wednesday was his finest day of practice so far. He may be flying high now, the real question is will he still be flying high after he faces the Eagle tonight? We will see, the Browns have their mind made up, Weeden is the Browns starting quarterback..... It is going to be Weeden who has to change the minds of these none believers.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Browns Think Trent Richardson Could Be Back As Soon As Final Preseason Game

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Trent Richardson Return Now that the Browns training camp is over head coach Pat Shurmur thinks  Trent Richardson could be back as soon as the last preseason game against the Chicago Bears, Shurmur said Richardson could be back to take some reps in the game. The Browns are really hoping Richardson is back in time for the season opener against the Eagles. It's been 13 days since T-Rich had his knee surgically repaired, the Browns say he is coming along slightly ahead of schedule. I just hope when he comes back he is healthy and the team isn't rushing him like they did Montario Hardesty last season.
Montario had a knee injury, then he wasn't able to rehab it properly due to the lock out. The Browns needed him to play and we all know what came next, nagging leg injuries that would rob the team and the fans of a Hardesty that was 100% healthy. We don't need a repeat of that performance with Trent Richardson. The team needs his services for the complete season, the last thing the Cleveland Browns need is for their number one draft pick to come back to soon, re-injure his knee and then miss the rest of the season.
The Cleveland Browns are going to need a decent running game this year to keep the defense off their rookie Q.B.. With Richardson in the back field the defense may not be able to pursue the  pass rush like they would if he wasn't in the game. Just having the presence of a guy with the threat Richardson had in College is enough to keep the defense honest. Whether or not Richardson can carry the same level of success he had in college into the NFL remains to be seen. Richardson hasn't played in one preseason game due to having to leave camp head to Florida for his knee surgery. Hopefully the  Cleveland fans will see what T-Rich can do in the NFL soon.....I am hoping it isn't too soon....

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Browns Q.B. Brandon Weeden Says Wednesday Practice His Finest Yet

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Brandon Weeden ready Browns Quarterback Brandon Weeden said he had a great practice Wednesday in the Cleveland Browns final training camp session. Now Weeden needs to take that to the field. It is a little easier to find a guy like Mohamed Massaquo in 11 on 11 drills when Mo Mass knows he isn't going to take the big hit. That has been a big part of the Browns game-time problems, the Cleveland quarterbacks would find their receivers only to watch them drop the ball. This season we have already seen some of that take place in the preseason.
With Weeden finding his timing and leading his receivers on the run maybe the Browns will break through. If Weeden faces the pass rush he could have the tendency to throw the ball away too. It is UN-clear at the present time just how much playing time Weeden will get in the Eagles preseason game this Friday night.  It would however be a valid test of Weeden's competency as the Browns starting Q.B.. The Eagles have a great pass rush this season and it would show two things, first it wold allow us to take a good look at the Browns offensive line, second it would show us if Weeden is going to crack under the pressure.
Brandon Weeden has yet to face a team this preseason that can bring the pass rush like the Eagles can, if Shurmur plans to play Weeden for at least the first quarter it could answer the question if Weeden can stand in there without panicking and get the job done. Training camp where Shurmur limits the hitting is one thing, Game time with a killer Pass Rush is another.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Are The Cleveland Browns Being Realistic With Trent Richardson's Prognosis?

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

trent richardson knee surgery Trent Richardson just had his left knee surgically repaired for the third time since high school and the second time this year. The Cleveland Browns are saying they expect Trent Richardson to be ready to go opening day.

It that realistic? Richardson had to have his knee repaired after a brief time in Browns camp, he wasn't taking hits from opposing defenses. T-Rich was just practicing the Browns plays and running around. The Cleveland Browns put a lot on the line to pick up Trent Richardson in the draft, they may have caved into what the fans wanted, nonetheless it doesn't matter at this point. What does matter is how well Richardson's knee will heal and how fast it can heal.

T-Rich may have super powers when it comes to rushing the football, that doesn't mean his body can repair itself any sooner than anyone else. The human body can only heal so fast, Richardson just had his left knee penetrated with a scope that enables the surgeon to go in and have a look around. Then the surgeon locates the impingement and has to cut it away. Sometimes these procedures can produce scar tissue that can impede ones abilities to regain normal movement of the joint.

Under normal circumstances, the Doctor would ask the patient to reduce their activities for at least 4 weeks following a procedure like the one Richardson just went under this past Thursday. Then the patient will be able to start resuming their normal activities.

Now, keep in mind most people's normal activities don't include taking hits to their knees by 350lbs guys trying to bring them down. The normal person is allowed to return to walking and maybe some slight jogging, the doctors I have talked to don't encourage full-out  running until six weeks have passed.

If we compare Trent Richardson's knee to everyone else, this would make it sometime at the end of September before he could start running. Then the torque placed on a guy like Richardson's knee is a lot like a race car drivers head being jerked around when he hits the corners. Experts say in certain positions the human knee takes 9 times the weight of the human body, in the case of T-rich this cold even be greater.

With all this being said it is easy to assume if the Cleveland Browns hurry Trent Richardson back into the line-up they cold see him returning for another procedure to his knee before the season even ends. The question the Cleveland Browns experts in the front office need to ask themselves if the benefits outweigh the risks int he Richardson case. The Browns front office and the coaches shouldn't use this chance to rush Richardson back into the line up to keep them from looking stupid. They should do what is best for the athlete. Trent Richardson is a lot like a thoroughbred race horse, he is no good without his legs.

Now, before you start slamming me for this article, I recommend you to do some research on your own. Google these knee procedures and see what the  proper recovery time is.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Indians Closer Baby Face Chris Perez Gets the Job Done Tonight

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Brent Lillibridge hits home runIndians pitcher Chris Perez notched his 31st save tonight to help seal the deal for Tribe starter Zach McAllister who pitched an outstanding game for Indians skipper Manny Acta.McAllister pitched 8 solid innings for the Indians giving him his 5th win on the season and helping the Tribe take 2 out of three from the Boston Red Sox.

One of the big time hero's in tonight's game was  Brent Lillibridge who continues to show the Indians fans and the front office he can do it all. Brent Lillibridge made some great defensive plays filling in at third base tonight and he got the Tribe on the board first with a solo blast in the 3rd inning to make it 1-0 Indians. The Indians need to find a way to sign this guy to a long-term deal. This guy can do it all. Not only is he a great player to have who can fill in at just about any spot in the infield he shows he can hit too. The Indians may have not made too many moves before the Trade deadline came and went, but picking up Brent Lillibridge was a great move and the Indians management deserve extra credit for this pick up.

The big talk of the night is the great job McAllister did against the Boston Red Sox hitters. McAllister only allowed 3 hits for 2 runs, he threw 100 pitches and struck out 4 and gave up no walks. Hey, Manny Acta should have stepped up a while ago and ripped his starting rotation. Ever since Acta almost begged for one of his starters to step up and make a great effort the Indians starters have done so. Manny, next time you lose 5 in a row, Make the freaking speech, do not wait until you hit 11. I know, you never faced this before, so be sure to write it down now and chalk it up as a learning experience.

The Indians won against the Boston Red Sox tonight 5-2 and now have the chance to clinch the series tomorrow if they can get the win. What a difference not giving up 10 runs before the 5th inning makes in Major league baseball folks. I am surprised it took the Indians so long to think of that....

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Browns Win First Preseason Game Weeden The Browns Future? I Don’t Think So

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

The Browns managed to beat the Detroit Lion 19-17, it wasn’t because of the job Browns 28-year-old rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden did. Pure and simple to sum up Weeden in a word, He Sucked, yes Brandon Weeden looked bad and he Sucked.

For the Cleveland Browns and Pat Shurmur to even consider making Weeden the starting Quarterback in Cleveland I would suggest the NFL drug test Shurmur and the Browns front office. Weeden look terrible, he looks like a guy that is going to pee his pants when the defense in getting close to him, he has no pocket presence and he has no calm under pressure.

 Weeden looked bad and if no one has the balls to speak the truth about this guy shame on them. Weeden threw a lot of incomplete passes, then he threw an interception too. If the Browns think Brandon Weeden is the guy to get it done they are sadly mistaken.

 Weeden is what you get when you take a 28-year-old guy who had some success in College because he had the beast offensive line in College. Wake up people this guy is not the answer, he isn’t even close to it.

When the real season starts look for this guy to get killed or throw a ton of interceptions. Do not let this Browns win blind your focus this win had nothing at all to do with Brandon Weeden.
The Browns then put in Colt McCoy, did he look better than Weeden?

Yes he did. Considering McCoy had no first team players in the game and he was able to move the football throwing for 88 yards and almost doubling Mr. Incomplete pass Brandon Weedens average, you’re damn right he looked better.

The funny thing is the Brown Sucked tonight. If the team has taken on a new look it may be the Pat Shurmur look. Did you see Shurmur when the game was over? He looked like a guy that didn’t even believe his team won the game. Are you kidding me? This is the guy Mr. Football Guru Mike Holmgren hired to run the Cleveland Browns. 

It is now wonder the team went 4-12 last year. These guys are all nuts, they couldn’t coach their way out of a paper bag. Once Haslam come to take control of the Cleveland Browns, he will see through this garbage Randy Learner paid a bout load of money to and these guys will be out of here. There is no way this team is going to be able to compete in the NFL North playing the way we saw them tonight.

For those of you who think Brandon Weeden is the next star NFL quarterback, I urge you to take a look at his numbers. The guy went 3 for 9 for 62 yards and 1 interception. The only smart thing Pat Shurmur did tonight was to take this sorry excuse for a quarterback out of the game before he embarrassed himself, Pat Shurmur and the Browns even further. 

Don’t be stupid Cleveland, the Browns played ugly football with their starters. Sure the Browns won the game, McCoy and Lewis both had almost double the passing average of Weeden and Wallace is the only Browns Quarterback to have a touchdown.

If you think Weeden is the future of the Cleveland, you are sadly mistaken. Sure the guy threw one good pass. The Browns need a guy who can throw a good pass at least 70% of the time not just one of his three completions,Weeden isn’t going to get it done for the Browns. Sorry if you don’t like the honesty people. The Browns sucked and it isn’t going to get any better with Pat Shurmur as the Browns head coach. Think about who they beat tonight. A bunch of guys who won’t even be there come opening day….

The first thing Jimmy Haslam needs to do is bring i a bus and get these sorry asses they call the front office and head coach the hell out of Cleveland. Now I really Think Pat Shurmur is hearing the foot-steps the foot steps of Jimmy Haslam coming down to kick his but out of Berea….

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Indians Front Office Should Place Manny Acta on Suicide Watch

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Manny ActaManny Acta the manager of the Cleveland Indians did everything he could do to get the Indians to avoid making history by losing a nine game road trip.

Acta had a guy come up from triple A to start the game and Chris Seddon did all he could do to keep the Indians in the game with the Detroit Tigers.

While Seddon didn't set any pitching records he did keep the Indians in the game. Seddon pitched 4-1/3 innings and allowed 7 hits and 4 runs. Seddon walked three,struck out 2 and gave up 1 home run. Not good but the Indians still had a chance to get the win.
The Indians led the game from the start. Michael Brantley helped the Tribe get off to an early lead and each time you though this was going to be the day Cleveland would snap the losing streak, the Detroit Tigers were allowed to get back into the game by Indians pitching.

Acta pulled out every trick he knew today, he pulled Choo out of right field and put in 5 infielders at one point in the game. He brought in Vinnie Pestano in the 7th inning and Pestano didn't disappoint in  either of the two innings he worked. The Indians were able to stay in this game and it looked like today would be their day to stop the Bleeding.

The Indians got a home run from Travis Hafner in the 10th inning to put the Indians on top of Detroit 6-5. Ezequiel Carrera came to the plate and he hit his first big league home run to make it 7-5 Indians. Lou Marson came to the plate and hit a double down the left field line to make it 8-5 Indians. All the Cleveland Indians needed to do to stop history from taking place was for Chris Perez to come into the game and close it out.

It didn't happen that way, Perez came into the game and the Detroit Tigers exposed the rust that has developed on the Indians closer who hasn't had a save opportunity in days. Perez gave up 5 runs in the tenth inning and the Detroit Tigers would hand the Cleveland Indians their ninth road loss in a row. The Indians never lost nine games in a row on a road trip in the history of the team. Manny Acta has to be fit to be tied now.

There was nothing else Acta could have done to get the Indians to snap their losing streak today. He pulled out all the stops and it just wasn't going to happen today.
The Cleveland Indians now fall to eight games below .500 at 50-58 and are 9-1/2 games out of first place in the A.L. Central...... Hey Tell us if you think Acta could have done anything different to get this win today, Just leave your comments below....

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is Chris Antonetti The Right G.M. For The Indians

 Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"
 Chris Antonetti sits back and watches the Cleveland Indians decline in the second half of the season for the second year in a row and he does nothing to get this team back into the race for the American League Central. All Antonetti does is make excuses, he tells the fans lie after lie and he can't even go out and get the Indians a player that could come into Cleveland to help the team. Why is this guy still the General Manager in Cleveland?
Fire Chris AntonettiThe Indians go out to Minnesota and get swept before the M.L.B. Trade deadline and Antonetti still does nothing. Now the Indians have dropped two in a row to the Kansas City Royals. Are you kidding me?

This team is capable of doing better than this, the Indians have slumped since the second half started. Antonetti is out of touch with reality, the Indians needed a left fielder when the season started and Antonetti goes out and brings the Cleveland Fans Johnny Damon.

What the hell is he thinking? I am not saying Damon is a bad ball player, Antonetti knows or should I say he should know the Tribe needs a right-handed bat, the team needed one before the season even started and Antonetti brings us Johnny Damon.

Was this a case for this guy to go out and get one of his buy hood hero's or what? It is past time for the Indians to make some changes, other teams struggle and somehow they are able to turn things around, this isn't the case for the Indians.

The team has sucked since the second half started and no one has done anything to improve it. The front office in Cleveland should be embarrassed. If I were Mark Shapiro I would be kicking Antonetti butt out the front door so fast his head would spin. It is his job to put together a winning team. He has failed. Make some changes and get some guy that know how to play 162 game season. The first change should be Chris Antonetti....

Hey, be sure to tell us what you think of the job Antonetti has done, just leave your comments below....

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