Monday, October 22, 2012

The Browns New Owner Has To Sit Trent Richardson To Heal If He Expects To Get His Monies Worth

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Jimmy Haslam Pissed OffSince the Browns head coach doesn't have the mental capacity to make the determination about Trent Richardson's health it is time for the Browns new owner to step in and force Shurmur to sit T-Rich until he is healthy enough to come back strong.

The Cleveland Browns have a very able running back in Montario Hardesty who could step in without even missing a beat. Hardesty has already out-rushed Richardson since he has been used.
The Browns head coach knows his future is grim in Cleveland, he could care less about the long-term when it comes to the Browns roster. Shurmur already rushed Trent Richardson back from knee surgery weeks before he should have returned. Shurmur is so desperate to try to win to save his own butt, he has no regard about Richardson in the long-term.

Trent Richardson came out after the game in Indianapolis and said people have no idea how bad his ribs are hurt. Either the guy is making excuses or he is hurt worse than anyone was told. The Browns should have seen in practice if Richardson was able to compete to the best of his ability. A good coach would know his players and when they are miss-leading them.

Pat Shurmur has no experience with these kinds of situations and we all saw it last year when Colt McCoy was knocked sense-less during the Steelers game. Shurmur put McCoy back in harm's way without realizing how bad McCoy was hurt. Any coach should have been able to look in Colts eyes and seen he was not ready to return.

Jimmy Haslam has to step in and protect his investment. If he leaves a decision like this up to Pat Shurmur Trent Richardson could end up on the disabled list. There is no doubt Trent Richardson needs time to heal. A rib cage injury of any kind is a serious problem, they don't heal without rest. If this injury is as serious as Trent Richardson is saying,

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Cleveland Browns Head Coach Pat Shurmur Has To Be Mentally Challenged

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Pat Shurmur sucksThe head coach of the Cleveland Browns told his team after they lost we’ve got to get ready for the San Diego Chargers next week, just like we got ready for the Colts this week after a win, we now must focus on getting ready for the Chargers after a loss.  It is almost as though Shurmur excuses his team for losing when he says things to them like, “don’t worry half the teams in the league lost today”.

When you think about the statements Shurmur makes as a head coach in the national football league, you have to wonder if the guy is mentally challenged. Pat Shurmur tells the media he doesn’t think the loss is any kind of a trend, he said it was just one loss. Is he for real? Someone needs to tell Pat Shurmur one of the things he has been the most consistent at is losing. The guy thinks because he won one football game it excuses the fact that the trend has been losing more often than not with Head Coach Pat Shurmur at the helm.

The guy is somewhat delusional. Here are the words that came out of the mouth of Shurmur following the game in Indy;

“I think that this is isolated, we lost the game,” Shurmur said. “I don’t think it talks about any trends. We’ll go back tomorrow and get ready to win the next one. I told the players last week, we made enough plays to win the game; this week, we didn’t. There were a lot of contributing factors.
Speaking of contributing factors, has Shurmur ever looked into the mirror and thought he could be the problem?

How can a guy that has gone 5-18 since taking over the head coaching job think there isn’t a trend here with his Cleveland Browns? There clearly is a trend and it isn’t a good trend, it is a losing trend and Shurmur continues to ignore it hoping it will go away.

Shurmur thinks it is fun calling the plays, he has to see he sucks as an offensive coordinator and he should surrender the job to Childress. It has to be his mental state that makes him think he is doing a good job at it. Shurmur’s record as an offensive coordinator is even worse than his head coaching record.  With Pat Shumur calling the plays he is 13-43 combining his play calling with the Rams and now the Browns.

The Cleveland Browns have some talented players; they have some guys that can make plays. There is a serious problem with the Cleveland Browns and they can win consistently until this problem is solved. They don’t have a head coach that knows how to win football games. They don’t have a head coach that can see he is the main reason the team is being held back. Until the team fixes the head coaching issue, the Cleveland Browns won’t win consistently in the NFL. This is way past the point of being funny. It is ridiculous….

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Browns Fans Are Screaming For Haslam To Make A Move & It Doesn't Include Starting Colt McCoy

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

The Browns fans have reached their last straw. Seeing Pat Shurmur let his team lose to the Indianapolis Colts was more than the great people of the City of Cleveland could handle. The die-hard fans got a glimpse of a pissed off Jimmy Haslam III from the owners box at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis when the Browns were trying to score the game winning touchdown only to see the targeted receiver drop the ball.

The good people of Cleveland are calling for action from the Browns new billionaire owner. The fans want Pat Shurmur fired as the head coach of the Cleveland Browns.
If Haslam is listing to the fans, he can hear the screams of that's enough. The play calling the Browns head coach uses during the games is just not getting it done. The fans can see the problems for the Cleveland Browns comes from the team's head coach. Nothing would make the fans happier than to see Jimmy Haslam make a move to replace the team's head coach.

Sure it would be like starting over for the team. The fans I have talked with don't care they want action and they don't want to wait for Shurmur to be evaluated at the end of the season, they say they have seen more than enough to know Pat Shumur isn't the guy to lead the Cleveland Browns where the team should be.

The Cleveland Browns are 1-6 under the direction of Shumur, the fans say this is the wrong direction and the team has far too much talent to have a record this bad. Since Shurmur has taken over the head coaching job of the Cleveland Browns his record is  5-18. The fans are tired of this guys poor performance and they want a change and they want it now. The main problem is Shurmur has now fire to get his team motivated. His attitude is rubbing off on the players and he offers no inspiration. Some fans say they can even imagine a 330lbs guy listening to anything Pat Shurmur says and take him seriously.

This head coach has lost his team and the fans want Jimmy Haslam III to make a change now. They want a head coach that can bring some fire to this team....

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Trent Richardson 8 Attemps for 8 Yards For His Browns What A Waste Of The Number 1 Draft Pick

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Trent Richardson wasted number one pickThe Cleveland Browns certainly wasted the number one draft pick on a guy that signed a multimillion dollar contract that hasn't shown his worth.

 First it was his bad left knee that certainly needed repaired and kept him away from any action in the preseason, now it is a rib cage injury that required a special pad to protect his ribs.

Against Indianapolis the great Trent Richardson rushed the football 8 times for a total of 8 yards for a one yard per carry average. Was T-Rich worth the number one draft pick?

I don't think so. Now listen up all you Browns fans, you just watched a group of front office guys waste the number one pick for your Cleveland Browns. Sure Richardson looks great of he is rushing the ball and makes it to the outside, the problem is T-Rich cannot rush the ball up the middle in the NFL and he is no threat to the other teams defense. We should have known we had problems when Richardson was surprised one guy could tackle him in the NFL.

Richardson is ranked 19th in rushing after 6 weeks in the 2012 season, not what the Cleveland Browns expected. Richardson only has one rush for over 20 yards. He has a total of 340 rushing yards after 6 weeks and if you count today he has 348 yards, not the way to become the leagues leading rusher.

Trent Richardson said he is a tough guy but we haven't seen it yet. In the past there have been plenty of running backs that played through rib injuries with flack jackets, Richardson isn't one of those guys apparently. The Browns wasted the first round pick on a guy that is fragile and may not make it through his 4 year deal. The guy has the move if he can make it to the outside, the problem is Richardson's lack of ability to break tackles to make it to the outside.

The Browns and Browns fans have to be disappointed with the performance of Trent Richardson this season. Sure there will be plenty of die-hard Browns fans to make plenty of excuses for Trent Richardson. The problem is the guy just hasn't been able to get it done in the N.F.L. thus far.

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The Brandon Weeden & Pat Shumur Show Continues To Fail The Browns Fans As Cleveland Moves to 1-6

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Pat Shurmur & Brandon Weeden suckThe Cleveland Browns just lost their 6th game on the season, the team is now 1-6 with the Pat Shumur & Brandon Weeden combination. The Browns just lost their 11th game in a row on the road.

The Shumur, Weeden experiment is not working. It is time for the Browns to make a move. Since Brandon Weeden has the arm the fans seem to love, the logical move at this time would be to fire head coach pat Shurmur.

The Cleveland Browns have made no progress under Shumur's direction and he certainly doesn't deserve to finish the season as the Cleveland Browns head coach. Pat Shumur cannot inspire his troops, the Cleveland Browns at times look completely flat. The Cleveland Browns are starting to show their head coaches personality.

The team couldn't beat the Indianapolis Colts today. Not only did they lose the game, Shurmur again demonstrated his lack of confidence in his starting quarterback Brandon Weeden when the Browns scored their 2nd touchdown. The Browns should have gone for 2 points.

Pat Shumur couldn't properly coach a dog out of the middle of the street with traffic coming, the man has no clue how to win football games. His play calling is terrible. The team could have a 3rd and 8 and the Browns throw a  3 yard pass side ways.

The other teams defense know what is going to happen and the fans in the stands know what is going to happen. Why can't Pat Shurmur see he has no edge on the opposing teams? The guys ability to coach in the NFL is a joke. He has no imagination and he has no idea how to use the talent he has properly.

The Pat Shurmur and Brandon Weeden combination is now 1-6 and their chances of putting up another win in the coming weeks doesn't look good. The Browns take on the Chargers then the Ravens in their next 2 games, then the bye week. Then it is the Cowboys and the Steelers. Can you really see this team with this head coach getting a win in the teams next 4 games. The Browns could very realistically be 1-10 after their next 4 games.

The Weeden Shurmur experiment isn't working and something has to change. You could see it on Jimmy Haslam's face when they showed him in the owners box in Indianapolis this afternoon. This man wants to win football games and he is seeing it isn't going to happen with Pat Shumur at the helm calling plays for Brandon Weeden. A change has to take place.....

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Will Weeden's Protection Be Lost Without Jason Pinkston Or Is John Greco Just As Able To Protect Him?

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Jason Pinkston Blood Clots One thing Browns fans have to notice is the time Brandon Weeden has had to throw the football. The Browns came into the 2012 N.F.L. season with an offensive line that left a lot of questions about Weeden's safety.

Then out of nowhere the Cleveland Browns offensive line stopped being offense and came together and played like a unit that has been together for years. They were able to protect there no so young rookie quarterback giving him time to stay on his feet and complete passes, something Colt McCoy never got last season. Weeden has had twice as much time to get rid of the ball than the line provided last season.

This week the Browns lost Jason Pinkston who has blood clots in his lungs, he was  fortunate the medical staff caught them in time otherwise Pinkston could have died. It is likely the Browns have lost Jason Pinkston for the rest of the 2012 season. Treating blood clots requires a lot of blood thinners and it is unlikely Pinkston will return to battle this season if at all. Now that Pinkston is out the Browns will use John Greco at the left guard position. Will Greco be able to provide the same protection as Pinkston did in his starting position?

I think Greco is a capable guy who has plenty of N.F.L. experience playing different spots on the offensive line.He played last week coming in and out off the bench. Greco should be able to play and give Weeden the same type of protection he is used to getting. If the Browns don't protect Brandon Weeden, the team could have trouble. Weeden tends to panic and make mistakes when he feels the pressure. He has gotten somewhat better at handling the pressure, it could be because the Browns offensive line has done an excellent job protecting him over the past couple of games.

If that protection breaks down it could bring back the panicking Brandon Weeden we saw in the first couple of games. I don't think the line will miss a step with Greco taking over for Pinkston. The line should be able to protect Weeden just as well as we saw in the Giants & Bengals game. If they do the Browns could get their second win in a row against Indy this weekend.

Lets hope the medical professionals can take great care of Jason Pinkston and he has a full recovery and is able to return to the N.F.L.. He is facing a serious health problem that is life threatening and we should all include the big man in our prayers.....

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jimmy Haslam & Joe Banner Had Their Game Faces On As Banner Took Over The Browns Today

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Joe Banner & Jimmy HaslamJimmy Haslam brought his man into Cleveland today, Haslam introduced Joe Banner the new president of the Cleveland Browns to the fans and to the media today.

Both men had their game faces on as they held their first joint press conference. Haslam has spent more time with Banner than he ever has when hiring someone to work in his primary business the Pilot Corporation. Haslam is confident Joe Banner is the right guy to run the franchise Haslam paid 1 billion dollars for.

Each and every person working for the Cleveland Browns will be under evaluation from this day until the end of the season. Banner was asked about Pat Shurmur specifically, Banner worked with Shumur in Philadelphia and he too (Shumur) is under evaluation.  The Browns have a new owner and a new President of the team. This didn't take long once the owners voted to confirm Jimmy Haslam III as the new Browns owner.

Mike Holmgren was out as soon as the vote took place and Banner was in. Jimmy Haslam is being gracious keeping Holmgren until the season end to help Banner with a smooth transition. Now that both Haslam and Banner are in Cleveland, the Browns personnel better snap to it.   Banner will be looking over everything that takes place. One thing about Joe Banner is he likes a quarterback that can move. If you look at his 19 year history with the Eagles, they always had guys that could scramble to extend the plays.

Banner started his football career with the Eagles in 1994 when an old friend of his bought the Eagles. He was promoted in 1996 to senior vice president and in 1997 from senior vice president of administration to executive vice president.

In 1994 Randall Cunningham was the Eagles starting quarterback. Randall Cunningham rushed for 288 yards that year. If you think about the guys the Eagles had at quarterback in the 19 years Banner was there they all ran with the ball extremely well. Banner had Donovan McNabb for 10 years another guy that could run with the football. Banner likes a quarterback that can get out of trouble and scramble.

Brandon Weeden doesn't fit the Joe Banner mold of starting NFL quarterbacks. Plain and simple if you can't run with the football, you better not have to with Banner watching. If you can't get out of trouble with your feet your not going to last long in the Joe Banner ran Cleveland Browns organization.

The Eagles have a long history with Joe Banner and a quarterback that can save his butt by being able to scramble. One of the reason's Holmgren could be gone is due to the fact he forced Heckert to pick Weeden a guy that can't run with the Browns pick at 22....

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Montario Hardesty Told That Idiot Shurmur He Was Ready For 2012 Yesterday He Showed The Browns

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Montario Hardesty Montario Hardesty was called into action when Trent Richardson fell to an injury against the Bengals. Hardesty scored his first touchdown of his NFL career and he rushed for a full 1.1 yards per carry more than the Browns number one draft choice Trent Richardson.

Sure you could argue that the Bengals defense was wearing down. The fact is Hardesty hasn't had a touch all season for the Cleveland Browns thanks to head coach Pat Shurmur.
Hardesty came into the 2012 season in the best playing shape of his career. He showed the Browns brain trust he could rush the football. The head coach took an instant disliking to Montario when he put the ball on the ground in a preseason game.

If Shurmur would have played Hardesty through some of the other games, not only would he have kept Richardson fresh the Browns may have been able to keep the defenses guessing and who knows maybe the Browns would have a better record than 1-5 now. Hardesty had something to prove this season. It is his first season in the NFL being healthy. The head coach of the Cleveland Browns was doing his best to keep Hardesty from showing what he could do in the NFL.

With Jimmy Haslam taking over ownership of the team on Tuesday, you can almost bet you are going to see more of Montario Hardesty in the coming games. Jimmy Haslam the third likes the guy who had an outstanding career at Tennessee. We al know what Tennessee meant to Haslam and to see a guy who played inspirational football at Tennessee go out and do it for the Cleveland Browns has to be a great feeling not only for Montario Hardesty, but for Jimmy Haslam too.

Hardesty finished the game with 15 carries for 56 yards and one touchdown, his long run of the day was for 14 yards. T-Rich finished his day with 37 yards rushing on 14 carries and one long of 8 yards. Hardesty had a 3.7 yard average to Richardson's   2.6 yard per carry average. To have a talent on your team like Hardesty and not to use him in any games until you are 0-5 is just one more reason the Browns head coach Pat Shurmur has to go.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

All The Browns Problems Can Be Linked To The Fact That Shumur Says He Gets It When He Really Doesn't!!!

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

The Cleveland Browns will face the Cincinnati Bengals in just a matter of hours. People all over the city of Cleveland don't know what to expect, the Browns are facing one more could set a franchise record with 12 losses in a row dating back to last season.

The Cleveland Browns problems can be traced back to Mike Holmgren naming Pat Shurmur as the Cleveland Browns head coach after Holmgren fired Eric Mangini. That's when the Browns current problems really got started.

The head coach of the Cleveland Browns has said he gets it. Really? Is he kidding us? This IDIOT that the Browns are paying millions too says he gets it. There is no way in hell we can accept that statement to heart.

The Cleveland Browns and the great fans have a coach in Cleveland that calls people on the phone who don't accept Shurmur as the Gospel of NFL coaching. What in the heck is he doing?   When he should thinking of ways to win football games, he is listening to what the media is saying about him and then sending out E-Mails and making phone calls. How much time is this moron Holmgren calls a football coach wasting doing that?

Then the team is stuck with a coach that plays LOTTO BALL. What is LOTTO BAll you ask? You know Shurmur's way of play calling, lets throw the ball as far down the field as you can and if someone gets lucky and the ball lands in their hands and they hold onto it you win. You get a chunk of yardage and you get to see your team get into the red zone and fail to find the end zone most of the time. But geez, didn't that one pass look pretty?

Handing the ball to the Browns overall number one 2012 draft pick Trent Richardson and watching him run threw tackles and pick up first downs don't look as pretty as watching balls sailing threw the air and falling incomplete most of the time far outshines the running game in Shurmur's eyes.

Until the Cleveland Browns can find a head coach that gets it without continually telling anyone who will listen he gets it, the Browns and the Cleveland fans are going to continue to suffer. Sure Shurmur may win a game or two or maybe even three. But is he the kind of coach that is going to turn into a multiple Super Bowl winner?

I really don't think so and the main reason is Shurmur certainly doesn't get it and he may never get it. Life doesn't run on a script. Each day things happen where you have to deviate from the script. To do that you have to be able to think on your feet. You have to have common sense. You have to be able to admit that just maybe, you don't have all the answers.

Pat Shurmur isn't the guy that can do that. If the Browns lose to the Bengals, Jimmy Haslam should cut his losses and replace Pat Shumur as the Browns head coach as soon as the NFL owners vote in Haslam's favor on Tuesday. Then the fans in Cleveland can say, Shumur gets it.  His walking papers that is....

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Will Browns Cornerback Joe Haden Have an Answer For Bengals Receiver A.J. Green This Year?

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Joe Haden Gets Burned by A.J. GreenThe Browns will see the return of corner-back Joe Haden this Sunday as the battle of Ohio returns to the Cleveland Browns stadium. 

The fans and the team has missed Haden in the Cleveland secondary, that's for sure. The return of Haden in time to take on the Bengals could be just what the team needs to avoid setting a franchise record of 12 losses in a row dating back to last season that include the 3 starts back-up quarterback Seneca Wallace played in.
The Bengals have a very solid core of receivers that Andy Dalton spreads out his passes to. Last season when the Browns played the Bengals we saw one of those wide receivers beat Joe Haden on several plays. A.J. Green is a guy that is very difficult to stop.

Green has the ability to make the spectacular catch, even if it is at the expense of the best defensive player on the Browns roster. Joe Haden has had a problem covering the 6 foot 4 wide receivers the Bengals love to throw the ball to. Green has 36 receptions in the 5 games he played this season for 493 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Green has an average of 13.7 yards per reception, if Joe Haden can return after not playing for a month and shut down A.J. Green it would be a big help to the Browns defense. Speaking of the Cleveland defense the fans have to wonder which Browns defense will show up this weekend. In the Browns 5 losses this season we have only see the Cleveland Browns play good defense in 2 games.

The other 3 games the Browns couldn't stop their opponents from running the football straight down their throats. Cleveland gave up 200 yards rushing to one player in New York. They have to stop the Bengals from controlling the tempo of the game and running the ball.

If Haden's return can help Cleveland stop the Bengals from running the ball all over the Browns, then Cleveland just may have a chance to get their first win on the season. Lets hope the return of Joe Haden is the spark the Cleveland Browns defense needs... Nobody wants to see the Browns set a franchise record of 12 losses in a row...

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

OK It's Time For Mike Holmgren To Stop Counting His Money & Save Shurmur,He's Failing Miserablely

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Pat Shurmur & Mike Holmgren get firedRemember last season when Mike Holmgren came rushing to the rescue of his boy Pat Shurmur when the Cleveland Browns didn't handle the Colt McCoy brain concussion correctly?

It is now time for the resurgence of Mike Holmgren, his friend Pat Shurmur the head coach he hand picked is about to have a nervous break down.   Shurmur is already to the point of verbally abusing the  Cleveland media. He is in way over his head and has no business being a head coach in the National Football League. Holmgren knew that when he hired the guy who couldn't cut it in St. Louis.

Funny thing about the St. Louis Rams, they turned things around, could it be because Shurmur is no longer with the team? Mike Holmgren hired Pat Shurmur in a awful hurry after he fired Eric Mangini.

 Could this have been another example of Holmgren's exploitation of  Randy Learners check book? It is bad enough they are paying Mike Holmgren 8 million dollars a year for not doing much, now the Cleveland Browns have a head coach on the  payroll that takes handfuls of money I am sure for not doing much. These guys are like thieves, they take money for not doing anything.

Could you imagine going to work and not getting your job done correctly week after week after week? How long would you be employed?  Now we have Pat Shumur taking his failures out on the Cleveland Media. When Shumur was asked about Trent Richardson's absence last Friday he lost it and started dropping F bombs all over the place. Holmgren better get in here and save his buddies nephew.

But no, Mike Holmgren is letting Pat Shurmur hang himself alone. He is nowhere to be seen these days. Is it because he knows his days are numbered in Cleveland too? I really doubt Jimmy Haslam is going to put up with one of his people responding to the Cleveland Media the way Pat Shurmur is doing it. Shurmur is on way over his head and he has Mike Holmgren to thank for that. Holmgren threw Shurmur into the fire and has done very little besides collecting his 8 million dollars a year. It is way past time to clean house in the Browns front office.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Brandon Weeden Came Out Smoking As The Cleveland Browns Went Down In Flames

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Brandon Weeden Throws 2 more interceptions Browns rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden came out today in New York and showed me and everyone else he could get the Browns down field and he could do it quickly.

The Browns largely due to Weeden's accurate pass jumped into the lead over the defending Super Bowl Champs in the first minute of the game. The Cleveland fans thought at last, the team could get their first win of the season and the teams first win after the premature quarterback change. Weeden even had me "LG" believing the Cleveland Browns just might be able to pull this off.

Then the Browns defense took the field, they looked like they could hang with the Giants too at first. Then as the game went on the finally tuned instrument that goes by the name of Eli Manning showed the world why the New York Giants were able to come back in last years Super Bowl to secure the win.  Manning starting tearing the Browns defense apart. The Browns who had trouble stopping the run last season showed us  the moves Tom Heckert made in the off-season weren't the right ones. The Browns still couldn't stop the run, it has plagued the team all season. Today the Cleveland fans would watch in horror as the Browns allowed Ahmad Bradshaw to rush all over the Cleveland Defense for 200 yards on the day.

Now you have to remember Cleveland fans have been haunted by the name Bradshaw for years. The saga continues. The New York Giants would tear the Browns defense apart this afternoon and Brandon Weeden would start to make mistakes. Brandon Weeden forced to play from behind, couldn't repeat the huge play we saw in the first 52 seconds of the game when he found receiver Josh Gordon with a 62 yard connection. Weeden would throw 2 interceptions and make some in-completions.

One in particular that sticks out was funny as hell. Weeden fired the ball into his own offensive lineman's back, when the ball bounced off the guy he caught it. Instead of realizing he couldn't throw another forward pass on the same down, Weeden fired the ball into the end-zone for what he thought was a touchdown. Even the announcers thought it was funny Weeden didn't know the rules in football. The ball came back of course.

The loss today can't be pinned on Weeden, the Browns defense was just out-played and out-classed by the New York Giants and Eli Manning. Shurmur's play calling didn't help Weeden either. Why they didn't stick to what worked in the first few minutes of play is a further demonstration of Pat Shurmur's inability to coach on the NFL level. The Cleveland browns have now lost the last 11 games they have played.

Brandon Weeden completed 22 of 35 passes he threw, he threw 2 interceptions to extend his streak of games with multiply interceptions and he had 2 touchdowns today. remarkably the Browns offensive line didn't allow one sack of their quarterback. The Giants have one of the best front fours in the NFL and the Cleveland Offensive line was able to keep them from Brandon Weeden. That in itself is a victory.

Trent Richardson got a few more touches today to give a further demonstration why the Browns need to get the ball in his hands. If only the Browns defense could find their way to the NFL level and the Browns didn't have to play from behind, maybe then Weeden and Richardson would be able to control the tempo of the game and get this Cleveland Browns team a win.

 The Browns are now 0-5 and the fans are getting tired of losing. It may be time for a change to take place in the Browns play calling. There is no reason why Trent Richardson shouldn't be in the game on a 3rd and 1. None. The Browns would fall to the Giants by a final score of 41-27  and the team had a 14-0 lead over the Giants after a few minutes. You tell me what the hell happened out there today. Just leave your comments below...

For the record, it is going to take more than just the return of Joe Haden to fix the holes in this defense......

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It's Going To Take More Than Joe Haden's Return To Help This Cleveland Browns Defense

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Joe Haden returns Sure Joe Haden comes off his 4 game suspension and will be allowed to play this weekend when the Browns take on the Bengals at home.

 Many Browns fans think Haden's return will be the boost the Browns defense needs to shut down their opponents offense.  Nothing is further than the truth. Haden will help in the Cleveland secondary and he will make a few plays.

The Browns gave up 200 yards rushing to the Giants Bradshaw yesterday and it shows the Browns still don't have the ability to stop the run.

The Cleveland Browns couldn't stop the run last season, Tom Heckert made a couple of defensive moves during the off-season and he completely failed to bring in guys to stop the run. The Browns defense has huge holes in it when it comes to stopping the rush. Unless the Browns get 10 more Joe Haden's this week which is highly unlikely, they will still be exposed to their opponents running game. The Cleveland Browns defense is ranked 26th in stopping the rush.

The Browns have problems with their defense and the team did very little to stop the bleeding in the off-season. As a matter of fact the Browns total defense is ranked 28th in the NFL and is no wear near the same defense it was last season through 5 weeks of play. Not to mention that A.J. Green the Bengals receiver had his way with Joe Haden last week. If the Cleveland Browns are going to get their first win of the season, it is going to have to be an offensive win. The Browns offense is going to have to control the game so the Browns won't have to count on the defense.

As far as I am concern the Cleveland Browns defense has only shown up to play twice this season. The other three games the defense sucked. Unless the team can turn this defense around this week, the Browns may not get a win against Cincinnati this week wither. Browns fans could be in for a long season full of losses. 5 in a row is already more than we should have to put up with. Haden's return may help, there is much bigger problems than that with this defense.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Lesson From "Cleveland '95"...

This was a particularly tough week for the Cleveland football faithful... While lamenting a tough primetime loss to what was once our Cleveland Browns, the NFL Network debuted a new installment of their 'slice-of-life' documentary series, "A Football Life" which relived eloquently the painful memories of what could have been for a city starved for a winner, having endured more than its fair share of heartbreak... Such was the story of the 1995 Cleveland Browns.

While the documentary certainly opened up old wounds, the core theme of the film reveals a key lesson that, relative to our recent history and current state of affairs, has quite clearly not yet resonated.

At that moment in history, it appeared the Browns had turned the corner. Under Belichick, progress was evident in each of the four seasons ('91-95) under his direction, yet the fan base and media could not seem to embrace his subdued demeanor and meticulous approach. Despite taking the team from 6-10 in his first campaign in '91, to 11-5 with a playoff win in '95 (the last playoff win for the franchise), he constantly remained a target. His highly unpopular decision to part ways with quarterback Bernie Kosar after the 1993 season forever cemented the perception that Belichick was part of the problem.

Unfortunately, for the long-suffering fan base, their wish for Belichick's departure was granted. However it was not only the coach that was sent on their way. Unthinkably, the entire iconic franchise, after the 1995 NFL season, was uprooted and relocated to Baltimore under the direction of late owner Art Modell.
Now, let's put this in the context of the 2012 Cleveland Browns to illustrate the 'lesson' referenced above, because certainly something can be learned from reliving the events of that infamous period before the Browns left Cleveland...

Later this month, the NFL owners are expected to approve the sale of the Cleveland Browns to Jim Haslam III, former CEO of the Pilot truck stop chain and minority owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, for $1 billion dollars. Many Cleveland fans are of the opinion that this change in ownership is a sure sign that broad-scale personnel changes are justified and imminent. At the forefront of this anticipated wave of firings is head coach Pat Shurmur, who after a dismal 4-16 tenure thus far in Cleveland, remains the primary target of fans and media alike.

Before we get further into the topic of our head coach, I should preface my comments by disclosing the fact that I, like most fans, was utterly disappointed with the hire, as my expectation was to secure a proven NFL head coach, not some "coordinator guy" who undoubtedly comes with far more risk and opportunity cost. However, in order to objectively appraise our current situation, one must separate any inherent feelings of skepticism to do so. And while I have certainly not been overly impressed with Shurmur, I can say with a high degree of confidence that he is not the core issue.

If you revisit each game closely, it's quite difficult to attribute the key mistakes that ultimately dictated their outcomes to the coaches. Drops. Fumbles. Picks. Missed tackles. The number of mistakes one can attribute exclusively to the coaches is enormously outweighed by clear mistakes made by the players on the field (mind you, the youngest players in the league). For the purposes of this blog entry and Greg Little's ego, I'll spare the specific examples, but suffice to say there are many...

A few things about Shurmur... You'll often hear the criticism that he has "never had success in the NFL" and "never won anything", a popular misconception that is continually propagated over Cleveland airwaves. Upon closer inspection of the facts, you'll find that he has 23 years of coaching experience, with 12 of those in the NFL. In those 12 seasons, he has been a part of 7 playoff teams, winning 5 division crowns and appearing in the Super Bowl (Eagles).

Again, let me reiterate, I am certainly not of the opinion that Pat Shurmur is a great NFL head coach. However, this a guy in his second year with a team that is admittedly devoid of NFL-ready talent, and only now three drafts into a new philosophy on both sides of the ball. To use an analogy, if you put Dale Earnhardt in a 1988 Chevy Celebrity and asked him to win the Daytona 500, you might be waiting a while.

As much as we are free to criticize, the reality is that guys like Holmgren have forgotten more about NFL football than fans and beat reporters will ever know. At some point, you have to separate yourself from the knee-jerk reactions and overzealous sports media and let these professionals (players included) earn their money, and trust the judgement of those who have the experience and access to all of the information, as opposed to only what is disclosed publicly (i.e. fans, media). It is no different then politics on television, as complex issues are 'dumbed-down' into two diametrically opposed points of view that do very little to generate progress and move viable ideas forward. Instead, this type of discourse fosters an environment in which groupthink prevails, and individual ideas that deviate from the popularly accepted truths (in this case that Pat Shurmur is to blame for everything) are cast aside, or in some case met with blind vitriol.

Segueing into the Haslam discussion about "cleaning house"... To be clear, Haslam is a business man, and a good one. That said, much like shares of stock, he sees something in this team that convinced him it was undervalued and possesses significant unrealized upside. Had he felt this team was heading in the wrong direction and required wholesale changes, he simply would not have made the business decision to acquire the team. This isn't Chinese algebra. My hope is that those calling for mass firings had a chance to reflect on the lessons of "Cleveland '95", and can realize that reactionary organizational decisions based on prejudicial opinions of a sensational local sports media and a jaded fan base do nothing to help an organization establish an identity, evolve and ultimately win...
The bizarre irony is that, like the Browns under Belichick, this current team is substantially better than in the previous three seasons, despite the tough 0-4 start, and visibly improving each week, yet the average Cleveland fan refuses to concede this point. They are generally so overwhelmed with anger and frustration they are simply unable to realistically appraise this team.

While my opinion on the Browns' management and coaching staff may be unpopular, it's my hope that the documentary reminds us how easily the fan base can lose faith in a coaching staff and organizational direction without allowing sufficient time to evolve. In our history, the shortsighted view of prematurely reinstalling a new regime has proven to be a sadly misguided point of view, especially considering the not-yet-realized talent on that '95 staff. You can say the same thing after only two seasons under Mangini, who's name I've been hearing quite a bit lately from remorseful fans who can't seem to understand that the key factors in establishing a successful organization in the NFL are time, continuity, and talent. Considering our deficiencies in all three areas, can anyone truly say they are shocked at our current situation? Was the realistic expectation to start this year 4-0? And most importantly, have we learned nothing from history? The smart money says that Jim Haslam has...


Why Is Shurmur Not Using Montario Hardesty & Brandon Jackson In The Browns Backfield Does He Like Losing?

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Montario Hardesty & Brandon JacksonHead Coach Pat Shurmur has two guy that could add to the Cleveland Browns backfield, both Montario Hardesty and Brandon Jackson have experience in the NFL and could contribute to the Browns running or receiving game.

Why they are not involved is anyone's guess. Shurmur had high praises for both guys coming out of training camp. We saw Hardesty have some good runs in the preseason and he did fumble the ball a couple of times, still that is not enough to hold him out of all 4 games the Browns have played.

Even with Richardson in the Browns backfield they could at least put Hardesty in the game with him as a decoy if nothing else. I'll bet he could even provide some key block to help T-Rich open some holes.

Then we see Brandon Jackson's talents being wasted. Jackson was only used in the Browns season opener. He caught 2 balls and has a 10 yard per catch average. Why would you not use a guy who can average 10 yards per catch out of the back-field? Shurmur must like losing football games. He has guys that can contribute to the Browns offense and he refuses to use them. Both guys Hardesty and Jackson have experience and have seen some of the teams the Browns play before.

Coach Pat Shurmur has to find a way to get these guys involved in the Browns offense, why would he keep them then not use them in the games. Hardesy has no touches in the 4 games the Browns have lost this season. Brandon Jackson has 2 touches and they were successful touches.

 It makes no sense at all why Shurmur would not play both of these guys. Each guy could contribute something positive to the Browns offense and positive things is what the team needs, especially when you are off to a 0-4 start. Shurmur has to do something different to turn this season around.
If he doesn't the Browns will be lucky to win a game. Why he is not using guys that have NFL experience is beyond reason.

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Francona Said, "It's almost a family feeling." After Clevealnd Indians Interview Thats The Probelm WIth Indians

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

The Cleveland Indians met with Terry Francona yesterday in Cleveland for the job of managing a bad baseball team. Francona left the Indians thinking the Tribe has a family feeling. For Indians fans that is the problem with the ball club, the Indians are owned by the Dolan family who apparently refuse to raise the Indians pay roll to bring players into Cleveland to contend in the Major League.

The Dolan's have trimmed the Indians pay roll by about 110 million dollars from the time the team was a contender.
The fans have lived with promise after promise for years since the Dolan family took over the Indians. Each year the Indians front office says the team is going to open up the wallet to bring in some players to make the Indians more competitive, those words turn out to be more empty promises.

The Indians let good players go to other teams and it is more of the same thing with the Indians.
The club isn't saying much about the Francona interview, he was here and that is about it. The fans don't think the Dolan's will pay what it takes to bring a high-profile manager like Terry Francona to Cleveland and if they do, how about the players he would have to work with?

Would he be able to build a winning team being hand cuffed by the Indians pay roll? The teams Francona built into winners in his past have spent the money required to bring in the talented players. That may not be the case with the Indians. Then there is the problem with the Tribes front office, do these people have the smarts to get the right players?
There are all kinds of problems with the Cleveland Indians beside the manager. Until the ownership cut loose with the cash it is going to be more of the same with the Cleveland Indians.... It was a nice dream to see Francona come to Cleveland for the Indians manager position, if that dream becomes a reality is entirely another story....

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Feeling Like A Monster: Training Camp Edition

By: Brett Crow, Staff Reporter

Hockey is back in Cleveland and it’s not the Crusaders, Barons, Falcons, or Lumberjacks. Since 2007, the Lake Erie Monsters have been delivering on the promise of hockey to Northeast Ohio and it’s residents. And on October 3rd, 2012, training camp starts up for their sixth season in Cleveland.

The Sports Fix had an opportunity to speak with radio play-by-play commentator Doug Plagens about the start of training camp for the Lake Erie Monsters this past weekend. The excitement was evident as Plagens first spoke on the training camp roster recently released.

“I think the most interesting thing to keep an eye on,” began Plagens, “is going to be the goaltending position. You’ve got four, first year professional goalies. You’ve got four rookie goalies fighting for two spots.”

Last year, the Monsters benefited heavily from having Cedrick Desjardins in between the pipes for them, but that time has come to an end as Desjardins signed earlier this year with the Montreal Canadiens, a team that has previously had his contract, but traded him away to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The other goalie who saw plenty of time for the Monsters was Trevor Cann, who failed to get himself a new contract at the end of the season.

“Calvin Pickard is the guy to keep an eye on,” said Plagens, “he was here previously. Last year, he saw action in two games for the Monsters very late in the season. One was a relief appearance, one was a start. In that start, he was the beneficiary of the Monsters setting their single game record for goals in a game.”

The others joining Pickard are Sami Aittokallio (a twenty year old from Finland), Kieran Millan (a twenty-three year old who attained high success at Boston University), and Kent Patterson (a twenty-three year old from University of Minnesota). Pickard, age twenty, saw some time in the Western Hockey League, but most recently saw time with the Monsters this past season.

On the topic of defense, Plagens enlightened the listeners: “You’re going to see a team that’s able to field six solid defensemen every night. There’s going to be a great battle back on the blue line. There is some good players fighting for spots here, guys who have promise at the NHL level: Tyson Barrie, Stefan Elliott...”

The young Tyson Barrie was a force to be reckoned with last season, as he accrued 32 points for the Monsters last season (5 goals, 27 assists). He was also the representative for the Lake Erie Monsters in the 2012 AHL All Star Game.

Stefan Elliott was a wild success not just for the Monsters last season, but also for the Colorado Avalanche. Upon being called up to the Avalanche, Elliott scored his first goal in his NHL debut, a goal that proved to be the game winning score and led a charge for the comeback victory by Colorado over the Edmonton Oilers.

“On the backend, Sean Sullivan and Thomas Pöck, couple of veteran defensemen. They’ve posted some nice assist totals in their careers. That really gives the Monsters that puck moving, veteran presence back there on the blue line that they may not have had for a huge portion of last season,” continued Plagens on the defense. “That’s something that can translate to wins directly.”

“Out of the new players, guys that people haven’t seen, I think people are going to like watching Geoff Walker up front,” said Plagens of the 6’3”, 215 pound right winger. “He’s a bigger guy, and he’s a guy who can put the puck in the net, gets into the dirty area of the ice, and isn’t afraid to throw his weight around.”

“Bill Thomas is a guy who can shoot the puck. He’s going to provide an offensive punch,” remarked Plagen of the twenty-nine year old veteran. Thomas posted a career high 52 points last season for the San Antonio Rampage last season, among playing in 65 games.

“I think going into this season, you’re going to see a hungry bunch,” spoke Plagens frankly. “These guys had a very good year last year. They were a win away from securing a playoff spot. That second half they were a dangerous team and had they snuck into the playoffs, they would have been a team no one wanted to run into.”

Heading into the All-Star game last season, the Monsters were 16-15-1-1. After the break, they posted a record of 21-14-2-6 for a season total of 37-29-3-7. Had they won their final game of the season on April 14th against Rochester, they would have made the playoffs.

“This season, the Monsters have a chance to have the whole thing together right out of the gate,” Plagens said reassuringly.

Doug Plagens is the radio voice for the Lake Erie Monsters and regularly joins The Sports Fix on air every Saturday night, from 9pm to midnight. You can follow Doug Plagens on Twitter at @DougPlagens

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Indians Interim Manager Sees His Indians Get Rocked By White Sox 11-0 As He Goes Through The Bull Pen

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

The Cleveland Indians were shut out by the Chicago White Sox 11-0 in a game that would see the Indians Bull pen suffer in. The Tribe started Corey Kluber who would pitch for 5-2/3's giving up 5 hits and 4 runs and he struck out 6 hitters.

The Cleveland Indians offense was a non-factor, they couldn't score even one run to stop the shut out.The Indians had a scary moments in the game when their star short stop was hit by a pitch and it looked like he hand damage to his thumb on his left hand.
Sandy Alomar would face the same problems former Indians Manny Acta faced in most of his games in the second half. The Indians offense couldn't get anything going. The heart of the  Indians batting order went hit-less. The Indians as a team only had two hits in the game.

The White Sox starting pitcher Hector Santiago was able to shut down the Indians offense that scored 15 runs a day earlier. The Indians let the White Sox walk away with this one and with the win the White Sox are 3 game behind the Tigers and only have 2 games left to play. The Indians have now lost 93 games on the season.

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The Last Thing The Browns Defense Needed Was An Injury To T.J. Ward Who Underwent Surgery

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

T J Ward hand surgery Well Browns safety T.J. Ward end up being a giant disappointment to the Cleveland Browns? Ward who hard surgery to his hand will miss some time, this is the last thing the Browns already weakened secondary needed secondary due to the Joe Haden suspension.

The Browns will face the New York Giants on Sunday and they will be exposed to the passing game of one Eli Manning without the hard-hitting Ward in the line-up.

The Browns expect others to step up and play big in a game that will obviously feature the pass. The question now becomes how must time will Ward miss for the Browns, last season Ward missed a considerable amount of time as he spent mush of his season on the injured reserve with a foot injury.If the Browns are going to compete with the Giants Sunday, they are going to have to do it with a patched together secondary.

They will get Joe Haden back in the following week, they still could use a guy with Ward's talent and there no telling how long he will be out. The good news is another player had the same kind of surgery to his hand and missed just a couple of weeks. The bad news is the Browns are already 0-4 and they need all the help they can get to face off with a team like the New York Giants. The Browns bad luck seems to be exposing itself once again.

To make matters worse, Browns linebacker Scott Fujita is still waiting to see what  kind of punishment NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will pass down. The decision is do to come down any day, Goodell said by mid-week. The question is if he will suspend Fujita again and just when will that suspension start and how many games. Goodell's decision does have to be approved by the courts. Hopefully that will prolong the issue and Fujita will play against the Giants this weekend.

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Browns Brandon Weeden Lacked Receivers Before Now He Is Really Limited

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Injuries, injuries and yes, more injuries. The last thing Brandon Weeden who is 0-4 needed was all the injuries to the Browns receivers. Mohamed Massaquoi has been out with a hamstring injury, he is still out of practice as the Cleveland Browns prepare to take on the New York Giants. To make matters worse for Weeden's offense, Josh Cribbs is out with a concussion and is listed as day to day. The injuries run deeper than those, the Browns speedster Travis Benjamin is out with an undisclosed  injury. Shumur is once again holding back the information about Benjamin's injury. He too is listed as day to day.

Another guy out with a concussion is tight end Alex Smith. Smith may be the guy the Browns offense misses the most, he not only has the ability to catch the football his blocking is huge. The Browns held Smith out of the Baltimore game and Cleveland isn't going to rush anyone back who suffers a concussion after what happened last season with Colt McCoy in the Steelers game.

The NFL launched a full scale investigation into the way the Cleveland Browns handled players with concussions  and you can bet your last dollar the team isn't going to risk that happening again.
Brandon Weeden and his Browns receivers need all the practice time they can get, Weeden's receivers already have a problem catching the ball and at times Weeden has problems delivering the ball too. The pressure for the Browns to win a game is in full force, to go 0-5 is really going to put Pat Shurmur's job in question more so than it is already. The chances of the Browns beating the Giants at the Giants home field are not that good. The Browns are going to need some help in this one and the guys who could contribute are the guys that are injured.

Perhaps this will be the week we see Pat Shumur get Trent Richardson more involved in the Browns offense. The past 2 weeks Shumur really hasn't used Richardson in the running game as he should. Richardson only rushed the ball for a total of 26 carries in the Browns last 2 games. This week the Browns are going to need someone to step up big. It may as well be their number one draft pick. This way the Browns may be able to keep the Giants pass rush off of Brandon Weeden....It is going to be tough enough for the Browns, they may as well try to keep Brandon Weeden in the upright position as long as they can.....

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