Sunday, September 30, 2012

Browns Branden Weeden Joins, Tim Couch, Brady Quinn & Mike Phipps In Cleveland's 0 for 4 Club

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Brandon WeedenThis week after the Cleveland Browns lost their 4th game of the 2012 season to become the first team in the 2012 NFL to lose their first four, Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden joined a not so elite club of former Cleveland Browns quarterbacks.

Now the Browns could be joined at 0-4 today if the Saints lose to the Packers. Then the team might feel a bit better. Regardless the Browns have only started their season at 0-4 four other times in the history of the Cleveland Browns.

The other three times the Browns started their season at 0-4 they were led by quarterbacks that never really materialized into what people would consider franchise quarterbacks. We all know what happened to Tim Couch. The Cleveland Browns ruined his career in the NFL. Couch got so beat up he could hardly perform to the level the Browns expected.

 Couch left the team and his football playing days were cut short. Then there was Brady Quinn, the man the Cleveland Browns  drafted in the first round of the 2007 NFL draft. Quinn never materialized into the franchise Q.B. the Browns thought they were getting and he has assumed back-up roles with other teams in the NFL.

Mike Phipps was the Browns Q.B. in the 1970's he went onto play for the Browns from 1970-76. Phipps ended his NFL career with the Bears, he had 55 touchdowns and 108 interceptions for a rating of 52.6. You can see this is one club Branden Weeden could have lived without joining.

The Cleveland Browns in all the years they have been playing only had an 0-4 start 4 times as we already pointed out. None of the quarterbacks that led the Browns to the 0-4 start ever became franchise quarterbacks in the NFL. Weeden is hoping to change all that.

Special thanks to Jonathan Knight who is a sports writer and historian of Cleveland Sports for proving the fact of the Cleveland Browns 0-4 starts. You can read more of Jonathan Knights sports history by visiting his site here.....

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Phil Dawson Was The Hero In Baltimore, Not The Cleveland Offense That Only Scored 6 For The Browns

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Phil Dawson 3 field goals over 50 yardsPhil Dawson the man who has been the Browns most valuable player for the Cleveland Browns hit three field goals from 50 yards or better. He is the guy responsible for keeping the Cleveland Browns within reach of the teams first win this season against the Baltimore Ravens.

The Browns offense failed to get the team into decent field goal range in a game that the Ravens defense was obviously a little worn out. The Ravens played 4 football games in 18 days, yet the Browns offense with their new gunslinger rookie quarterback couldn't get the Browns into the end zone except one time. The Cleveland Browns are very fortunate to have one of the most consistent field goal kickers in the NFL.

The Browns aren't going to win many games in the NFL if their offense can't get touchdowns, a Phil Dawson field goal can only get you so far in today's NFL. Browns fans are very impressed with the fact that Weeden threw for over 300 yards in the game. What they really need to be impressed with is how Phil Dawson was able to hit three field goals in the pouring rain from 50 yards or more. It was Dawson's efforts that made this game as close as it was. 10 of the Cleveland Browns 16 points came off the foot of the man that is the Cleveland Browns most valuable player.

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lets Take A Look At Weeden's First Four Games For The Browns Compared To Colt McCoy's First Four Games

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Weeden McCoyI have heard all kinds of chatter from people who think Brandon Weeden is the great white hope of the Cleveland Browns and he is going to take them to the promise land. The truth of the matter is, Brandon Weeden is 0-4 as the Browns starting quarterback. Everyone is so excited because the Browns played a tough game in Baltimore last night.

Listen people the Browns lost the game and Brandon Weeden didn't put any points on the board none, he threw no touchdown passes at all and when he had a chance to make a great throw he threw the ball out of the end-zone. Weeden was brought to Cleveland because of  his great pin point accuracy and his strong-arm. Tell me where is that at? Sure there are some dropped passes, there are also some caught passes too.

The one deep pass Brandon Weeden completed to Greg Little for a 39 yard gain was thrown high, Little did a great job to hand on and haul that ball in. Sure Little dropped some other balls, he also caught 4 passes in the game and none of them were perfectly thrown balls. Look at the film if you can. You'll see what I am saying. Now lets get into looking at Weedens first four games and Colt McCoy's first four games as the Browns starting quarterback.

Right off the back McCoy has the edge, he won 2 of the first four games that he played in as the Browns quarterback. McCoy had a .500 percentage after 4 games. Weeden has a zero winning percentage after his first four games. You following what I am saying so far? By no means am I saying Colt McCoy is a better quarterback than Brandon Weeden, however after four games Colt had 2 wins.

Does anyone remember the two teams he beat? Lets me refresh you memories. In the first game McCoy played in he went 23 for 33 for 281 yards and 1 touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers. He did this with an arm that was still damaged from the injury he sustained in the BCS Championship game.  McCoy had 2 interceptions and didn't fumble the ball at all. In Brandon Weeden's first game for the Browns he went 12 of 35 for 118 yards, Weeden threw 4 interceptions and fumbled the ball 2 times. In his very first game for the Browns Colt McCoy was able to throw a touchdown pass, Weeden was not able to do so. In his very first game as a Brown Colt McCoy threw 2 picks, Weeden threw 4. In his very first game as a Brown Colt McCoy never fumbled the football, Weeden fumbled 2 times. Both McCoy and Weeden were Rookies in the NFL playing in their first game & they both lost....

In Colt McCoy's second game for the Cleveland Browns Colt McCoy completed 9 of 16 passes for 74 yards, McCoy didn't throw any interceptions and he had no fumbles in the game. Colt McCoy won the game against the New Orleans Saints 30-17, his second game playing as the Browns Rookie quarterback. In Brandon Weeden's second game as the Browns Q.B. he threw 322 yards completing 26 of 37 of his passes and lost the game. So in their 2nd games as rookie Q.B.'s Colt won Weeden lost.

In Colt McCoy's 3rd game as the Browns rookie Q.B. he played the New England Patriots. McCoy threw for 174 yards, he completed 14 of the 19 passes he threw you see that? He had no interceptions and had no fumbles...McCoy won his 3rd game in the NFL...Oh yeah, McCoy rushed for a touchdown in the game too, the Browns beat the Patriots 34-14... The Patriots finished the 2010 season with a 14-2 record. Not a bad team were they?

In Brandon Weeden's 3rd start as the Browns Q.B. he completed 27 of the 43 passes he threw for 237 yards. Weeden threw 2 interceptions and had 1 touchdown. Weeden Lost The Game. In Colt McCoys 4th game as the Browns Q.B. he played against the Jets, the only other team that handed the Patriots a loss in 2010. McCoy completed 18 of 31 for 205 yards and a touchdown. McCoy had no interceptions and he didn't fumble the ball either, McCoy lost the game.

In Brandon Weeden's 4th game as the Browns starter, he complete 25 of the 52 passes he threw, he had one interception that was returned for a touchdown and he lost the game. Weeden threw no touchdowns and he had 27 incomplete passes. Sure there were some drops and Weeden had some terrible throws too. On some of his completions the receivers had to pick the ball off of the tops of their shows. So much for the highly accurate arm.

In all four of the games McCoy played in, he completed more than 50% of his passes. McCoy had 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. Weeden only completed more than 50% of his passes 2 time, he threw more interceptions than touchdown 7-3 and has lost all four of his first four starts..... So if you look at it just by comparing the first 4 starts it clearly shows which quarterback had a better start to their careers.

By The Way the Saints finished the 2010 season with a 11-5 record....McCoy was able to get wins to go .500 in his first four starts against a couple of pretty darn good football teams don't ya think??? So far in his rookie season after 4 starts Weeden's winning percentage is zero..... Yes, I know Colt McCoy had a bad year in 2011, Weeden is having an even worse year in 2012 so far. The only common denominator is the fact Pat Shurmur is the head coach...

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Hey Shurmur You Have A No. 1 Draft Pick Hand Him The Ball You Freaking Dummy!!!

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Pat Shurmur has a guy the Browns used their number one draft pick for, his name is Trent Richardson. He can make some big plays if he can get the ball in his hands. Yet the Cleveland Browns have only handed him the football 26 times in the last tow games.

That is how many times he should be getting the ball per game. Richardson has shown if given the chance he can make things happen. Yet Pat Shurmur refuses to let Richardson have the chance to show why Tom Heckert used the number one pick to fill the void Cleveland had in their backfield.
Richardson only had 12 carries in the Browns loss to the Bills and he only got 14 carries against the Browns divisional rival Ravens.

Sure throwing the ball down field for big gains looks pretty,  but it doesn't help the Browns offense control the pace of the game when Weeden throws 27 incomplete passes. If the Browns would have handed half of those incomplete passes to Trent Richardson he would be getting the number of touches he should be getting in a game.

Pat Shurmur's inability to use the player he has correctly is a huge part of the reason the Browns are 0-4 now. The Cleveland Browns have lost 25% of their season already and we are only in week 4. Why take a beast like Trent Richardson if you are not going to give him the chance to be a play maker. Pat Shurmur give up to quickly on the running game. With a guy like Trent Richardson you have to give him the chance to make something happen, you have to give him the ball more than 14 times in a game especially when the weather conditions are what they were in Baltimore.

You have a Trent Richardson in your backfield who has already shown his is a force to be dealt with win he gets into the open field and you refuse to give him the chance to make things happen. It doesn't make any sense to me, but what do I know. If I had a play maker who is the only guy that found the end-zone against the Ravens, I am going to hand him the football. Just one more reason Pat Shurmur has to go....

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Browns Win Less Weeden Shows Some Poise Even While Missing His Boys In The End Zone

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

The Cleveland Browns saw a Brandon Weeden who was able to make a game out of it in Baltimore, the Browns were the underdogs as they played the Baltimore Ravens. The Game was closer than anyone thought it would be. Brandon Weeden made some great throws as he stood in there taking a hits from the Baltimore defense. Weeden showed some poise that many didn't think he had.

He completed 25 of the 52 passes, he threw for 320 yards. Some of his throws were a little off line, he threw one that we all know he wished he could have had back. The pass was picked by Baltimore's Cary Williams and returned it 63 yards for a touchdown that would be the difference in the game.
Brandon Weeden had the chance to get his Browns into the end-zone with seconds left in the game, he watched Greg Little dropped what could have been the tying touchdown to get the game into over time.

On another attempt Weeden almost found Jordan Cameron, the 6.5 Cameron leaped as the Weeden pass came sailing in a little high only to be knocked away by the Ravens defenders. That should have been the game right there, the Ravens defense took a personal foul and the Browns moved 15 yards closer to the end zone.

Brandon Weeden had one more shot to tie the game with Baltimore, with 2 seconds left on the clock Weeden would make another throw that would completely miss the end zone and that was the game. There is no doubt this was one of Weeden's finest games as a Cleveland Brown. He showed he could play in the NFL with the best of them. He still didn't find a way to win and he still has got a lot of work to get his passes to be more catch-able. There are times he threw the ball much too high. He missed some key passes that could have helped his cause.

Weeden made the mistake of missing an open receiver by throwing the ball behind him, he learned quick you have got to throw the ball to the outside after the Ravens returned that interception for a touchdown. There were times Brandon Weeden threw the ball exactly where it needed to be and there were times he really needed to work on his delivery. Sure there were some drops by the Browns receivers, the thing is Weeden at times is not as accurate as he should be. If he can get this tuned in a little more he is sure to become a winner.

Brandon Weeden couldn't get a touchdown but he showed great poise in his 4th loss. He may be closer to becoming the quarterback we have heard about. Ray Lewis said it best in his post game on the NFL Network, Lewis said it's all about the wins baby....The Browns still don't have one.....

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Browns Q.B. Brandon Weeden Has Unknowingly Enrolled In A New Class "Humility",Taught By Ray Lewis

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Brandon Weeden the Browns new 28-year-old rokkie quarterback who will turn 29 on the 14th of October will learn a lesson in Humility come Thursday night. The instructor undoubtedly will be none other than the 17 year veteran Ray Lewis and his Baltimore Ravens defense. Have you ever listened to one of Weeden's post game press conferences? 

The guy is all about himself, he didn't learn from his failed major league baseball career that he is enrolled in a team sport. After Sunday's loss Weeden has the nerve to stand at the  podium and say things like, "I think it was a solid day". Then Weeden said "I threw the ball where it needed to go all day". This wasn't the first time Weeden has use I threw the ball where it needed to go all day either, he had the nerve to say it after his first game as a Cleveland Brown. The game where his numbers were so low they almost needed a special meter to register the 5.1 rating.

Brandon Weeden might be a great college quarterback and the Browns fans who are sold with Weeden as their franchise savior are doing so with the success he had at Oklahoma State. There are two problems with that, the first being the NFL is not college and the other is Brandon Weeden's own self-indulgence in himself could very well be getting in his way. Weeden is about to learn the hard way just because he thinks he throws the ball where it needs to go, in the NFL that isn't going to get it done.

The Baltimore Ravens defense is one of the best in the NFL. They are led by a guy who will be listed as one of the best line backers the NFL has ever seen once Ray Lewis is inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. When Brandon Weeden gets man handled by Lewis and company he will get one of the biggest ass kicking's he has ever  received while competing on a football field. Then Brandon Weeden will know Humility, it will be the moments that follow him right after the game that will wake him up at night remembering just how much it hurts to take a beating like that.

It  will be very doubtful that Brandon Weeden walks up to the microphone after the Ravens game and tells the world just how good he was on this day. Hell, it will be good if Brandon Weeden can walk up to the microphone under his own power after the Ravens game. Weeden has yet to win a game in his young NFL career, yet he tells the world how good he is after each loss. Maybe that is the way they do it out in Oklahoma, but in Cleveland when your team is down 0-3 on the season, the last thing you should be saying is how good you are.

We will see after the game Thursday night if Mr. Weeden makes the statements he is becoming known for, "I felt extremely comfortable in the pocket". "I felt my reads were really good". "I felt  like I threw the ball accurately". "I felt like I had a good day." You see those statements? There are an awful lot of I's in them. After class ends on Thursday night it will be interesting to see how many statements Weeden makes that start with I. Especially with an instructor with the experience of a Ray Lewis......I really hope the Browns can get a win, but I really doubt it will be Thursday night...

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How Bad Did Browns President Screw The Pooch With The Weeden Pick? Wilson Was Taken With The 75th Pick

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Mike Holmgren sucksTeam President Mike Holmgren forced his general manager Tom Heckert to draft Brandon Weeden with Browns 22nd pick in the 2012 NFL draft. People close who are in the know, state that Heckert didn't feel comfortable taking Brandon Weeden at 22, Heckert was quoted as saying he would only do it if Holmgren forced his hand, that is what reportedly took place.

 Maybe Holmgren was leaving a guy like Russell Wilson on the table so his buddies in Seattle could get their hands on him. Wilson already has 2 wins in the NFL and he has beaten the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay packers. What do the Cleveland Browns have?

We have Brandon Weeden who talks a good game then goes out on the field and plays terrible, Weeden hasn't won a game in the NFL yet. All the other quarterbacks who were drafted in the first round of the NFL draft have wins, and some of the teams they won with were worse than the Browns last season. Just think if Holmgren would have kept hsi mouth shut and let Tom Heckert do what he wanted to do in the NFL draft the Cleveland Browns may have been able to take some guys in the draft that could have actually improve the Browns football team.

Russell Wilson was Drafted with the 12th pick in the third round (75th overall) of the 2012 NFL Draft. He already has 2 wins in the NFL and this guy doesn't make the stupid mistakes we see the more mature Brandon Weeden make. Wilson has played in three games for his Seahawks and thrown one interception. Brandon Weeden has thrown more interceptions than he has touchdowns. He hasn't won a game for the Cleveland Browns yet and this Thursday night he is going to face the best team in the division.

Why the Browns would take Weeden with the 22nd pick in the draft after he stunk up the senior bowl and all the scouts dropped him to a fifth of 6th round pick is anyone's guess. It could be team President Mike Holmgren wanted to leave Wilson on the table for his beloved Seattle Seahawks. If you look at Weeden and compare him the Wilson it is very clear to see who the better athlete is.
The Browns got a washed up M.L.B. pitcher named Brandon Weeden who may not have the mental capacity  to compete on the NFL level. When he played for his OSU college team he had a host of receivers that made him look good. Weeden was able to throw the ball up it the air and one of those star receiver could go up and get his errant throws.

Yes I think Mike Holmgren did screw the pooch on this pick, he made a terrible call and now it is costing the Cleveland Browns wins. It will be good once Haslam takes over the Browns and sends this money grabbing freeloader Mike Holmgren out of Cleveland. Let him go back to Seattle and spend time on his area radio stations like he wants to, he certainly didn't want to see the Cleveland Browns do anything other than pay him his 8 million dollars a year. For What?

The Browns had much greater needs in the NFL draft besides a quarterback, a guy like Mike Holmgren and all of his supposed football knowledge should have been able to recognize that. The Browns offensive line sucks and the defense can't stop the run for the second year in a row. The Browns could have taken players to improve those areas long before taking a quarterback, you can see with the Wilson pick there would have been quality quarterbacks later in the draft. Instead of wasting the 22nd pick on Weeden....

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Browns Rookie Q.B. Brandon Weeden Should Wear Depends Under Uniform Thursday Night When He Faces Ray Lewis

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Brandon Weeden Vs Ravens The Cleveland Browns have to face the Baltimore Ravens Thursday Night and Brandon Weeden has yet to face a highly motivated Ray Lewis yet..

The title of this article says it all, Weeden should wear some depends under his uniform for the Thursday night game, there is a good chance he is going o mess his pants when he sees the highly motivated 17 year pro coming through his offensive line to get him.

Lewis is an inspiration to his Ravens team and he is going to make some plays when the Browns face the Ravens. WHo ever makes the schedule in the NFL should have their heads examined, putting the Cleveland Browns who have yet to win a game behind their 28-year-old rookie starting quarterback up against the Ravens on only three days rest. What were they thinking?

Brandon Weeden has not seen a guy like Lewis yet, once he does it will be something he will remember for the rest of his life. Lewis seems to get better every year. The Ravens are coming off a highly emotional game over the Patriots and there is a good chance those same emotions carry into the Browns- Ravens match up.

Ray Lewis may only have on sack on the year so far, he still is going to be a force for the Cleveland Browns and rookie  Brandon Weeden to deal with. The Browns head coach will have no idea how to stop this mad man they call Ray Lewis.

Weeden will be pressured throughout the game and he will be forced to do things he isn't ready for.Weeden makes mistakes when he feels the pressure and unless the Ravens are out of gas from the game they played Sunday night, they will be bringing plenty of that pressure to Brandon Weeden. The Browns are yet to win a game behind Weeden who is the only quarterback drafted this year who hasn't had a win yet.

I just don't think this is a game Weeden will get his first NFL win in. Who knows? Stranger things have happened. This game may take two years off of Weeden's life span.....

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Browns Running Back Trent Richardson Chooses The Wrong Day To Be Less Than Ordinary Jim Brown Was There

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Trent Ricardson less than ordinaryTrent Richardson had a terrible day working out of the Cleveland Browns backfield against the Buffalo Bills today. Richardson only rushed for 27 yards on 12 carries for a 2.3 yard per carry average.

For Trent Richardson and Browns fans, this performance couldn't have come at a worse time. Not only did the Browns need a productive day to help with their less than productive offense, Jim Brown was on the sidelines.

This was the Alumni weekend for the Browns, yes there were guys present that actually know what it is like to win a football game while wearing a Browns uniform. Something Richardson and his fellow Rookie starting quarterback, Brandon Weeden, know nothing about in the NFL.

The Cleveland Browns used their first pick in the 2012 NFL draft to take Richardson, last week Browns fans got a glimpse of what Trent Richardson could do in the NFL. The fans had their hopes lifted thinking they got a running-back who is a beast. 

The beast didn't show up today as the Browns running game was shut down by the Bills front four. The Cleveland fans as well as Jim Brown felt the pain of watching T-Rich produce very little in the game.

To put things into perspective, C.J. Spiller only carried the ball 4 times, before going down to injury and had a 4 yard per carry average, that is  1.7 yards per carry better than Trent Richardson. The Browns would see Spiller's backup Tashard Choice come into the game and rush for 91 yards on 20 carries, that is a 4.6 yard average.

Choice's average is double that of Trent Richardson's. Jim Brown was right, Trent Richardson is just ordinary, today he was a little less than ordinary. The Bills defense had no problem stopping the man who was surprised that one guy in the NFL could tackle him Trent Richardson.

Yes Trent, this is the NFL, these guys get paid large sums of money to stop you from running all over them. If you could do one thing in the next three days MR. Richardson, find a way to become better than less than ordinary before the Ravens game Thursday night. The Cleveland Browns are going to need your talents for far more than just exposing how bad the Cincinnati Bengals defense really is, they are going to need you to help the Browns find a way to win.....

Hey be sure to tell us what you think of Trent Richardson's less than ordinary performance today...Just leave your comments below....

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Browns Brandon Weeden 27 of 43, For A 5.5 Yard Average, 2 Interceptions & 4 Sacks Moves the Browns To 0-3

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Brandon Weeden  SucksThe Cleveland Browns named Brandon Weeden quarterback because they didn't think Colt McCoy had the arm strength to compete in the NFL. They said Brandon Weeden had a strong-arm with laser like accuracy, they said this guy was going to help the Browns win football games.

 If you don't know by now who they are we are talking about the brain trust running the Cleveland Browns football team. Mike Holmgren and his hand-picked head coach who now has lost the last 9 games in a row Pat Shurmur.

Yes sir Browns fans the brain trust of the Cleveland Browns gave you a quarterback with such a laser arm he hasn't hit one of his receivers for a long pass since he has taken over the starting job from Colt McCoy. Yes sir Browns fans Brandon Weeden finished the Bills game with a 5-12 yard per pass average

  Now I ask you the question, don't you think Colt McCoy could throw the football for 5-1/2 yards? Don't you think the Cleveland Browns would have done much better taking an offensive linemen with the 22nd pick in the 2012 NFL draft? Your Cleveland Browns just went out and laid another egg on the field this afternoon. Your Cleveland Browns and My Cleveland Browns are now 0-3, and that just down right sucks and as far as I am  concerned most of the sucking is because of Mike Holmgren and Pat Shurmur.

These are the guys who decided to draft Brandon Weeden with the 22nd pick, how can you honestly sit there and tell me the Cleveland Browns are a much improved football team? The Browns have lost their first three games of the season and I don't see things turning around on Thursday night when the Browns travel to Baltimore to take on the Ravens, do you?

 The Browns have a very realistic chance of starting the season at 0-7. They have the Ravens next then the Giants, they take on the Bengals at home which could be a win but they will probably find a way to lose this game in front of their home town fans. The Browns have played better on the road than they have at home. Then they take on the Indianapolis Colts.

The Browns may find a way to beat the Colts to give Cleveland their first win on the season. The problem is Luck and his Colts are going to continue to improve as the season progresses. The Browns haven't shown  signs of improvement and as long as Pat Shurmur is on the side lines calling the plays they may not.

The first official act of the new ownership should be to fire head coach Pat Shumur and then he should move upstairs and fire Mike Holmgren for bringing that idiot here in the first place.
The Cleveland Browns are not an improved team with Brandon Weeden at the starting quarterback position, he is 0-3 and if they were improved we would see a win.

 The Browns suck because their leadership sucks, that includes Mike Holmgren for making stupid decisions that have cost the Browns wins. He sits in front of his microphone at his press conferences telling us what a good man Shurmur is and yet the Browns continue to produce losses. Shurmur may be a  good man but he sucks as a football coach.

Shurmur was in such a hurry to replace Colt McCoy as the starting quarterback he named Weeden the starter before he even seen him in one preseason game. The Browns fans deserve better, they are the most loyal fans in the league and they get nothing but losses. This is unacceptable.

Brandon Weeden makes bad decisions on the football field he is too predictable. He now has thrown 6 interceptions in his first 3 games. He would have had more if the Bengals had any kind of defense. The Bills defense is just a cut above the Bengals and it shows you Weeden is unable to look off his receivers before he throws the ball.

The only good thing about Weeden is at least when he takes a sack now, he holds onto the football. As far as this accurate arm we all heard about, we haven't seen it yet. Weeden had Travis Benjamin open 2 yards in front of the Buffalo Bills coverage, Weeden who was labeled with such a strong-arm under-threw the ball and this made Benjamin hold up to try to catch it which let the Bills coverage break up the pass.

If Weeden had the strong-arm we were promised by Holmgren and Shurmur that would have been 6 points on the board. Making plays like that in a game are momentum changes. Weeden hasn't been able to do that yet. The Momentum is always against the Cleveland Browns. The Fans are sick and tired of losing football games. The powers to be, don't seem to be changing things and it looks like another change needs to be made.

As far as I am concerned that change can't come soon enough....

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Browns Josh Cribbs Says Bills Game Is A Must Win Situation For Cleveland

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Josh CribbsThe Cleveland Browns who are 0-2 on the season feel the urgency to win a football game, Josh Cribbs called it a must win the situation for the Cleveland Browns.

Cribbs knows starting off the season at 0-2 isn't going to take  you to fair in the NFL, he knows going 0-3 is going to make matters even worse. The Cleveland Browns have to find a way to score earlier in the game tomorrow. The Browns have been playing come from behind football and this doesn't make things any easier for the Browns.

The Browns need to be able o control the pace of this game too, if the Cleveland Offense goes 3 and out too many times, the Bills will eat up the Cleveland Defense which has a problem stopping the run. C.J. Spiller comes to Cleveland as the NFL's leading rusher. The last thing Cleveland needs in this game is to have the Buffalo Bills controlling the  tempo of the game while Spiller runs the ball through the holes in the Cleveland defense. The Browns need this win and the Cleveland Browns defense is going to be tested.

The other problem with the Bills as far as the Browns are concerned is their defensive front four. These are some of the best the NFL has to offer. The Cleveland offensive line are going to have their hands full protecting Brandon Weeden. A must win, you betcha. Can the Browns pull it off? We will see in a matter of hours...

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

If The Cleveland Browns Expect Brandon Weeden To Be Successful Against Buffalo He Needs To Avoid 3 Guys

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Brandon Weeden aginst Buffalo DefenseThe Cleveland Browns take on the Buffalo Bills this Sunday in what could very well be Brandon Weeden's last game this season if he is not protected well. Weeden is just starting to show some promise playing in the NFL, he played well in Cincinnati but lets face it, the Bengals don't have the defense the Buffalo Bills have. Weeden was outside the pocket a few times by design in his last game.

 The Browns would do Weeden well keeping him in the pocket this week. There are three guys who play defense in Buffalo that could ruin your day if they were able to hit you just right.

The first guy is Marcell Dareus , he is a big quick defensive end that carries a lot of force when he hits you.  One of the Browns quarterbacks know the name Marcell Dareus  very well. He is the guy that knocked Colt McCoy out of the BCS Championship game in 2010. Dareus still carries a big blow, he knock out the Pittsburgh Steelers top drafted offensive line man for the season in a preseason game.

If the Brwons have plans of sending Weeden out of the pocket this week, it shouldn't be to Marcell Dareus's side of the field, if they do and he gets a clean hit on Weeden his season could be over just as fast as Pat Shurmur and the Browns named him the starter. Lets say the Cleveland Browns offensive line can control Marcell Dareus , there are still 2 others the Browns have to worry about.

One guy is Chris Kelsay, in his tenth year with the Buffalo Bills, Kelsay brings a ton of experience to the Bills defensive line. The 6'4" 263lbs. Kelsay can still move for a guy his size. He is on the light side for a D.E. which is one of the reason's he is so quick. Kelsay has 30 sacks in his career with the Bills.

Lets say the Browns do a good job of protecting Weeden against those guys, they still have to contend with the big package the Bills bring to the defensive line. Mario Williams could very will be one of the best defensive ends in all of football. The guy is a beast, at 6'6" and 292 lbs. he has the quickness it takes to get to the quarterback and he is strong enough to do battle with the best  of linemen.

The Browns young offensive line will have their hands full this week playing the Buffalo Bills. They have to find a way to protect Weeden. Mario Williams has 53 sacks in his first six years in Buffalo, he has yet to get a sack this season. You can bet come Sunday Mario Williams will be doing some Weeden hunting.

If the Browns are going to be successful, the offensive line is going to have to do a great job keeping these 3 guys from Brandon Weeden.

Larry Glicken is the owner of and the host of the Cleveland Sports 360 Show, an online streaming sports video show at

Monday, September 17, 2012

Browns Have A Huge Problem Vs The Buffalo Bills It's C.J. Spiller. Can Cleveland Avoid 0-3 ?

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

The Cleveland Browns are the only team in the AFC Central not to win a game yet. The Browns take on the Buffalo Bills in week 3 and this game doesn't look like the push-over fans were hoping for.

Yes the Browns had a much improved offense in Cincinnati, the Bengals defense isn't ranked as good as the Bills. Not only will Cleveland be facing a tougher defense, the Browns have to figure out a way to defend against the run. The Buffalo Bills have a very good running-back in C.J. Spiller who rushed for 123 yards and 2 touchdowns yesterday.

For the second season in a row the Cleveland defense has shown problems stopping the run, while the Browns defense is good at defending the pass they still lack run defense.  As a matter of fact the entire Cleveland defense isn't ranked that high yet this season.

The Browns gave up 398 yards of offense to the Bengals and they gave up 467 yards in week one. The Browns defense looked a lot better off paper than they do on paper, unfortunately the stats don't lie. The Cleveland Browns defense is ranked 29th in total team defense. They are ranked 19th against the rush and 28th against the pass.

The Browns defense is a far cry of what it was last season. To put things into perspective in the Bengals games Cincinnati's defense is ranked 29th against the pass and they are ranked 20th against the run. The Bengals defense is the only defense in the AFC North that is ranked worse than the Cleveland Browns defense in total team defense so far this season.

 Keeping things in perspective, the Buffalo Bills defense is ranked 25th in total defense that is 5 spots better than the Bengals. The Bills defense is 7 positions better against the pass and  they fall below the Bengals by 5 spots against the run. This means we could see an even bigger rushing day for Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden may not have the same success we saw in Cincy.

The bigger problem is going to be how the Brown defense keeps the Bills off the score-board. The team has to find a way to stop or at least slow down the run this week. They cannot let C.J. Spiller run all over them if they expect to avoid a 0-3 start.....

While D'Qwell Jackson has made the Browns defense look sexy with all of his flash this season, we can see on paper the Browns defense has a lot of work to do to get better.

Larry Glicken is the owner of and the host of the Cleveland Sports 360 Show, an online streaming sports video show at


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Browns Still Win-Less Despite A Much Improved Brandon Weeden

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

If I didn't see it with my own eyes I may not believe it, Brandon Weeden the man who had a 5.1 quarterback rating in his first NFL regular season game turned things around today to silence some of his credits. Sure it was only one game as Weeden himself would be quick to point out, nonetheless Brandon Weeden looked like a much improved quarterback.

 Weeden would throw the first of his 2 touchdown passes to Trent Richardson who took the pass 23 yards down the field beating the Bengals defenders to hand Brandon Weeden his first NFL touchdown in over 6 quarters of trying. The Browns were playing from behind, yet Weeden didn't panic and throw any interceptions in the game. This was an  entirely different Brandon Weeden than the one who completely sucked in week one.

Weeden would find his second touchdown pass to Greg Little in the 4th quarter, some fans we just as shocked to see Little hang onto the football they were seeing Brandon Weeden find the end-zone twice in one game. Brandon Weeden's numbers were much more respectable today. 

He completed 26 of 37 passes for 322 yards and 2 touchdowns. Weeden had a 114.9 Q.B. rating at games end that is a 2,250% percent improvement over the 5.1 Weeden had in Week one. Weeden would finish the game with a 8.7 yard per pass average and continues to struggle finding his receiver on deep throws.

Another thing Brandon Weeden showed great improvement on today was when he was sacked twice he managed to hang onto the football, something he has had trouble with since making the transition from College into the NFL. Although Weeden is still win-less in the NFL and we all know winning is what matters, Brandon Weeden did show he could do the job today. If the Cleveland Browns offense can find a way to strike earlier in the games, maybe they wouldn't always have to play from behind and soon they could find the ever elusive wins the team is missing.

Congratulations to Brandon Weeden for his two touchdown passes today and his vast improvement over week one from all of us over at Cleveland Sports 360.... Now get out there and win one of these games!!!! I know (Baby Steps).

Larry Glicken is the owner of and the host of the Cleveland Sports 360 Show, an online streaming sports video show at

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Is Pat Shurmur The Right Coach For The Browns? Tonight AT 10PM On The Sports FIx WHK Call US 888-281-1110

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Is PAt Shurmur The Right CoachTake a look at the Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur's  record in the NFL, he was the offensive coordinator for the Rams for two years. He went 1-15 and 7-9, In his first season as the Cleveland Browns head coach Shurmur went 4-12.

The Browns had opportunities to win more than 4 games last season and some of the losses could be viewed as bad coaching decisions. This season we saw the Browns lose their first game by one point and the fans can't understand why the Browns didn't go for a two point conversion after the D'Qwell Jackson touchdown.  Some fans say Pat Shurmur has the look on his face of a man waiting on the sidelines for someone to tell him what to do.

The Cleveland Browns have a hard enough time winning football game, they don't need a head coach that is adding to the problems. If you look at how many times Pat Shurmur uses time outs in games leaving the Browns without time outs for the end of the game, that too adds to the Browns problems. Just think back to last Sunday's game, if Shurmur and the Browns would have had three time outs left when they sent Weeden back out on the field the sense of urgency would have been so great. Maybe the Browns could have tried a run then called time out, they couldn't because Shurmur didn't have any left.

One play Shurmur threw the challenge flag on was a play that was Unchallengeable,  the head coach in the NFL should know the rules. Tonight at 10:PM on The Sports Fix we will be talking about the 2012 Cleveland Browns, sure they give us the Mics but you the fans are who we want to hear from, Join Jerry Mires and myself LG The Voice of Cleveland Sports as we take a look at the 2012 Cleveland Browns from the Head coach right down to the Position players.

Give us a call at 216-901-0945 or toll free at 888-281-1110. We want to hear from you the fan, call in and let us know what you think about the Browns, the good, the bad and the Ugly.
There are a few different ways to catch the Sports Fix on WHK, you can just tune in on your radio by dialing it to 1420 on the AM dial, or listen live on the internet, just click this link right here, WHK THE Sports Fix Show and click the listen live button at the top of the WHK page. We want to hear from you the Fan, you are the Reason there is a Sports Fix Show so give us a call tonight....

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Browns Weeden Post Game Press Conference "I Threw The Ball Where It Needed To Go All Day" Really?

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

When Brandon Weeden finished the game for the Cleveland Browns Sunday, he had his chance to hold a post game press conference, at the press conference Weeden said he threw the ball where it needed to be all day out there. Is he kidding us? Weeden went 12 for 35 had 4 interceptions and finished the day with a 5.1 rating.

If he thinks he threw the ball where it needed to go all day, he has a real problem. There is no way he could have realized what he said in this press conference. He missed open receivers all day long. He could get the Browns into the end-zone and he threw his last interception when the Browns need to mount a drive in the last minutes of the game.

If that is throwing the ball where it needed to go all day, he is going to have a real problem getting wins. I don't know how they do it on Oklahoma, in the NFL the object is to throw the ball to your receivers so they can make a play.

If Weeden feels any pressure he is going to have a problem. This Sunday I think the Bengals are going to be coming after Brandon Weeden. The Bengals will be hungry after their loss to the Ravens and Marv Lewis always has the team up for a game against the Browns.

The rap on Weeden will be to pressure him and other teams in the league know he will make mistakes when under pressure. It is alarming to say the least that Brandon Weeden thinks he threw the ball where it needed  go all day. He better take a look at his pay stub to see which team is paying him, then figure it out...

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How Long Should The Browns Keep Targeting Greg Little?

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Greg Little led NFL in Dropped passes Last season the Browns saw Greg Little lead the NFL in dropped passes, this season the Cleveland Browns saw a much improved Greg Little show up to training camp.

The problem is the Cleveland  Browns aren't seeing what takes place on the practice field make the transition into the games. Little missed a key pass in the game against the Eagles, the pass surely could have lead to a Browns touchdown. Instead it was a turnover, the kind of turnover that changed the momentum of the game.

There is an old rule for receivers in the NFL, if you can't catch the football you have to be sure the defender can't catch it either. It is difficult to say if Little could have done anything to stop the pick, once the ball hit Little he deflected the pass and we all know what happened after that. Head coach Pat Shurmur needs to find a way to either make Little a better receiver or he needs to use Little in a different way. The Browns offense struggles so much putting points on the board they can't afford these kind of mistakes.

The Cleveland Browns made terrible decisions in the off-season. They went out and got a new quarterback and did very little to improve the chances of someone catching the passes from the new quarterback. Why the Cleveland Browns didn't make any moves to sign a veteran wide receiver that could help the Cleveland Browns win football games is anyone's guess. It further demonstrates the head coach's inability to judge the talent the Browns have.

Shurmur made moves when he saw Hardesty fumble the ball in the preseason, yet he hasn't done anything to correct Little's lack of receiving the football. If Little has another bad game against the Bengals this Sunday, something has to be done to change that. Maybe the Browns President needs to get off his butt and come down to the side lines and help his head coach do things that can improve the teams offense.

Larry Glicken is the owner of and the host of the Cleveland Sports 360 Show, an online streaming sports video show at

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What The Browns Have Now Is A Real Q.B. Controversy & A Moron For A Head Coach

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

The Cleveland Browns the team that has the best fans in the world are now faced with a good old fashion quarterback controversy and the head coach has no idea how to handle it. The fans that attended the Browns home opener were already booing the Browns 28-year-old rookie Brandon Weeden and they wanted to see Colt McCoy and get the Browns an opening day win, something that hasn't been done in the past 7 years. Can you blame the fans for being a little irate?

Why not, the Browns were close, they were in a game that many picked for them to be out of by halftime.

The Cleveland Browns defense all but gift wrapped the game for head coach Pat Shurmur, by now the people who know football in the town have already pegged Shurmur as a moron that has no business coaching football in the NFL and  Shumur himself placed the exclamation point on his moron-ness by not going for the 2 point conversion when the Browns defense scored their only touchdown.

Amazingly the Browns would end up losing the game by the one point Shurmur denied the Browns from putting on the scoreboard.  What did that tell us Browns fans? Pat Shurmur doesn't even have enough faith in his rookie Q.B. Weeden to let him go for 2 points.

Here's a thought for you Shurmur, Josh Cribbs could have tossed a touchdown pass for a 2 point conversion if you didn't want to put Colt McCoy in the game. Yes that is right Shurmur, Cribbs can throw the football, you pulled off a trick play with Benjamin, why not pull one off with the guy the Browns had listed as their 3rd string Q.B. before your sorry butt got to Cleveland?

No that we have that out-of-the-way let's get down to the real problem the Browns fans are facing. Sure the Browns have a new Q.B., sure this guy is a rookie and sure we can't hurt the guy who is making millions of dollars to go out and win football games feelings, or he might want to run back to Oklahoma just like he did we he couldn't cut the mustard in major league baseball. Yes folks Brandon Weeden comes from a failed baseball career and he is now working on a failed football career.

Needless to say it has been a rough couple of months for us here at CS-360. We happen to tell it like it is and we use facts to back up our articles.  One fact I would like to point out to you is, Brandon Weeden playing for 4 quarters in a football game and finishing the day with a 5.1 Q.B. rating is terrible.

It down right sucks. For those of you who think this can improve, let me point out the obvious.  If Weeden goes to Cincinnati to play the Bengals and comes out with a 10.2 rating he would be twice as good as he was lest week. If he comes out with a 15.3 he would be three times better than he was last week, but guess what people, you aren't going to win in the NFL with that kind of rating, trust me.

Now by this time a lot of you fans are thinking this guy really hates Brandon Weeden. Believe me when I tell you this, I don't hate anyone especially Brandon Weeden. The reason I am writing this article is because this is the kind of quarterback the Cleveland Browns hierarchy picked to stick us Browns fans with.

Then Mike Holmgren, not Tom Heckert talked his hand  picked moron Pat Shurmur into keeping his mouth shut and naming Weeden the Browns starter before they ever saw the Weeden panic,yes panic that forces him to  drop the football. Yes sir, even though the Cleveland Browns front office had privilege to the same information on Brandon Weeden as everyone else in the free world, they made the choice to ignore it and just go with a self-made failure as their starting quarterback.

There are people who make a living scouting guys in College who play football, these are professional scouts, they know who can get the job done and who won't be able to perform in the NFL. It is hysterical how most of these scouts said Brandon Weeden can't take the pressure of a pass rush.

 It is even more hysterical how these same scouts said if Weeden faces any pressure, he is prone to make mistakes that will lead to turn overs. It is even more hysterical how the guys running the Browns with the exception of Tom Heckert chose to ignore everything the professional football scouts had to say about Brandon Weeden.  For those of you who are thinking I'm nuts, just google everything you can find on Brandon Weeden. You'll find the information these scouts reported, I did. Go ahead have a look.

Now that we are smack in the middle of it, the good people running the team Cleveland Loves the most, aren't going to say they made a mistake. They are stuck with Brandon Weeden as the Browns starting quarterback. The question is for how long do the fans who buy the tickets and support this team have to put up with this garbage Shumur is putting on the field? When you are 28 going on 29 you are pretty much set in your ways. You have heard the saying a million times "you can't teach an old dog a new trick". That is what we the fans of the Cleveland Browns have here folks. We have an old dog that can't learn new tricks.

To make maters worse, we have a new head coach that has no business being in this position, he doesn't possess the experience to know how to correct the situation. When you put these 2 problems together, you end up with a losing football team. When you have a guy playing Q.B. for your team that is afraid to take a hit in your backfield you have a problem. You either are born with the courage to get the job done or you are going to be squeamish and make a ton of mistakes. I believe we have the later with Brandon Weeden.

People were down on CS-360 in the preseason when I pointed out the obvious, now that others are seeing it in the regular season they don't think I was to far off.  Yet you have the fans who think there is some kind of magic pill they have in the locker room and by this Sunday Brandon Weeden is going to come out transformed into the next Joe Montana.

It isn't going to happen people. Brandon Weeden is not going to turn the Browns into a winner. The head coach who has refused to admit he was wrong is going to subject us to more of the same. Shumur is the same guy who told us before the Browns final preseason game how ready Brandon Weeden was, he is the same guy that told us before the Eagles game how ready Weeden was, he is the same guy who has no answers as to how correct the situation. Shurmur said Weeden needs to throw the ball better.

If Shurmur was telling the truth when he told the fans how ready Weeden was, then the Browns have a coach running the team that doesn't know what ready is. Now that's a problem.... A lot of people tell me I am not a football coach and I wouldn't know what to do in this situation. I can tell you this, I have a lot of common sense something the people who are presently running the Browns lack.  I would have waited to see how Brandon Weeden performed in a couple of preseason games before naming him the starting Q.B.  Especially after ready the scouting reports on Brandon Weeden. Better yet I would not have drafted Brandon Weeden in the first place, I would have taken players who would have improved the Browns as a team....

Larry Glicken is the owner of and the host of the Cleveland Sports 360 Show, an online streaming sports video show at

Monday, September 10, 2012

If Browns Coach Pat Shurmur Were Smart Which We All Know He's Not He Would Call For A Pods Now

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

pat shurmur needs to call pods The Cleveland Browns don't only have a problem with their new 29-year-old quarterback, they have a head coach in Pat Shurmur that can't grab a game win it is given to him. The Eagles tried numerous times to hand the Cleveland Browns their first opening day win in years. Pat Shurmur was to stupid to capitalize on it.

There is not one god reason to have Pat Shurmur remain as the Cleveland Browns head coach that I can think of. There is no other team in the NFL that would have hired Pat Shurmur and let him run a football team, Shurmur lacks the experience to effectively run a professional NFL football Team.

With the ownership of the Cleveland Browns getting ready to change hands one can only hope once the transaction is completed they eliminate Pat Shurmur from the City of Cleveland. Pat Shurmur should take advantage of the mild weather we are having right now and call that Pods company and have one of their large shipping containers placed in his driveway so he can pack it at his pleasure. He could get the guy he named the Browns starting quarterback to come over and help him, this way when Weeden is inside the container Shurmur could slam the door his his dumb decision and lock Weeden in the Pods container and take his sorry ass out of here too. The Browns defense played a hell of a game yesterday. The Browns could be 1-0 right now instead of 0-1 if Pat Shurmur had any brains as all.

He had Colt McCoy standing on the side lines for 4 quarters of football while the Rookie he named the starter played so poorly he embarrassed himself and the entire Browns offense. Why Shurmur did not put McCoy in the game to get a win is anyone's guess. Sure we could say he didn't want to hurt Weeden's confidence but would that really be a good excuse after what the city of Cleveland saw yesterday?

Brandon Weeden's confidence was at an all time low after the 3rd quarter, not to get a win when the other team and your defense is gift wrapping it for you shows how incompetent Pat Shurmur is as a head coach. The guy doesn't even know the replay rules, he wastes time outs and can't call a play that fools anyone. Take my advice Pat Shurmur call pods get a container now and pack your stuff before winter comes. Moving in the snow out of Cleveland sucks as bad as your coaching does.

Larry Glicken is the owner of and the host of the Cleveland Sports 360 Show, an online streaming sports video show at

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Browns Brandon Weeden Could Get It Done Today With His 5.1 Rating I never Seen Colt McCoy play This Bad

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Brandon Weeden has one of the worst games I have ever seen from a Cleveland Browns quarterback. I have watched Browns football since 1963 and I don't think I have ever seen a game when a starting quarterback played the entire game and ended with a rating of 5.1. Weeden threw 4 interceptions and fumbled the ball 2 times. The guy went 12 of 35 for 118 yards.

The Eagles did everything but gift wrap and hand Brandon Weeden his first game in the NFL. Lets face the reality here people, ,the Cleveland Browns problems weren't all Colt McCoy's fault. Brandon Weeden is not going to help the Cleveland Browns win football games with the offensive system head coach Pat Shurmur is using, it isn't Weeden's game and Browns president Mike Holmgren was stupid to force his G.M. Tom Heckert into picking Brandon Weeden.

Unless the Cleveland Browns change their entire offensive system, they aren't going to win many games this year. Brandon Weeden played terrible and so did some of the Browns receivers. Colt McCoy should have been put in the game to get the Browns the win today.

The Browns defense kept the team in the game for 58 minutes. It was the defense that got the Browns their only touchdown on the day. Weeden has yet to find the end-zone in his professional career and as far as all this arm accuracy we keep hearing about, the Browns must not have  wanted to have him show it yet.

Brandon Weeden is a failed major league pitcher who thinks he can come into the NFL and make a name for himself, what we saw today is the reason Weeden left baseball. His had an open receiver in the end-zone early in the game and he couldn't find him. He had an open receiver running down the sidelines again he could not find him. As a matter of fact going 12 for 35 with 4 interceptions you can already see Weeden couldn't find much. Lets take one of those interceptions away from Weeden, he did hit Little right in his hands but like the Little we all came to love he couldn't catch the ball and it was tipped then intercepted.

People think the Browns offense needs time and they are right. The problem is the Brown don't have time the season is here and we are already 0-1. Weeden couldn't find the end-zone today when the Eagles painted the path for him. He sucks. The Browns need a line too, but that is another story in itself.  The big story on the day is a 28-year-old rookie quarterback who finished the  day with a 5.1 quarterback rating. Yes he is a rookie, so is RGIII and Andrew Luck and nether of them sucked like Brandon Weeden did today....

Larry Glicken is the owner of and the host of the Cleveland Sports 360 Show, an online streaming sports video show at

Friday, September 7, 2012

Browns Say Weeden Is Ready Can He Hold Onto The Football? The Next Sports Fix Sat. 9-12P.M.

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Can Weeden Hold Onto the FootballThe Cleveland Browns say Brandon Weeden is ready for some football, but is he? Weeden has to face the team that gave him the most trouble this Sunday as the Cleveland Browns face the pass rush of the Philadelphia Eagles, this is the team that can cause Brandon Weeden to lose the football with hits that weren't that bad.

This week the Browns say Weeden was faced with a lot of pressure in practice, it is not the same. No one on the Browns team would be allowed to hit Weeden like the Eagles would hit him this Sunday. Even Browns G.M. Tom Heckert came out and said Brandon Weeden dropped the football on hits that weren't that bad.

There is plenty to talk about with the 2012 season getting ready to kick off this weekend. Be sure to join us on the Sports Fix on Saturday night from 9:00-12:00p.m. as LG The Voice of Cleveland Sports teams up with Jerry Mire better known as J-Rock-Daddy to take part in our Browns season preview. That's right LG will be the guest host on the hit show The Sports fix and you can chime in with your thoughts just give us a call at 216-901-0945 or 888-281-1110 we want to hear from you the fan.

We will be talking Browns Football, is Brandon Weeden truly ready, how soon can you expect to see Colt McCoy if Weeden gets injured? Is the Browns offensive line going to be able to protect a pocket passer like Weeden? Call us give us your take we will be waiting to hear from you. So remember It's LG The Voice of Cleveland Sports and J-Rock-Daddy this Saturday night from 9-midnight on the Sports Fix on WHK-1420 on the AM dial, be sure to tune in and be sure to call in. We will have a Special segment talking about the life of former Browns owner Art Modell.....

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Hatred For Art Modell Is Running Wild In Cleveland & It's Inexcusable

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

People In Cleveland Still Hate Art ModellThe People in the City of Cleveland,Ohio are celebrating the death of Art Modell, some of the people who call themselves Browns fans never have gotten over the fact that Mr. Modell moved the team in 1995. Art Modell has a family, his body isn't even cold yet and people are slamming him still. It has been nearly 16 years since Modell moved the team, he had to do it, it was strictly a business decision and until the end of his life Art Modell had the utmost respect for the fans of the Cleveland Browns.
Modell did a lot of great things in the 35 years he was in Cleveland, he was instrumental in keeping the Cleveland Indians in Cleveland on two occasions.   If Mr. Modell didn't intervene the Indians would have been out of Cleveland years ago. Art Modell got a raw deal from the city of Cleveland. He was promised help in rebuilding the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium that was old and falling apart.  One of the biggest mistakes Mr. Modell ever made was taking over the stadium back in the early 1970's when the city of Cleveland itself was having financial troubles. Modell was responsible for all the up-keep to the old stadium, he pour over 80 million of his own dollars into maintaining that property.

When the city of Cleveland started to build the gateway project that would become the new home of the Indians and the Cleveland Cavaliers, they promised the Browns would be taken care of next. Those promises never materialized and Modell was left with no other choice but to move the team to save the franchise. Now, some of you may be thinking why didn't Modell sell the Browns? The problem with that was nobody wanted to buy a team that was playing in a Stadium that was built in the very early 1900's. Can you blame them? If you visited the place you know unless you had a choice seat it was difficult to see the game, you could be stuck trying to look through a giant steal beam that was directly in front of you.

The time has come for the people in the city of Cleveland to put their hatred for Art Modell behind them. Holding on to it can only make you sick. People were talking about the possibility of holding a moment of silence before the Browns open their season at home Sunday. The powers to be don't think this is a good idea because they are afraid that the people who hate Modell the most would make all kinds of noise that would only further blacken the eye of a city that has fought for years to make a come back.

Now I know a lot of football fans, basically these are all good people.  The City of Cleveland is full of good people, sure like any city across the country there are a few bad apples. It is time to show some respect, put down your hatred for Art Modell and give his family time to grieve. Just think for a moment how you would feel if your father just passed away early this morning. Mr. Modell does deserve the same respect anyone would get if someone passed in their family. Lets show the world Cleveland is full of good people and lets give Art Modell and his family the respect they deserve.
Even during a war, they take time out to take care of the dead. Don't show the world Cleveland isn't a great place to come and visit or even live here. Stop the silliness now and lets move on to the 2012 N.F.L. Season.

Lets remember if it wasn't for Art Modell, the Cleveland Clinic wouldn't be what it is today. If it wasn't for Art Modell the Hospice of the Western Reserve wouldn't be what is is today. Modell was there when people needed him, and now that his family needs some respect the Great People of Cleveland need to be there for them... The Word Forgive is all over the Bible, lets use it....Lets let Art Modell rest in peace....

Larry Glicken is the owner of and the host of the Cleveland Sports 360 Show, an online streaming sports video show at

Timing is everything...

Give Cleveland Indians closer Chris Perez credit, at least he waited for a rare Tribe win to make his latest incendiary comments to the media.

After ripping Cleveland fans earlier this season for "embarrassing" attendance, having the audacity to "boo" him, pathetically holding a grudge with LBJ and even "blindly" supporting the Browns, what could possibly have Chris upset this time, you ask?

His boss isn't spending enough money.

Now let's be clear, he is absolutely right... You won't find an Indians fan (or analyst) that isn't quick to rationalize our excruciating mediocrity with the absence of legitimate talent, resulting from a lack of investment on the part of ownership. But let's look at this a little deeper, because it's not whether Perez is right that is important here, it is whether or not he is helping his team (or himself, for that matter) with his now frequent public comments...

The answer here, in both cases, is a resounding, "No."

Let's start with the impact on the team, which can be distilled down to one word - distraction.

Fortunately, we now have the benefit of hindsight. Take yourself back to late May, when inexplicably, just before completing an impressive sweep of the AL Central rival Tigers, Perez drew first blood, infamously teeing off on Tribe faithful for not choosing to spend their money to watch his team play baseball. Perez apologists were quick to spin his comments as the "spark" this team was lacking. This was the exemplary "passion" this team needed to show... Well, after those comments, the Indians were promptly swept in Chicago that weekend, and again in Cincinnati two weeks later, all during a dismal 7-14 run.

Reality setting in...

This didn't deter Perez, however. Making his second All-Star appearance in early July, when asked about his comments, he responded, "It woke them up a little bit. They're good fans, they're coming out. They're being vocal. I think they just needed a little kick in the butt. It's been a good — a really good two months, or however long it's been — since it happened."

During the "really good" stretch Perez refers to, the Indians went 18-23, this coming just before the catastrophic 11- and 9-game losing streaks, respectively.

The obvious point here is that the ill-advised comments did nothing to help this team win baseball games as the most fervent of his supporters had claimed, but instead manufactured a completely unnecessary media circus focused on Perez, an unfortunate distraction that seemingly fractured this youthful clubhouse. As I said in a previous post, I encourage anyone to watch the tapes of games in which he's closed successfully. Watch carefully the reaction of his teammates as he goes into his exaggerated fist pumps and clumsy gyrations. Their restrained embarrassment is apparent. You don't have to be Dr. Phil to understand that his teammates recognize that this guy is more of a sideshow than a professional pitcher.

His latest comments regarding the Dolans are nothing Tribe fans do not openly acknowledge as fact, but that is exactly whom that topic is reserved for, fans... It's the players job exclusively to execute on the field and represent the team and city respectably, not to critique the front office and place blame on ownership, albeit (in my view) pointedly accurate. For any active member in the organization to openly discuss the financing of the operation shows poor judgement and a total misunderstanding of how professionals handle themselves, in any business, or even social setting (i.e. "How much did that cost?" guy). The next time I hear Paul Dolan tell a pitcher how to throw a slider, or a shortstop that he should have went to second on a fielder's choice, then by all means...

On the business side of the issue, what Perez (or at least his agent) should consider is the impact these antics have on the pitcher's market value. Now I wouldn't argue with anyone that Perez actually wants to remain an Indian, clearly he does not (and should not, in my view). So to that end, his comments could represent a means to expedite his departure (in which case would be analogous to setting your car on fire to light your cigarette). But do you think other GMs have taken note? What do you think they thought about the way he handled that fan in Oakland? What does something like that say about his psyche? We all know back-end bullpen guys are far from a sure thing in terms of consistency, so what criteria, what attributes do you think matter to GMs? What are they willing to pay a premium price for, and what would cause them to withhold? If you think it has everything to do with saves, ERA and All-Star appearances and nothing to do with the intangibles, it's probably one of the reasons you're not a professional GM.

On that note, let's close with some of Chris Perez's "Greatest Hits":

“Guys don’t want to come over here [Cleveland] and people wonder why. Why doesn’t Carlos Beltran want to come over here? Well, because of that [attendance]." -May 20th, 2012

“It’s a business. You didn’t choose to get drafted by Cleveland. I’m in it for my family. Who knows? I could throw my last pitch tomorrow." - May 20th, 2012

"I’m here to win. I’m here for my teammates and I want to bring a championship to Cleveland, to do my job and help the team win. I think I do a pretty good job of showing that on the field. I don’t think I bring any undue attention to myself." -May 20th, 2012

"It's not a good atmosphere (at Progressive Field). It's not fun to be here ..." - May 21st, 2012

"I'm not stupid, I understand the economy's bad around here. I understand that people can't afford to come to the game." -May 21st, 2012

"Like, enjoy what we have. You have a first place team. How many third-place towns in the country would want that right now?" - May 21st, 2012

"It's just a slap in the face when you're last in attendance. Last. It's not like we're 25th or 26th. We're last. Oakland's outdrawing us. That's embarrassing." -May 21st, 2012 (By the way, Oakland is legitimately competing for the postseason, and recently swept the Indians.)

“Their whole thing is, ‘We want a winner.’ Well, why do you support the Browns? They don’t win. They’ve never won. They left. You guys blindly support them. I don’t understand it. It’s a double standard, and I don’t know why.” -June 26th, 2012

“I don’t get the psyche, why cheer against a guy that’s not even in your city anymore?... I could see if the Cavs were in the championship, but that’s their mentality." -June 26th, 2012, regarding LeBron James.

 "Next week is Die Hard Night." - Harry Doyle

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Would Browns Coach Pat Shurmur Risk Trent Richardson's Health To Make Himself Look Better? Did It With McCoy

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Pat Shurmur will he use richardson There is nothing in the world Browns fans want more than a win. The question is will head coach Pat Shurmur place the future of Trent Richardson's professional football career in jeopardy just to make himself look better and get the fans a win?

Lets face it Pat Shurmur isn't the brightest bulb in the pack when it comes to head football coaches. This is the guy that was in a hurry to name Brandon Weeden the Browns starting quarterback before he even seen Weeden take one snap in a preseason game. Pat Shumur was because of Shumur's family ties to Browns President Mike Holmgren.

If Shurmur does well, there is a chance he could keep his job in a Haslam ran organization, if he repeats last season his one and only shot at being a head coach of a NFL team will come to an end. This week we have finally heard from Mike Holmgren, without directly telling Shurmur not to play Richardson, Holmgren was making gentle suggestions in that direction.

Holmgren said the Browns have got to be careful they aren't hurrying Trent Richardson back to football. Holmgren went on to say he has coached players and made decisions about how to handle them in his career before. You can bet Pat Shurmur has never been in a situation like this before. Sure he may have been part of a team that had a hurt player, he wasn't the guy that made the decision on who plays.

Lets hope the Browns front office make the right choices when it comes to playing Trent Richardson this Sunday. Lets hope Shurmur is smart enough to listen to Mike Holmgren and limit the snaps a guy who missed all of the preseason with a knee injury. Lets hope Pat Shumur doesn't put his own personal needs above the future of a guy like Trent Richardson. The Browns are going to need him for a long time, not just one game....

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