Monday, February 25, 2013

Browns Fans Are Sadly Mistaken The Joe Banner, Brandon Weeden Statement,No Way Is He The Browns Starter

All it has taken is one statement from Joe Banner about Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden to throw the ms-informed fans in Cleveland into a Weeden frenzy. Joe Banner did not say Brandon Weeden is going to be the Browns starting quarterback in the 2013 season. What Banner said was, " The Brown are going to give Brandon Weeden every chance to be the Browns starting quarterback." "The rest will be up to Brandon Weeden."

That isn't exactly a ringing endorsement of the 29-year-old quarterback, who turns 30 shortly after the season starts. Weeden didn't win the approval of the Browns new owner, or the front office the team has in place this season. As a matter of fact the Browns general manager, Michael Lombardi has made public statements about his dis-like for Weeden. Lombardi said The Rookie. Quarterback Was a disaster. He was lost on the field.

Taking everything into consideration, you cannot view any of these statements about Weeden as a major endorsement. Weeden has a ton of work to do. He has to not only perform under the pressure of the microscope that will be focusing in on him, he has to learn an entirely new offensive scheme this season. Weeden couldn't even learn the old offense that was simplified for his abilities, or should we say lack of abilities?

No one is going to hand Brandon Weeden the keys to the Cleveland Browns offense at all. People can talk all they want about him being the starting quarterback in 2013 all they want too. Until the first week of the NFL season gets here and Brandon Weeden lines up behind center don't believe it. That is not what Joe Banner said. Weeden had a shot at it, but if they don't see a major improvement over the play they saw coming out of Weeden last season. He will not be the Clevelnad Browns starting quarterback.

After all, can anyone blame the Browns brass for how they feel. Weeden took his first sack on the field by the American Flag.... It was then that anyone who knew anything about football knew the Browns were in trouble with this draft pick......