Sunday, December 16, 2012

Browns Brandon Weeden Takes A Severe Beating By A Colt McCoy Clone Named Kirk Cousins

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Brandon Weeden Sucked against the RedskinsBrowns 29-year-old rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden showed the home town fans who attended the last home game of the regular season he still can't win the tough games. Weeden did something most fans thought he outgrew, he threw a couple of interceptions in the game that helped the Washington Redskins in their cause to make the play-offs this season.

 The fans who wished to see Colt McCoy this season got the next best thing today. The fans were able to witness first hand the kind of play McCoy would have been capable of this season. Kirk Cousins another guy who has huge success in his college career was able to roll out of the pocket all day long to find his open receivers while doing his McCoy impersonation.
Weeden struggled again in the first half of the game.

The Browns defense which has played great in the 2012 season help the Browns do something that Weeden failed to do, they got the Browns into the red zone to help Richardson score the first of his 2 touchdowns. Weeden continues to show he is incapable of making good decisions. He struggled against a defense that is not rated very highly this season in the NFL and Weeden continued failing to convert on 3rd down. The Browns were only 4-12 in 3rd down conversions.

Brandon Weeden fails to demonstrate the kind of consistency it takes to win in the N.F.L. Weeden who was drafted 22 overall in the first round of the 2012 N.F.L. draft was out played by a guy that wasn't taken until the 4th round in the 2012 draft. In his first rookie start at quarterback, Kirk Cousins outplayed Brandon Weeden by leaps and bounds. Cousins out played Weeden who has started every game this season for Cleveland. This is a further example of why Tom Heckert didn't want to take Brandon Weeden as the Browns other first round draft pick. Weeden got beat by a back up rookie quarterback that was starting his first game.

It was almost humorous to hear the television commentators talk about the Cleveland Browns being in the hunt for the play-offs. Obviously they haven't see Mr. Weeden play in a game when he has tough competition.  Sure the Cleveland Browns won three games in a row, the competition level was no where near what it was today.

Brandon Weeden is a great athlete, he has already failed at a M.L.B. career and he continues to struggle with his N.F.L. career. He can't compete against a well organized team that doesn't make a ton of mistakes to hand the Browns the win. Weeden continues to miss wide open receivers and his accuracy that we heard about leave little to be desired. There is a reason Brandon Weeden couldn't make it as a M.L.B. Pitcher and we continue to see that wildness with his throws in the N.F.L.

Yes Brandon Weeden is a rookie. He faced a rookie today that hasn't even started a game until today. So wake up people and realize there was a reason Heckert didn't want to take Weeden. We are seeing in every game when the going gets tough. Brandon Weeden only completed 21 of the 35 passes he threw for 244 yards. The guy is not the future of the Cleveland Browns offense.

He has 13 more starts than Cousins and he still couldn't get his team a win when it mattered. His mistakes continue to coat the Cleveland Browns wins....To sum it all up Weeden made major mistakes today, those mistakes just cost the Browns a run at the play offs.....

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Browns Montario Hardesty 10 Rushes For 52 Yards Trent Richardson 18 For 42 What's This Tell Ya?

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Montario Hardesty Out Rushes T-RichThe Cleveland Browns veteran running back Montario Hardesty continues to help the Cleveland Browns move the football when the Browns need it to control the game. Trent Richardson continues to struggle only rushing for 42 yards today on 18 carries.

The Numbers speak for themselves. The Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurnur continues to display why he shouldn't be considered as the Cleveland Browns head coach in the coming season. It was Pat Shurmur who made the decision to  play Trent Richardson after he came back from having his knee surgically repaired in the preseason. Shurmur should not have pushed Richardson and should have used Hardesty more often earlier in the season.

Maybe with Hardesty's efforts the Browns would be 8-5 instead of 5-8 right now, who knows?
The Cleveland Browns are one of the worse teams in the N.F.L. when it comes to 3rd down efficiency, even though the Browns beat the Chiefs today Cleveland only converted on third down 5 times out of the  15 times they faced it. When you have a guy like Montario Hardesty on your team you use him. The Browns played some of the teams best football throughout the teams history using 2 backs in the backfield. Anyone who knows the history of the Cleveland Browns knows they won a lot of football games with 2 good ball carriers.

The explosive-ness of Montario Hardesty cannot be ignored. There are plenty of teams in the NFL probably wishing they had a guy that can run in the NFL like Hardesty and if you have a player on your team  like him you play him. He has more than doubled the average of Trent Richardson today and his long run was also more than double of Trent Richardson's long run as well.

Why the Cleveland Browns didn't turn to using Hardesty earlier this season is anyone's guess. You can certainly see the guy is worth having on your team. Using Hardesty would have helped Trent Richardson in his rookie season, especially with the injuries Richardson brought to camp with him and the rib injury he suffered this season.

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The Cleveland Browns Exposed Just How Bad Crennel's Chiefs Really Are

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Romeo Crennel's Chiefs SuckThe Cleveland Browns just picked up the teams fifth win of the 2012 season beating the Kansas City Chiefs today to expose just how bad of a football team the Chiefs really are.

 The Browns didn't do much in the first half of the football game, they only converted 2 of 8 third downs. The Browns couldn't score an offensive touchdown in the first half of the game. Brandon Weeden went 17 of 30 for 217 yards on the day and couldn't complete one touchdown pass into the end zone even though he had multiple chances to do so.

The Cleveland Browns got their 5th win eclipsing their 2011 win total by one. The Browns still have got plenty of work to do to become a football team to be taken seriously in the AFC North. Cleveland still had plenty of bad offensive play calls on 3rd and long. People all over the Cleveland area are already starting to think Pat Shurmur needs to return as the Browns head coach in 2013.     The Kansas City Chiefs are a team that give up an average of 30 points a game this season, the Cleveland Browns met that average today and the Chiefs are a bad football team.

Momentum in the game changed when Cleveland had Travis Benjamin return a punt and it was taken in for the Browns only touchdown in the first half. The Cleveland Browns continue to be one of the worst teams in the NFL Red-zone, the team has to work hard to improve that stat, Cleveland has three games left this season and the Browns would get this city into a frenzy if they could win out the remaining games. The Browns face the Steelers, the Redskins and the Denver Broncos in the next three weeks.

If the Browns beat any of these three teams I would finally think the team is moving into the right direction. As of right now the jury is still out. I see a lot of room for improvement and any one who is honest has to see some of the same. But right now lets take time to celebrate  the win.....

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Friday, December 7, 2012

How Much Bad Blood Is There For The Peyton Hillis Return To Cleveland Browns Stadium Sunday?

Written By Larry M. Glicken "LG"

Joe Thomas & Peyton HillisBrowns all pro Line-Man Joe Thomas and the Kansas City Chiefs running back Peyton Hillis have taken turns exchanging jabs through the Media this week. Neither guy had kind words to exchange towards each other.

Thomas said Hillis was toxic in the Browns locker room and on the field and the team and the players didn't want him here and Hillis said Thomas is acting like an old girlfriend you break up with. The question now becomes what kind of welcome back Browns fans will give the guy they helped put on the Madden Cover?

The Cleveland Browns take on the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday in game that not only sees the return of a former Browns running back it will also feature  a former Cleveland Head coach in Romeo Crennel, a former Cleveland quarterback with Brady Quinn and a pass rush that can take Weeden off his game in a heart beat. This match up has all the making of a WWE grudge match. Things could get ugly quick in this contest. Neither team has any love loss for one another. The Chiefs and the Browns are coming off wins and for the Browns a win would mean 3 in a row for a team that has struggled to find 4 wins this season.

You can bet on the fact that Romeo Crennel and his Chiefs want this one. The Kansas City defense is going to bring the pressure and for Joe Thomas and the rest of his offensive line-men they are going to have plenty to deal with in protecting their quarterback. I think they should start to focus on their protection schemes and spend less time worrying about how toxic Hillis was in the Browns locker room. The Browns offensive line will be tested in this one. Brandon Weeden's health depends on the offensive line being able to provide protection. It is time to take it to the field Joe Thomas.

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